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  1. In Topic: Empire Prophecy

    19 May 2010 - 03:24 AM

    I've had my Prophecy upwards of 23-26bps on my Droid. It never skipped a beat.
  2. In Topic: Trifecta of Hoppers

    19 May 2010 - 03:21 AM

    I would order the loaders like this:

    1. Prophecy
    2. Rotor
    3. Pinokio
  3. In Topic: Trifecta of Hoppers

    12 April 2010 - 02:48 AM

    I have had the Rotor for about 3 months and it has been a decent loader. Just like the Prophecy I've used it in just about every type of paintball game. Here is my review:

    FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The Rotor has a very nice finish. The shell is very sturdy and looks like it is made of quality materials. The loader is small, simple, and sits well on the gun. I put 3 AA batteries in the Rotor and went out to the field to get some game-time in.

    ON FIELD PERFORMANCE: After putting the Rotor on my Droid I went to the chrono to check my speed and shoot a little paint prior to my first game. I was using XBall Bronze (or whatever they call it now) and the first stream of paint went out without a hitch. The rotor did not miss a beat. Then I tried a second barrage of paint...I had my first jam of the day. Pulled the lever and it seemed to unjam the paint. Ripped off another string and no problems. Time to hit the field. During my first game I had a jam right after I slid into my first bunker...pulled the lever and nothing. I took the loader off to try and get the jam out...I had to empty all the paint out. Poured in another pod and played the rest of the game without any problems. It jammed off the break on my next game.

    BELLS & WHISTLES: The Rotor does not have any bells and whistles in it. The only adjustment that you can make is the tension. This can help with jamming issues (which it did for me to a point). It pretty much has 2 modes: on and off.

    TOOLESS: The Rotor is completely tooless and can be completely taken apart in about 5 seconds. It is a really nice feature and it is pretty much idiot-proof. The only thing I did not like about the design is that if you do not put the shell top back on right (and in some cases even if you do put it on right) it can pop off if you dive or hit the loader. The happened to me during a game (I had the shell top on correctly) as well as other people at the field I go to.

    BATTERY LIFE: The Rotor absolutely shines in terms of battery life. I have had the same set of batteries in this loader since the day I bought it and they show no signs of wearing down.

    OVERALL DESIGN: Thr design of the Rotor is exceedingly simple. Just add batteries, paint, and a gun and go. The shells are durable, the internals are idiot proof, and when it does not jam it works very well. The Rotor is extremely picky when it comes to the kind of paint put through it. I have personally found that it likes pretty much premium grade paints. Anything less and it tends to jam.

    THE ONLY DRAW-BACK: I see 2 draw-backs to the Rotor:
    1. The Dye label makes this loader $160 when in reality it should be about a $60 loader at the most. But just like anything else when it comes to the Dye name brand you will pay for the name plate.
    2. The Rotor is very finnicky with paint. If you plan on using field-grade paint or Wal-Mart paint forget about it. You will have nothing but jams all day long. If you use primium-grade paint you will be pretty much jam free.

    SUMMARY: The Rotor is reliable as long as you have primium-grade paint in it. And even then it was reliable about 85% of the time. Jamming has been a very common thing for me.
  4. In Topic: Trifecta of Hoppers

    12 April 2010 - 02:16 AM

    Here are my reviews of the Prophecy and Rotor. I have not used the Pinokio.

    PROPHECY:(Also posted this on PBReview.com)
    I've been using the Prophecy for a little over a year now and I love this loader. I've used it in just about every type of paintball game...tourneys (indoor and outdoor), woodsball/recball games, scenarios, etc. And it has yet to let me down.

    FIRST IMPRESSIONS: This loader is freaking LIGHT! It is very well balanced on the gun and does not make the gun feel top-heavy. The low center of balance does wonders for how the gun feels in your hands. When I got it I did not adjust any settings at all...I just threw in 4 AA batteries and hit the field.

    ON FIELD PERFORMANCE: Let's face it...it does not matter how good-looking a loader is or what bells and whistles it has if it does not perform. The Prophecy certainly performs as advertised. I slapped this loader onto my Driod and preceeded to hit the field. Off the break this loader did not skip a beat. I practiced and played all day long (combination of ramping and semi games) while diving, bunkering, and running and gunning down the field. All of that and the loader kept right up with no problems. At the end of the day I was curious how fast this loader could go so I put my Droid on unlimited ramping (which caps out at about 26bps) and shot out an entire loader of paint. The Prophecy kept up without skipping a shot.

    BELLS & WHISTLES: Out of all the loaders on the market the Prophecy has the most to offer in terms of adjustability and user interface. It is pretty much idiot proof to make the adjustments that you want to maximize the performance between the loader and gun. With the ability to use sound, RF, or a combination of the two it will please pretty much any one. And the best thing about the Prophecy is that you do not have to adjust anything...you can just throw it on your gun and go play.

    TOOLESS: The Prophecy is tooless in it's design. It takes only a few seconds to remove the shells. But putting them back on is another story...I'll get to that below. With it being tooless it is very easy to get to the inside if you break paint, need to change batteries, or install a speedfeed. And the best part is that 99.9% of everything I just mentioned can be done by taking off the front part of the loader.

    BATTERY LIFE: I've had this loader for about a year and I have changed the batteries 3 times...that's right only 3 times. And that is with playing tournaments, practicing, or just screwing around playing recball just about every weekend. I do, however, use the Energizer E2 batteries and that makes a huge difference in battery life. I can't really tell you how many cases I get off of a single set but if I had to guess I would say it is somewhere around 15-18 cases per set of batteries...and that might be a low estimate. I also do not know how many cases you would get out of a set of Alkaline batteries.

    OVERALL DESIGN: The internals are based on the Halo B design but have been highly refined. The feed system is all magnetic and works increadibly well. I have yet to experience a jam, mis-feed, or crushed paint. The shells are very durable. I have dropped the loader onto concrete, banged on coutless items, taken hard dives, been shot in the loader while being bunkered and the shell does not even have hair-line cracks in it. The feedneck is very strong as well and feels very sturdy on the gun.

    THE ONLY DRAW-BACK: The only weekness of the Prophecy is taking it fully apart. It is pretty complicated to break down every last component and then reassemble them in the correct fashion. The Prophecy is engineered to go together one way and one way only. But on the plus side: You do not NEED to EVER take this loader fully apart. The only part you really need to take off the Prophecy is the nose cone. The nose cone gives you access to the batteries and will enable you to clean out the insides. But if you really have the uncontrollable urge to take this loader apart you have been warned.

    SUMMARY: The Prophecy is a VERY reliable loader and has never let me down. I have not experienced 1 jam, 1 miss-feed, or 1 problem out of this loader. It has been performing at 100% since the day I bought it.
  5. In Topic: "Call to Arms"

    02 October 2009 - 06:15 AM

    I appreciate the feedback. All of those are great suggestions, we will most certainly keep that in mind. Hope to see you guys out there again soon.



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