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  1. In Topic: FS:GBB ~ M92F Tactical - Marui (Silver) w/LASER + extras!

    22 January 2009 - 12:35 AM

    he is located in canada, they have CRAZY huge taxe on things such as this so thats why his price is so high. infact sometimes its almost impossible to even get a certain gun up there. oh well their expensive airsoft is balanced out by their insanely cheap meds.
  2. In Topic: WTS/T 2 airsoft guns

    20 January 2009 - 09:36 PM

    its a AGM l96, its not the same as the mk96, Be l96, or well L96, the AGM L96 is a vsr and type 96 clone, were as the other brands are just type 96 clones. these usually go used for 60-80 as they arent very upgradeable. there are upgrades and ways to do it but its alittle tricky. also the AGM L96 at most reaches 410 FPS i had a V1 and the V2's had anywhere from 240 fps to 360 fps. the other full type 96 clones shoot at 430-460 stock, all the websites post those high FPS ranges but in all honesty they arent actually that high.

    the M249 is an A&K or Echo1 rebrand, it doesnt look like it has trades but its the same gun whether you get it from A&K or Echo1(more middleman BS) anyways these retail(mk1) for 250-350 some sites offer the gun and box mag for 250, others 350 for gun and box mag, and some sites you can purchase it without the box mag. in any respect they usually go for 200-250 if unupgraded.

    im not trying to thread crap but i thought id share my expertise with potential buyers. the M249s made by echo1 and A&K are very very nice clones.

    hope this helps.



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