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  1. In Topic: Blackcell Horizontal MOLLE Tank Pouch

    25 August 2010 - 07:10 AM

    Yeah!....I just ordered one of these and the instructions here WERE pretty good, can anyone post something similar, it may not be that hard but it is better to have a guideline or set of instructions....
  2. In Topic: AG II Density Upgrades

    05 August 2010 - 09:32 PM

    Hey Brady...its me Ivan, I'll call you on monday too :laugh: !..sorry for all the trouble, hope to hear some good news on monday! TTYL!
  3. In Topic: Are you an international customer?

    19 March 2010 - 06:51 AM

    Hey there, I've ordered several times from your store. I currently live in Toluca, Mexico it would be good if we could have our goods shipped with something way cheaper than FedEx, DHL or UPS. Its usually around 70-90 dollars (sometimes more expensive than the product!!!!!). What I normally do is, ship my products to a home I have in SoCal, then when I or a relative decide to go, I just get my things back home. Obviously the price is what still keeps me from doing this.
    I did however bought a tank off from Guerrilla Air and had it shipped to my house in Mexico via DHL (not sure if it was a 3-day), and at the end , once the courier was at my house he said he had to charge me another 45 bucks because of the products raw material (not sure if it was fiberglass) and because of the "space" it occupied in their transit. I didn't pay they would have to send it back (I saw the receipt and it was from DHL it had something on raw material and Handling).
    You could try maybe USPS which I think is a lot way cheaper. It may take about a week or two, but it's not much of a hassle. BUT, you should always re-check the address because in personal experience I've tried it and usually the distributor's product always goes back due to wrong zip code (LOL..yeah I know, I've had bad luck with shippings, I actually went to my local post office and they told me they had the package right there with them, but the address and zip code was all wrong, so they returned it!) Also include some sort of insurance... you don't know how many boxes "get lost" and never appear.
    Hope this doesn't discourage you from shipping to other countries LOL, maybe you could try it one person and see how it works out. Thanks!

    P.S. Do you guys have anymore T2W stock, and what happened to all your googles???
  4. In Topic: Longbow to Qbow

    09 March 2010 - 08:00 AM

    Hey man! just to give you my point of view on the Qbow. I have the original Qbow with the AGD for almost 3 years now and I would not personally recommend it if you do not shoot more than 100 rounds in a game (assuming that you want to play in a sniper position which shoots a small amount of paintballs) I recently got tired of using it due to the weight add on and some troubleshooting with the qloader, well not some...A LOT! I believe that you have already done your HomeWork and read some nice things about it. Here are some "not so nice things":
    *You add weight to your setup.....for a sniper , you have to go LIGHT!
    *Qloader: If ball breaks in the pod or the feed hose; pretty much all your paintballs are going to get "dirty" and your accuracy is shot to hell.
    *Loading: OMG!! I was usually the last person to get ready, because I had to load all the paintballs into he SILO, and then load them into the PODS. Oh yeah, and if your reload socket doesn't work you will be loading Pods with gaps, which in some cases, since the ball is FORCE FED, you might break a ball in the hose or inside your gun. To all this I started loading my pods hours early.
    *Bear in mind that the website (qloader.com) still exists but there isn't much customer service to help you out!
    *If you do not shoot through all your paint that was in your pods, depending on the quality, they will get deformed.

    Well that was my personal experience, it doesn't mean you do not have to get it, you might as well try it out and see if that works for you.Don't get me wrong, The qloader is a really great product for some markers out there, just try it be for you buy it. Hope this helps you or anyone interested out there!


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