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  1. Tippmann US ARMY Alpha Black EGRIP Cyclone Feed

    01 April 2010 - 10:40 AM

    Bought this brand new, only shot once for testing then it sat in my closet. I bought it for my girl friend and she never played. Now were getting married and I'm just cleaning the closet and trying to get some more money for our wedding. Comes with everything you see in the picture. Looking to get $150 Shipped. If interested please email me at boostghost@yahoo.com

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  2. Ion Leaking Air

    18 July 2009 - 01:09 PM

    I just bought another Ion after taking a leave of absence from paintball for the past three years. After playing two games I run into a problem. After walking onto the field I turn on my ASA to gas up the gun and the instantly started to leak air VERY loud. Would could it possibly be? The regulator go out? Thanks for any help.
  3. Kingman Spyder Fasta 18V LCD Loader $60 shipped

    01 November 2008 - 04:57 PM

    Kingman Spyder Fasta 18V LCD Loader

    30 bps feed rate
    230 round capacity
    Aerodynamic shape
    Low battery indicator
    The loader is sound activated and is powered by two 9 volt batteries. The battery door easily slides off, and the batteries are a nice, snug fit without the problem of needing to be jammed into the loader. The battery door closes nice and snug. If interested please email me at boostghost@yahoo.com
    Below is the actual loader in use.



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  4. Spyder MR-3 Custom "Dagger" Package $300

    08 September 2008 - 04:22 PM

    ~`*EDIT*`~ New price $250
    Well I don't play anymore, but my loss is your gain. I've only played with this gun once. Less than 1000 balls have gone though this bad boy. It's a good dagger set up. I have a CP on/off asa thats reversed. A custom cut barrel that works fine, not really for long range though. Also includes a King Spyder Fasta 18v LCD Loader with a brand new never used shell and PURE ENERGY N2 AIR TANK 72 CI 3000 PSI. Pretty much everything in the picture minus the elbow. Below is a link for my youtube video for the gun. Please no negative comments. I'm looking for $250 for everything. If interested please email me at boostghost@yahoo.com . Thanks for looking.

    Kingman Spyder MR3 marker - $175 shipped
    Kingman Spyder Fasta 18v LCD Loader - $80 shipped
    N2 air tank - $40 shipped


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    Posted Image
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  5. Spyder MR-1 w/ E-Trigger $75 shipped

    30 June 2008 - 12:53 AM

    I added an e-trigger frame (full auto) on the MR1 and I rigged a remote line straight off the marker for my girlfriend. This was her gun and was only used once only used once. I'm looking for $75 shipped. If interested please send me an email at boostghost@yahoo.com
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