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i think paintball should go here.

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  1. Shelby GT500KR

    15 February 2012 - 12:04 PM

    If you have a facebook, will you please
    Like this photo so I can win some schtuff!
    it'll literally take 5 seconds!
    Just hit Like please!!!!


    Thanks guys!

    26 February 2009 - 10:04 PM

    Hey i really want an Itouch and i am willing to trade straight across for one. I want a 16 gig.
    I am not willing to add cash.

    I am willing to trade my Dp fusion that has been barely used. PM ME!!

    The gun: http://forum.specialopspaintball.com/index...howtopic=165811
  3. Green DP Fusion for sale!!!!

    28 January 2009 - 02:54 PM

    I have taken great care of this gun and it shoots ropes! great air efficientcy and never ever chops. If you want a great quality gun for a low price then get this gun! I am going to sell it for $175 + ship. please contact me via PM. also please post here too.

    some rules:

    Preferably MOs but i will accept paypal
    I will not ship untill i get the payment and cash it.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    PM ME NOW!

    *Vlocity jr and tank not included*
  4. WTTF BC Rich Warlock Revenge Guitar!!!

    17 December 2008 - 09:18 AM

    I am willing to trade my Green/Black dp fusion for your BC Rich Warlock. The gun works perfectly. It has the raps asa, the box and the owners manual.

    I want the guitar in either white (preffered) black, or acrylic/ smoke acrylic

    pm me and ill send you pics.

  5. Etek 2

    28 October 2008 - 07:42 PM

    I have a very nice etek 2 that i need to sell. It has no problems and looks just like new. i am selling it for $500 ship. comes in it original box with its owners manual. NO TRADES!!

    Has only been used in about 4 scenarios but has has about 15 cases through it. I need to sell ASAP

    NOOO TRADES!!! (unless you got a pitster pro pit bike :laugh: )
    I will not ship first!!
    post here AND PM ME!!!
    no flaming, spamming


    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    The Eclipse Etek Ego has found a place in the hearts of many a player over the past 18 months. Its light weight yet sturdy construction. Its switch-on-and-go operation. Its super-simple maintenance and unparalleled reliability. Coupled to 24+bps rates of fire and 1700+ shot efficiency, and you have a marker that fulfils all-roles to all-men. But there is always room for improvement, right?

    So that is exactly what you get with the new Etek2. You still get all the great benefits of the original Etek but combined with a whole host of advancements passed down from its big brother, the Ego8 range. For example: both the LPR and HPR regulator sport the exact same internals as both the Ego8 and SL74. New lightweight hard anodized aluminium pistons, durable captured regulator seal and coil spring construction give the regulators high flow rates, improved shot-to-shot consistency and quicker recovery times. But not only have these changes improved the performance of the Etek2, but they also reduce the weight of each part as well as make maintenance a far simpler task. No more Bellville shim stacks to drop, count and arrange each time you lube and re-build your reg.

    Then there is the new OOPS (On/Off/Purge) system with the integrated T-Rail mounting. The T-Rail offers the sturdiest possible connection between the OOPS and frame, yet still allows the positioning of the tank with over 1” of lateral adjustment. The new OOPS internals offer effortless operation, even under pressure from the air tank, yet durability has been improved and can be serviced without the need of tools.

    The area of the Etek2 that has seen one of the most radical changes is the frame assembly. Inside the frame, under the grips, the circuit board has been re-orientated to allow quick and easy removal, again without the use of tools. In addition to this the design has become more modular allowing, for example, the plug-n-play installation of different weights of micro-switch that will allow the player to tune the trigger feel to their personal preference. And to save any kind of confusion there is no way to accidentally plug the wrong device into the wrong socket on the board. Each socket and plug has a unique pin number that makes incorrect connection impossible.

    Running down the rear you will find a new moulded rubber console that is flanged to lock into undercuts in the frame so that it can’t be accidentally removed or fall out of place. It houses the power and function button, and the same 3 tru-color LED display indicators as the original Etek. These 3 clever LEDs allow easy programming of all the user definable parameters by greatly simplifying the programming process. The top LED indicates 10s of units, the middle displays 1s and the bottom shows 0.1 increments. Need to set your dwell to 12.5ms? That’s 1 flash of the top LED, 2 flashes of the middle and 5 of the bottom. It couldn’t be easier.

