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  1. Pasadena Paintball Park

    18 December 2010 - 05:20 PM

    -----------------------Press Release------------------------

    Paintball Sports and Supply –

    Sunday 22nd of November 2010, I went to what used to be Outdoor Adventures Paintball field Pasadena,
    Maryland. OA WAS MISSING! I stumbled around the field for a minute, trying to figure out what was
    going on. I came across a guy named Jimmy from Paintball Sports and Supply (PS&S). I said “WHO
    ARE YOU, WERE IS OA?” he kindly stated “We are operating the field from this point forward”. I then
    began inquiring about this company PS&S. I found out that they also have a Pro-shop located only
    five miles from the field on Carbide road. While I was chatting with Jimmy a man walked up to me
    and introduced himself as Jeff Foy owner and operator of PS&S and of the Pasadena Field, now called
    Pasadena Paintball Park. Jeff then wanted to take me on a tour of the fields. I told him “I have played
    here last weekend what could be different” He still insisted on taking me on a tour, so I went. Well let’s
    just say after the tour, I thought to myself “If he could turn this dump into this in just nine days, he must
    have something really going on”. So I decided that this needed to be my first expose for the new APN

    My interview began:

    APN - What is your goal for Maryland Paintball?

    Jeff -The growth of paintball for the players not just business.

    APN – What made you take over this field?

    Jeff – Well I never really took over anything, it was always ours. We just allowed OA to become partners
    in the field with us and it wasn’t ran like agreed so I asked them to leave.

    APN – Ok.

    APN – What made you start repairing the field?

    Jeff – This place was not adequate for players’ safety and was not kept up with. So I had many of my
    staff donating their time to start cleaning and building to what we have now. It is still not done.

    APN – What do you mean?

    Jeff – Well I have over 70 acres.

    APN – WOW! How much are you currently using?

    Jeff – two or four acres. We have been spending a lot of time cleaning up the deadfall and brush. So now
    we have three good fields for the patrons.

    APN – Great! How many employees do you have?

    Jeff – Six and seven referees for the moment, once we have more fields, I will hire more.

    APN – So tell me about your pro-shop.

    Jeff – Well we have been open for about two years now. We just were not concerned about advertising.
    The only reason I opened this business was because of the players.

    Jeff – Come see my pro-shop and let it speak for its self.

    APN – Ok, sounds good.

    I arrived at the store located at 3020 Mountain Road suite 1A. Pasadena, Maryland. In just seven
    minutes with Jeff. The first thing you notice is the distinctive road sign and a very presentable store
    front. So I went inside and was wowed by the presentation and the LCD TV’s on every wall playing
    the most current paintball video out. On the right side wall there is a plentiful selection of markers to
    fancy everyone’s tastes. As you look around the space you also notice his fully stocked show room
    with a selection to cure your desire for gear. At the back of his store he has marker repair facility and a
    complete fill station setup for HPA and Co2.

    APN – Well Jeff I am speechless. This is the nicest pro-shop I have seen in a 20 minute driving radius.

    Jeff – Well it is here for the players, we won’t turn away anyone, if we don’t have it we will tell you were
    to go. My goal was for any Joe Some could come in here and feel comfortable.

    APN – Well you really have a good going here. Best of luck to you and your business.

    Jeff – So see you at the field?

    APN – Will be there Saturday ready to play.

    I concluded my interview with Jeff Foy.

    To the reader of this expose, you have to go see the pro-shop and field and let it speak for its self. You
    will be astonished.

    Contact Information for Paintball Sports and Supply is (410)439-0039 or by email

    3020 Mountain Rd.

    Suite 1A

    Pasadena, Maryland

    Writer: Gracin Bryan of the APN Council

  2. Tippmann A5 with LOTS of goodies

    15 September 2009 - 09:06 AM


    Tippmann A5 package: $235.00
    A5 with hopper, squigee, BBD
    Response Trigger
    14"All american Barrel
    A5A2 foregrip
    Airthrough Commando Spec ops stock
    Remote line with Woodland cover
    Pics up soon :panzer:
    If asking price is met a Co2 tank, mask and pod pak will be included
    May be willing to part for the right price

    Warsensor Zeus G2 $130
    Posted Image
    Extended barrel
    extra magazine
    Both mags have quick reload upgrades
    Warsensor Holster that holds co2 12 grams, 10rd tubes, and spare mag
  3. reshepmans WTB/WTT

    31 December 2008 - 09:55 AM

    My WTB and WTT

    I'm looking for a few things that I want to buy as money allows me so this is a constant (changing) list of what I'm either thinking about or in the market for. Please post your asking price and a pic
    I want broken guns I will pay little better then what the pawn shop would give you for a working one.

    My WTB pbnation thread
  4. WTB Opsgear A5 ak47 shroud

    02 October 2008 - 09:37 AM

    Looking for one of these

  5. Abingdon Woodsball Scenario

    30 September 2008 - 01:08 PM

    Our final and last scenario of 2008 will be December 6th @ 11am @ our field.

