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Basking, bacteria ridden saliva, biting animals and tracking them down until they die of infection... then I eat them, posing for those wacky people who keep showing up on my island with their cameras to film me and my buddies, large mammals, swimming... but really, I'm just mainly into the basking, biting and eating things...

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  1. Movie Magic and Madness

    09 April 2008 - 03:54 AM

    I've been taking walks on an almost daily basis. PKJ comes with often. I always have my camera with me.

    I've been watching, over the past few weeks, as craftsmen (and women) transform an intersection on Main St. into depression era Sioux City, SD. Unfortunately, I do not have any before pictures of Main St. to contrast and compare with the slow change they've been working on.

    Posted Image
    This is a facade they've erected around the park. No, it's not finished yet. :dry:

    Posted Image
    What the facade is hiding. Sometimes security guards walk on top of this stuff at times to keep an eye on things (and to make the rest of us jealous because WE don't get to walk on movie sets.)

    Posted Image
    I'm speculating that this building is the reason for the shoot here. Johnny Depp is playing John Dillinger. This building was obviously a bank building way back when. Makes sense.

    Posted Image
    There are a lot of really cool signs they are putting up. This one is over the entrance to the upper level apartment stairs.

    Posted Image
    The South Side Drug sign is over the back entrance to my local comic book shop, House of Heroes. Good shop, cool staff, lots of nerd stuff for gamers and comic book geeks.

    Posted Image
    The Exclusive Company sits on the South East corner of the intersection where the filming will take place. I'll give you an e-cookie if you can tell me why they are doing extensive work to the outside of this building for the filming. Oh, and to plug another local business: The Exclusive Company is THE PLACE in town to get your music and movie needs, and your home entertainment and car audio electronics. They even stock a bit of vinyl.

    Posted Image
    The signs above the stores are fake. The real businesses are listed on those paper signs hanging over the doorways.

    Hope you enjoy the pics.


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    Painkiller Jane 

    18 Mar 2008 - 11:47
    *shutters* your page has been defiled... im sorry...
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    28 Jun 2007 - 07:54
    "All your cat are belong to us" All cats you own are now my property. i call it
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