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  1. School or work

    24 January 2012 - 03:53 PM

    So looking for a bit of advice here. I have 3 choices.

    1: I can go to school full time and draw on unemployment through the CAT(commissioner approved training) and get my associate in arts and science degree. Which would allow me to transfer to a university and get my engineering degree. Problem with this is that money around our house would be tight. My girlfriend and I would be relying on her income to pay the bills. Though low because we live frugally leaves me feeling like a leach.

    2: I have 2 job offers available to me. One for a job making 12.32 an hour with 80 hour work weeks, the other as a real estate agent in a town experiencing a small boom in the market. I could make a good deal of money doing either or both, but I'm 21 and I've been putting off going to school for the last 4 years.

    3: I could do full time school and real estate agent. It wouldn't make me feel like as much of a leech but the income would be unreliable at best. Could be awesome one moment and fail the next. Plus though the hours would be more flexable it still would leave little time for my girlfriend and I to see each other.

    I can't do both the hourly job and school because it's a physical job that for the next few months would occupy 1/2 of my time. Seeing as my girlfriend works 2 jobs that would mean we would hardly ever see each other let alone time to study and classes with mandatory attendance.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Chest protector for first time female player?

    27 July 2011 - 10:19 AM

    So I am going to be taking my girlfriend paintballing next month if all goes according to plan. She's been practically begging me to take her.

    I'd like to get her a chest protector so that her experience isn't spoiled by that one bad shot. I also don't want to load her up with so many extra layers that she boils. She's not a wimp by any means, but I'm trying to error on the margin of safety. Her bra size is a 38C.

    What would you guy's recommend? Any females want to offer some input?
  3. Should I look into getting anti-depressants?

    30 March 2011 - 09:04 AM

    At the risk of sounding like a typical hormonal teenager(I am 20, almost 21) I'm starting this thread.

    One month ago I found out that my "Girlfriend" had been sleeping around behind my back. Has been since summer time. Of course I find this out after I get an apartment with her and her brother and our finances are intertwined. I work a minimum wage job, all of my money goes to rent and a car payment. I spend almost every night here at my house alone while my "girlfriend" goes out all over the country side in the car I am buying, sleeping with just about every man with a functioning penis.

    At this point I have no friends. I'm stuck here in this apartment till January because it's 6 months rent up front to break the lease. Can't take my car back because her name is on the title. Can't kick them out because I can't make it on my own and their names are on the lease as well. Don't have anyplace to go that would be any improvement over my current living conditions. Despite everything she does I still love her. But I'm not stupid. I know she is stringing me along with empty promises and just enough physical and emotional attention to keep me going.

    I tried to leave, 2 days ago. From the advice from a close friend and marriage counselor. I went to him for advice to save what we had, and he told me that I needed to eject. Take everything that isn't "ours" and explain to her with no emotion that I was leaving and why. I did just that, till she broke down in tears and started speaking of suicide. I caved. She promised that we would work on "us" and then that night she went and stayed at another males house. Did the same last night. I have no spine. This has been my 7th attempt to date to leave this personal self inflicted hell.

    For the last month I have been an emotional roller coaster. Switching between extreme sadness and depression to blood boiling rage. I have had bouts of violence toward inanimate objects and myself. Very little in between. I have no appetite anymore. Food makes me sick. I force myself to eat once a day. Over the last month I have lost 13 pounds, I am now 127lb's. I have no drive for life anymore. All of the things that made me happy a month ago do not interest me anymore. I can't focus on anything.

    I have tried dating other women. Every one has been an epic failure on the first date. Each one worse than the last. I managed to sleep with one woman thinking it would help. Instead after the fact I felt worse than before.

    Luckily at this point I still retain enough logic to know that suicide will not help. Not only do I owe my grandparents a large sum of money, but I know my family at least would be deeply hurt, nay traumatized. There is still much that I have on my bucket list that I want to do.

    I need help. If nothing else to get through this year till I can untangle myself from her web. I know that if I can get away from her I can heal. But at this point it is impossible for me to get away. I hate drama, I moved away from my mothers to get away from drama. Instead I managed to drop right into the damn fire. I am without a doubt the single most retarded man in this country. A failure beyond epic proportions I know this. I just don't know what to do from here. I just need to get through the year alive and without incurring a major medical bill.

    I have always been opposed to antidepressants. I hate taking medication of any kind. I never take pain pills stronger than ibuprofen, I only use my inhaler when needed, and only take antibiotics when there is no other option. Until recently I've lived a relativity happy healthy life. But at this point I'm willing to try anything. I know that they are not a cure-all and there is no such thing as a happy pill. But I just need something to stabilize my emotions enough to get through this year until I can rid myself of the source the problem.

    This is probably a major mistake posting this.

    03 September 2010 - 09:27 PM

    ~Please Read Before Posting~
    ~No Flaming
    ~I do Paypal and MO's only~
    -please post here before pm's~

    Heres I ion project
    Posted Image

    What Im looking for:

    Hyper 2 in Gloss Black

    low rise feedneed in Gloss Black

    Blade like Trigger in Gloss Black

    autocoker threaded Barrel in Gloss Black

    new 2.0 virtue easyz on white

    better looking gauge
  5. If you could have any car what would it be?(see rules)

    17 July 2010 - 03:09 PM

    OK If you were able to get any car you wanted for free, BUT you couldn't ever sell/trade/give it(ever), and you have to pay for maintenance, fuel, and insurance. What would you take? It's not the only car you can ever have. You can buy/sell other cars. You just can't sell this one.

    I'd have to go for an Ariel atom 3.
    Posted Image
    Posted Image


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