    As well as dwell, the Etek2 has user definable settings for Ball-in-Place, Eyes Off ROF, Cap ROF (uncapped in Semi 1), Debounce, and Firing Mode. As standard the Etek2 has firing modes that should cover almost every tourney eventuality, with Uncapped Semi, Capped Semi as well as current CFOA, Millennium and PSP modes. Other changes to the frame mean that the grip position at the rear of the frame, as well as the trigger pivot point, have been raised closer to the barrel axis allowing for a more intuitive and comfortable sighting line. The rear contours add an extra degree of comfort to the grip position, and an integrated snatch grip in the frame makes on-field transportation that little bit easier. Inside the XL trigger guard is a new trigger with a flatter face and no lower hook, and is interchangeable with previous Etek triggers.

    Feeding into the frame from above, the BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System) and dual ball detents can be found beneath the contoured Nexus eye covers. For those after a little more bling in their breech, the BBSS assembly can be upgraded to the lazer eye system, available as an upgrade.

    Staying in the area of the breech, clamping feed-tube attaches directly onto the feed stub machined out of the body billet. This not only produces an incredibly strong feed location for the loader, but also allows the incorporation of the Deftek technology feed tube. This neat little device massively reduces the chance of balls entering the breech and then bouncing back up, only to be chopped by the bolt coming forward. Without adding any ball-in-place delay you can confidently assume that the ball is neatly chambered every shot and initiate the firing cycle with the shortest possible delay. So not only does it prevent annoying breech breaks, but it aids firing at the very highest rates of fire.

    In order to maximise the potential of all those loaded and fired paintballs, this year sees the Etek2 come fitted with a Shaft II 2-piece barrel, with its micro-honed and polished internal bores to provide the most accurate results possible. Supplied with a 0.693” bore back and 14” reverse threaded tip.

    The body of the Etek2 has been lightened and gently sculpted to distinguish it from the original Etek, with the new Etek logo machined directly into the body, and the machining of the regulators, caps, barrel and OOPS all designed to complement the whole.

    So, the bottom line is that the Etek2 has been overhauled in a way that makes it feel better, shoot better, make it easier to maintain and service, make it more reliable, make it more desirable, make it more robust and of course make it look better too. Not only has it accomplish all these things, but also managed to do it in a package that weighs 4.5oz less than the marker it replaces, hitting the scales, ready to go, at exactly 1kg.

    24+ BPS capability
    1700+ shot efficiency
    New lighter body
    New frame with improved ergonomics and sngtch Grip
    New flatter blade trigger
    New modular electronics
    New interchangeable micro switch
    New 2008 on/off/purge with t-rail mounting (over 1" of lateral adjustment)
    New 2008 inline regulator with aluminium piston and coil spring operation
    New LPR assembly
    New Shaft II two-piece barrel
    User-definable settings for Ball-in-Place, Eyes Off ROF, Cap ROF (uncapped in Semi 1), Debounce, and firing modes
    Uncapped Semi, Capped Semi as well as current CFOA, Millennium and PSP modes
    Triple Tru-Color LED display
    Micro-switch trigger operation
    Five adjustable firing modes
    Trigger-pull programming
    Tourney lock
    Deftek offset feed tube
    Clamping feed
    Nexus eye covers
    Break beam eyes (BBSS)
    Dual ball detents
    Fully adjustable trigger
    Pull-pin bolt release
    Integrated valve and rammer housing
    Full tool set
    Spares pack
    Eclipse gun oil
    Physical dimensions
    Length: 543mm
    eight: 223mm
    Width: 29.4mm
    Weight: 1.00Kg/2.2lb/35.5oz



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    Mitch Force 

    09 Jul 2007 - 19:56
    si, besides I'm still a groupie. And Kia thinks I'm a gangster(read or forums). So its all good.
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    Mitch Force 

    09 Jul 2007 - 16:20
    No I just got tired of it, the HK owns. One star coming right up!
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    The Corps 

    12 Jun 2007 - 16:56
    um..... eric, you have no comments. Hope this will make your day! :D
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