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22 years old
December 10, 1991
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Maryland, next to OA
Modding, computers, paintball (Duh), BmX

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  1. Dumping Out My PhotoBucket...

    17 November 2008 - 06:41 AM

    I haven't done this in a little while.

    Airstar NOVA 700
    Posted Image

    TASO Typhoon
    Posted Image

    Sheridan LB
    Posted Image

    2k3 cocker done over by the folks in Denmark
    Posted Image

    '96 Cocker
    Posted Image

    Sheridan SB
    Posted Image

    O3M Sniper
    Posted Image

    2k2 System-X Project
    Posted Image

    Rex Type-R (What?)
    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Brass Eagle Raptor
    Posted Image

    Ironmen DM6
    Posted Image

    Black Magic Racegun
    Posted Image

    Dragunfire Compact
    Posted Image

    I also have a Nelspot, Classic Timmy, Spyder 2000 Compact, and most likely something I'm forgetting...
  2. Custom Barrel Loueners

    20 October 2008 - 12:51 PM

    Posted Image

    All items are custom built in house at the Alternator shop.
    All Items are one off, or limited short run. Some more limited then others. Make sure to check the item descriptions.
    No pre-orders, no taking money for a product that doesn't exist like some other shops.
    All items are shipped USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. If you prefer another shipping service or shipping class please message me.
    I do not ship outside of the United States.
    Money Order, or Paypal. If that is not a option, feel free to message me!

    To place a order post in this thread, message, or email me at Altecster>At<Gmail.com . Please put "Alternator" in the title if emailing. Provide what item you want, your address, and your payment method.

    I love to hear ideas for new gadgets, and gizmos for paintball markers! Feel free to throw me ideas! I will remember where the ideas come from if I decide to make them!

    Product Name: Alternator Barrel Loudener
    Price $30 shipped
    Description: Add that extra "AH MY EARS" to your marker. They are setup to be used on 7/8" OD barrels. They are made undersized to give a snug fit. If you find the fit is to tight to get on, get some 220grit sand paper, and sand the inside the loudener. Remember, its easier to take material off then it is to put it back on! They are made of Delrin making them super light. Unlike some other loudeners that are like strapping a weight to the barrel of your marker. Get all the effect without changing the feel of your marker! I also have three blanks ready for custom sizing. message me for more info!
    Posted Image
    7/8" loudeners left: 6
    Blanks left: 3

    Barrel fitting service: If you have a barrel that is not a straight OD, or just to strange to work, I can cut the OD of the barrel down around the tip to fit the loudener. Please message for more info!

    Product Name: Mini Barrel Loudener/Barrel Tip
    Price $20 shipped
    Description: A lower profile version of the bigger Alternator Loudener. Gives a slight change to the sound signature without going full bore. Nothing significant, just a slight tone change. They have some slight scuffing from lying in my parts box. Made of Delrin. 1" 1/8" OD 2" 15/16" long.
    Posted Image
    Oversized 7/8" loudeners left: 1
    7/8" loudeners left: 1

    Barrel fitting service: If you have a barrel that is not a straight OD, or just to strange to work, I can cut the OD of the barrel down around the tip to fit the loudener. Please message for more info!

    More stuff to come! Just getting the ball rolling! Post up if you have any questions!
  3. New Toy!

    13 August 2008 - 11:11 AM

    Oh, here ah box
    Posted Image

    OOOOOO was in da box?!
    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    I'm so happy. Was sold as broken for $130. I said "Its a cocker, only so many things can be broken." The battery was dead...

    I'm going to get a CCM regulator, and a Critical ASA.


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    one two one two testing
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