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  1. Paintball Howitzer

    24 June 2009 - 11:34 AM

    Hey all, been a while!

    Ive been getting an itch to build one of these things, and i think this summer im going to, cause i have the time and im bored lol. I need to find instructors and materials needed to make one. Anyone got any links/info on this?

    Also ,what makes good shells? I know ive seen how to make the paint for like claymores and such so i think that can work for the payload, but im trying to think of what a good shell would be that would be light enough to fly a fair distance being shot form a low pressure release (60-80 psi) but still explode on impact. My first thought is plastic bottles, but i dont think they would explode on impact, and theirs no real way for me to get consistently shaped bottles for the task.

    Also, what would i need to make my own tank for it? I saw a video of a guy who just hooked up an air compressor with as reserve tank, but i don't want to bother with having to plug anything in, so i was thinking maybe just putting like a manual pump on it (this would also give it a more realistic artillery load time)



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