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  1. In Topic: QUINTET milsim scenario

    02 March 2010 - 03:14 PM

    And now the FULL VIDEO of QUINTET:
  2. In Topic: QUINTET milsim scenario

    29 January 2010 - 12:48 AM

    Posted Image
    QUINTET the teaser
  3. In Topic: QUINTET milsim scenario

    27 January 2010 - 06:53 AM

    Posted Image
  4. In Topic: QUINTET milsim scenario

    26 January 2010 - 09:40 AM

    It was a great part of scenario paintball. No injuries.
    A special play area lent for the occasion by the French Anti-Riot Elite Forces, with site monitoring and ambulance.
    70 players
    And a special WORLD EVENT by the introduction of the GIMILSIM in action(12 were used during the day by the Forces). Thanks to Richmond Italia and PROFUSION the french dealer.,
    EYESTACTICAL goggle were provided by Shawn Mac Govern from the brand (very good looking and efficiency)

    Related by STURM (COP real life)
    Actual chief of the Paintball Team "BAFT"

    "Regarding our "Host" name could'nt appear, the Head Master of the Elite Force, I stick to highlight:
    The "opening of mind" he has shown towards us (not easy to consider objectively Clowns parody that somehow their occupation)
    The hand that was stretched friendly, and quality of its welcome.
    A small special thought for the military in the van assigned to the Security of the field and those of the ambulance that had been monopolized all day for our beautiful eyes.
    Concerning representatives involved, I'd say it was very rewarding
    including by the professionalism they have brought in their approaches and progressions,
    and I dare pretend (as a cop I am) to believe that this was a reciprocal basis through our good mood and happy to discover our Leisure ...
    Our team has actually had the privilege, given the scenario to evolve so intimate with their team (complementarity in making buildings, and the run to escape the Fort's prison, etc ...) and I must say that human relationships were rich and intense.
    It is undeniable that even in the Paintball Milsim, the ingredients for the recipe for successful missions are: Hierarchy & Discipline / Transmission of information / cohesive forces!"

    From CAMO (owner of the best milsim store)
    "For my part I pay tribute to this great event. I personally took a walk terrible
    A big thank you to our "Guest", Taramis, MASH, LIGNE DE MIRE, THE PRESS toward XPAINT and Jean Noël from JUNGLE & the rest of the organization and all the teams. This site is fabulous, the rich 3 scenarios and emotions appropriate to the area of play
    Mission 1 "extraction hostage" = Great moments infiltration which will remain in my memory.
    Mission 2 "convoy of prisoners' = MASH to really played the game, what bastard, he shouted, limping, slow me down ... In short, everything to be total immersion total. And in the end, all his schemes for slowing the convoy had been successful because we were stopped at 150 meters from the headquarters of the judge, with along the way many contact points.
    My team and I have had the chance to evolve all day long in cooperation with the Elite Force team that really impressed me with some scenes that remain undercover in a small corner of my memory, they were really 200% super fun again, but the action really impressive
    PS: The KSK were really the most beautiful"

    This is the ASLG playing the SAS in the scenario. They are from Brittany look the flag
    Note the Cal 50 monitoring by 2 electro gun and about 1000 rounds, the "Knock Knock tool" for opening the doors and the shield with 2 lights.
    Posted Image

    Feedback of BLACKHAWK chief of the GHOSTS
    Falconer!! in the real life
    "First mission:
    ...The hostages who end up a knee against the wall with hands on their heads, while our two undercover guys (we had exchanged clothes, masks, etc. etc.) to succeed perfectly posing as hostages and were seated Tailor, allowing them tranquilement out their knives and pistols X50 RAM and 6 guys out everything.
    Second Mission
    The manner with which we ended up with my teammate (Docdiver) in a building behind which hideout team escorting Mash (5 members of the BAFT and 3 ASLG), with a window overlooking a view directly on their group , 15 meters away from us ... but for some crouching and lying to others, not realizing that Mash was among them ... grenades, smoke, and gusting across this nice group ...
    Even the medic happens next, believing that everything is calm)! Then we go down, another teammate (Foxdiver) joined us at this time (after eliminating the Elite forces), and it takes 5 minutes to realize that Mash is at our feet ... Moreover, it has taken shot in the storm ... In short, we pass on details rather compromising, and asked what should faire...5/10 minutes before the end of the game ... it is then between mine and the office of judge, 50m from the dernier.Puis decision to escort the leader to the safe zone, we always know why ... but how stupid it leads directly to the judge! We believe the open terrain, we start to run, and arrived at the office of judge, big surprise! "
    Anyway, good times, good end of the mission despite the fact that the COMMISSIONER has not been used...."
  5. In Topic: QUINTET milsim scenario

    17 December 2009 - 05:19 PM

    QUINTET will be the first EVENT in France for GIMILSIM, thanks to Franck, Greg and Thierry "MASH" from PROFUSION and of course the strong influence of Richmond Italia from GIMILSIM. The FM50 and GI50 will be on the grill during all the day, tested by the Anti Riot French Armoured Gendarmerie Forces "Groupement Blindé de Gendarmerie Mobile" from SATORY military base.
    10 teams consist of 70's seasoned players in the scripted parts: police and army forces, home builders, reporters, software engineer, gardener, cabin crew members....
    SPYDER and KINGMAN TRAINING will be part of the party by giving ERASERS and CHASERS to test side by side with the GIMILSIM.
    All the scenario will be followed by INVISIBLE XP8NT magazine and pictures will be done by one of the best shooter in the business ERIK CHATEAU < click on his link to discover the guy.
    Thank's to James CHAN from APSRAM Product paintball for his help and product support. PBALLs will be "LIVE testing" :ghillie:
    Thank's to all my friends for supporting me.
    "“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.” Gandhi


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