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July 22, 1979
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Topics I've Started

  1. WTB: Mid-grade Electro, 45K tank, and halo-type hoppers

    23 December 2008 - 03:58 PM

    K guys,

    Im in the market for some speedball/hybrid type gear. Im changing my game strategy to be lighter and more manuverable.


    I am looking for Proto/Dye stuff for markers, unless somebody really hates their Etek Ego and just wants to get rid of it for a ridiculous price! :P

    So that means SLG's, PMR's (Rails), DM's and the like. Heavily used ok, but I expect a working marker.

    Offer up! And post here first, I will PM you if I am interested.

    Also, I need a 45K bottle, cause I sold my 3K's in a package deal, and also an electronic hopper.

    I know what this stuff is worth, so if you expect me to shell out $400 for your Invert Mini, your better off looking elsewhere.

    Oh, and I Paypal. Its fast and easy, so you should too.

  2. Hardcore Woodsballer Package! Top Gear for unbelievable price!

    04 December 2008 - 09:25 AM

    Selling all my stuff.

    Link to my gear in my sig.

    Looking for $400 via Paypal for this entire setup. PICS!! You gotta check out ALL this gear, just about EVERYTHING you would need to play tomorrow, minus paint.

    HPA tanks, MOLLE vest, Jersey, Pants, Remote coil, 2 Cobra radios with throat mic and earbud and charger, and sooooo much more I cant hardly list it all....

  3. BlackCell Operative V2.0 MOLLE Vest in SO Digi

    04 December 2008 - 09:20 AM

    Link in my Sig...

    Looking to sell all of my gear, including my less than a year old BlackCell Operative V2.0 MOLLE vest in SpecOps Digi Camo.

    Make an offer, but players interested in the full package receive first crack...

    Need around $100, btw...

    LINK IN MY SIG!!!! (A5 with QLoader blablabla...)
  4. OPSGEAR A5 SAW setup w/ Qloader modded receiver

    23 November 2008 - 10:28 PM

    SOLD!!! Thread closed
    Entire woodsball setup purchased by Revmutha! Thanks!

    UPDATE: Check out some of my gear in this YOUTUBE video! (Im Mark from Iowa, like the forth person featured...)

    Hey all.

    Up for sale is my baby. She's been to hell and back and never complained.

    She's got:

    OPSGEAR paintjob
    M249 SAW Air-thru Stock
    Custom Products Drop-forward block
    W.A.S. Egrip
    older Pre-WAS Egrip board (locked ROF @9bps)
    EMPIRE 3pc barrel kit .689, .691, .693 backs with 12" Front w/ case
    QLoader modded right side receiver, use this without busting up your stock
    Xpansion Chamber

    and a bunch of other things...

    if your interested, buy my other woodsball setup:


    Special Ops Operative v2.0 Molle Vest
    New velcro nametag - can you even buy these anymore?
    Horizontal tank pouch - molle
    vertical pod holder x2 - molle
    radio pouch - molle
    2nd radio pouch - molle
    grenade pouch x2 - molle
    horizontal tank pouch - molle

    V-force mask with thermal lens
    has Special Ops mask cover in SpecOps Digi to match everything else

    Special Ops Marauders in SpecOps Digi
    Pants and Jersey

    I'll throw in a remote coil with slide check

    I'll throw in two 48/3000 HPA tanks (need hydro)

    I'll throw in two Special Ops F-bomb paintgrenades

    I'll throw in a matching Special Ops barrel condom in SpecOps Digi.

    I'll throw in two Midland radio's with recharging base, including a dual-pin throat mic and 4ft of PTT button so you can mount to your marker.

    I'll throw in my black knee pads and black armor fingerless gloves.

    I spend a considerable amount of time, energy, patience, and money to collect my whole setup in Special Ops Digi Camo. EVERYTHING matches, I even have the A5 painted to match, and put McNett Camo wrap in stratigic locations on the marker. Im real proud of this highly customized setup, and the A5 rips paint with the Egrip and Qloader setup. If you ever wanted to try the Qloader on a Tippmann A5 your MUST have this modded right side receiver to make it works, and they are hard to come by these days.

    First $400 ships everything. Paypal of course. Marker for $250 shipped but I'd rather sell my whole woodsball setup in one shot. Thus, people interested in the whole package get first crack.
    Open to trades. Offer up, ya never know.

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