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  1. Uped Tippmann A5-Camo

    10 June 2009 - 08:18 PM

    *Price Reduced*

    I have finally decided to sell my Tippmann A5, since now I am looking into getting a speedball marker. I put a lot of money into this thing, but after playing speedball then woodsball, I get bored waiting for action so I am going just go speedball.

    I only accept PayPal. Paypal First, Ship Second and I do not want any trades, I plan on saving up for the marker I want.

    -Camo Tippmann A5- perfect working condition (bought almost new from this site about a year ago)
    -Special Ops MP5 shroud
    -Opsgear fixed G36C stock
    -14 inch Proto Barrel
    -Special Ops Composite Offset Elbow
    -OpsGear Rail
    -BSA 30mm RD30 red dot sight (one of the screws to fasten it fell out during play, but should be an easy fix)
    -Remote Line
    -Pen Spring Mod (Lighter Trigger Pull)
    I will include the stock barrel and butt plate.

    I am asking 200 shipped for all of this. I bought the elbow and shroud brand new about 2 weeks ago. I have cleaned and maintaned this marker.

    I know I have no feedback, but I will not scam. I really just need some money to get another marker. Thanks for looking

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    Number of downloads: 8
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    Number of downloads: 5
    Attached File  Paintballgun3.jpg (173.6K)
    Number of downloads: 10
  2. Cutting Front of A5

    23 May 2009 - 09:02 PM

    Hello, I just bought the mp5 shroud from specops, but I noticed that the front of the a5 goes through the grip and actually is pretty uncomfortable, so Im just thinking of cutting off the front of it to make it flush with the shroud. Is there is certain way to do this? Will this damage anything that is important in the marker?
  3. Sight Clash

    11 January 2009 - 05:40 PM

    I just bought a red dot sight and sight rail to put on the top of my A5 and i figured out quickly that despite my hopes, the stock A5 hopper would not allow the red dot to stay on.

    I was wondering if I just got an x7 hopper, would it clear the red dot?



    I am hoping the x7 hopper will work because I frankly just dont like getting a cheaply made plastic offset hopper or paying 15 dollars for an adapter to make my hopper offset when an x7 hopper is 7-8 dollars max.

  4. BSA SIGHT riser?

    28 December 2008 - 11:22 AM

    Hi all, I just got a BSA RD30 red dot sight for christmas and I need to know what kind of sight riser would attach directly to the tail on the top of a stock A5 and the mount on the red dot. I am planning on buying a stock soon and I would need a riser for this to work. Thanks in advance
  5. How to put on a red dot?

    06 October 2008 - 08:02 PM

    Ok I am looking at getting this Opsgear red dot sight


    Now I would like to have this red dot sight raised on my Tippmann A5 so I can sight it with a stock. I was looking at rails and I have no clue what to get. I am pretty sure the red dot sight will fit on the standard top of the A5 but I am looking to raise it and I found this


    I don't know if this will work with eachother, or if they are even close to what I am looking for. I was looking and also saw this


    but I have no clue if that has anything to do with what I am trying to do.

    Please help.


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