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  1. paint jobs

    23 August 2009 - 12:08 PM

    My first ever paint job was on my old 98
    used acrylics and masked it off with duct tape because it's all i had
    i also did a rough airbrush job on the mask and hopper
    Posted Image

    I painted my eVLution Blue, but that's not picture worthy

    then the other day i did THIS
    Posted Image
    and just to show off, today I did this (only the 3rd time airbrushing)
    Posted Image

    20 March 2009 - 01:44 AM

    i'm looking for a few things to make my sniper exactly how I want it
    i'm going to be very specific about what I want, if it isn't exactly what I want, don't even bother to offer.

    rail (i don't need the rail, just the ability to use it on one)
    dual side ports, not on the end

    i will need a picture, if i don't think it'll look how I want, sorry

    absolutely no longer than 4 inches
    preferably nothing on the bottom, it may have a port, but only if there is enough room to attach a 90* macro fitting within the 4in
    i would like it to have a gauge port
    velocity MUST be adjusted through the side, not the bottom

    ~1200 psi gauge
    ~600 psi gauge

    also, a 15* asa for a cocker in silver/chrome

    sorry about being so specific, but my setup will not work unless the parts fit these specifications
  3. Crazy Velocity on sniper

    19 March 2009 - 11:34 PM

    not sure if this would be better here, or in the cocker section, so mods, if you think it would be better there, please move it for me.

    I just got a sniper in the mail yesterday, love the thing, but i'm having some major trouble using it
    it's an aim eagle body, with the valve that comes with it

    at first, it was setup for unregulated CO2, with the 12ie going directly into the vert ASA, the velocity wasn't even showing up on the handheld chrono (under 200 FPS)

    so i switched to HPA and a reg, and no matter how much i tinkered with the reg and IVG, the velocity would do the same thing.

    after seating the reg with ~10 dry shots, I would try shooting with paint over the chrono, and my velocity was ~205, 206, 245, 256, and then i would start going back down and stay at the same level which couldn't even get a ball out the barrel, and yes, the paint was sized correctly

    if I waited about 10 seconds between shots, they would all be right at 205

    the reg is broken in too, it's the stock reg off an 06 alien
  4. WTB anything drum

    06 February 2009 - 10:51 PM

    I just started playing drums, and i'm working on upgrading my kit.

    I'm looking for anything drum related
    anything at all

    post here then PM me

    really want some cymbals
    and a throw-off for my snare, the one i have now is crappy
  5. good fields in central Illinois

    11 January 2009 - 12:57 PM

    I'm going to be coming up to Illinois from Alabama, and was wondering what good fields are in the area
    preferably around joliet

    i looked on PBreview, and only found one, and they charged something like $90 for a case of marbs, FPO

    any help would be great


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  1. Photo


    24 Aug 2007 - 20:03
    sweet another guy from sweet home Alabama.lol I live in athens.
  2. Photo

    Fallschirmjager Scharfuhrer 

    27 May 2007 - 05:45
    Dude Rammstein Rules
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