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57 years old
May 31, 1957
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Besides paintball, we enjoy fishing&camping.

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  1. Fiber wrapped HPA tanks

    02 April 2011 - 07:42 AM

    Fiber wrapped paintball tanks ------>

    # 1 Pure Energy W/ remote line, slide ck, quick disconnect, & asa. DOT- E10915-5000 PSI, 88CU.
    Birth----> 03/2003. 5 yr Hydro. Re-Hydro in 10/ 2012---> $65.00

    #2 Air America { Carleton } DOT- E11005 4500 PSI, 68CU
    Birth-----> 11/2005 3 yr Hydro Re-Hydro in 11/2011 ----> $60.00

    #3 Carleton DOT- E11005- 4500 PSI, 68CU
    Birth---> 11/2005 3 yr Hydro Re- Hydro in 11/2011----> $60.00

    All 3 tanks have high pressure regulator's And all 3 are in good shape. No dings in the fiber wrap, and all threads on regulator's good. And no leaks.
    Tanks have been well taken care of. All 3 have Pure Energy Regulators.
    2 dive tanks used for Paintball.
    Med size tank, is a Aluminum luxfer, birth---> 05/2004. Dot- 3AL 3000 ----> $50.00
    Reg size tank, is also Aluminum, it is a Catalina, Birth---> 07/1999, Dot- 3AL 3000-----> $50.00
    Both tanks have been recently hydr & visual. Tanks are in great shape and are
    taken to Deep six dive shop in Lakeland for ck ups. will not ship the dive tanks.
  2. Invert Mini

    02 April 2011 - 07:34 AM

    ! yr old Bronze Invert Mini W/ dye rotor. Mini is in perfect shape.
    Shoots awesome. $ 250.00

  3. Tippman A5's & 98's

    02 April 2011 - 07:29 AM

    3= Tippmann A5's W/ the X7 e-grip,squishy paddles,stock internals, & stock barrels, no hopper's.
    One has a remote line sold with it. {Cover,slide ck,quick disconnect} - 125.00 each

    2= Tippmann 98's, 1 custom & 1 custom pro, both Anti chop,e-grip, squishy paddles,cock lock, stock
    internals, & barrels, no hoppers.- 100.00 each
  4. Nerf Launcher W/ Double A5's

    24 March 2011 - 05:19 PM

    Launcher. 200.00 The double A5's are sold.
    Launcher also comes with aprox 20 nerfs. Slightley used. :)

    20 December 2010 - 12:14 PM

    Got the old {Paintball} Tree out :D {we are taking orders for next year}Ronbo Loves to make them :laugh:

    Its that time to tell each and every one of you Merry Christmas from our home to yours, and hope everyone gets all the paintball stuff
    they want for Christmas :rolleyes: But deffently everyone have a safe Holiday, :) and a Fantastic New Year :tup:

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    31 Jul 2007 - 22:25
    Hey there u take care now and we expect u back soon to shoot some paint,so glad to meet u and call u are freind. sandy & Ron
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    28 May 2007 - 16:41
    Hey, it was nice meeting you guys at the FEAR game. I loved your tank!
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