    Local scenario teams have been invited, members from the yespaintball.com forum, specialops game locator, and players from philadelphia to Richmond VA have responded with interest.We hope to make our last scenario of 2008 a huge success by keeping it simple and playing alot of paintball.
    I will be editing this topic with the game format and rules as they are completed.
    Currently subject to change, rules set in stone after Nov 1st.

    Terminator: The Aftermath
    After the destruction of Skynet by the human resistance, survivors have been living in cluttered, decaying cities left devastated by many years of war. Wanting to rebuild their world, the survivors are quickly gathering territory and equipment left behind by the former United States. Land that is untouched by the war with the machines is hard to find and highly coveted by all mankind. Although they have fought together to survive on the brink of extinction, the humans have once again begun to war with one another.

    Your mission is to help your band of survivors capture strategic territory and equipment in an effort to control the new goverment. Your enemy will use whatever means necessary to ensure that you fail and they take control.

    Although Skynet has now been destroyed, pockets of resistance from the Terminators remains strong. Some of them are still being reprogrammed by groups of resistance in order to tip the balance of power in their favor. Extremely difficult to kill, these machines will represent a serious threat to your mission.

    Intelligence reports have found unblemished territory in the area of Abingdon, MD. Deposits of Heavy Water, the primary source of electric power in the future, have also been discovered in the area. Your team must control this territory at all costs and obtain as much Heavy Water as possible. Take caution, as your enemies have no doubt stumbled upon this same information and are planning to take control of the area as well.

    Three bands of resistance have been identified in the area, they distinguish themselves with old school armbands in the colors of Red, Green, and Blue. The Red and Blue army are vast and tenacious and seem to be the primary fighting forces in the area. It is unknown at this time whether the Green team will enter the conflict, but they have been seen scouting the area in several helicopters.

    Primary Mission
    Capture as much territory as possible

    Secondary Missions:
    Heavy Water needs to be carefully transported back to your base, it is extremely unstable...
    Several Terminators have been found but need to be reprogrammed, scrounge the electronics needed to so.
    One of the Green helicopters has been shot down in the area, capture the pilot and interrogate him.
    A small band of Green recon soldiers have been shutting down supply lines, close with and destroy them.

    Event Info
    Date: December 6th, 2008
    Field: Abingdon Woodsball Home Field
    Admission: $5.00
    Paint: BYOP (Paint may be available for sale also)
    Air: NO AIR SUPPLIED (Air is available at JC's, but it is a 15min ride from the field)
    Notes: We are an outlaw field that refs itself, if you need directions to our field PM KillerTree or email him. We do not give our location out willy-nilly, so it's best that you know someone and ask them. But as always, we encourage everyone of all ages and backgrounds to attend. We pride ourselves on playing clean, fair, honest paintball. We put this puppy together all-volunteer style because we love the sport of paintball and that's all there is to it. If you need to purchase anything for the event, we recommend JC's Paintball in Bel Air for all your paintball needs. They are not a paying sponsor, but they help us put together a nice little following of 'ballers and they always treat everyone right when it comes to the sport.

    PERMITTED: Semi-Auto, Ramping, Full Auto, Multi-Shot, Radios (recommended), cameras
    PROHIBITED: unauthorized paintball ordinance, laser sights, poop shooters, smokebombs not approved by us

    0830 Registration begins
    0900 Chrono open; Limit 290fps
    1030 Safety brief
    1045 1st Mission brief
    1100 Game On!
    1200 Break & 2nd Mission brief
    1230 Game On!
    1330 Break & 3rd Mission brief
    1400 Game On!
    1500 Prizes, Awards, and Event ends.

    Why play at our scenario game?
    Our scenario game will try to combat some of the more frustrating elements of other scenario games, the following is just a few reasons why our games are successful:

    1. Our field promotes HONEST, FAIR, and FUN paintball. Players who do not play with these core values will be asked to leave.
    2. A clear understanding of mission objectives by all players on the field, not just commanders. Before each mission, all objectives will be read aloud by the game coordinators and any questions answered.
    3. Clear objectives that do not require players to remember a lot of things like what color means what and how many armbands does that guy have... and so on.
    4. Objectives are designed to force both teams to use tactics, speed, and intelligence to complete them.
    5. Interesting and challenging objectives that amount to more than just "lobbing paint" at the other team elimination style.

    Chrono limit is 295fps, we have chronos and will be checking
    Barrel blocking devices will be used anytime a player is not in play
    Goggles must be worn anytime play is in session, no exceptions
    Players will maintain at least 10ft from each other when shooting, no head shots at close range
    Players will not touch each other, if you want to touch someone, do it on your own time
    Woodsball can be dangerous, take care where you place your feet when running
    It may be on the cold side that day, make sure you bring proper clothing
    Although the cold doesn't make you thirsty it is important to be properly hydrated while playing

    2 Teams will start the game, Red and Blue. Teams will be marked with colored tape on both arms and their hopper. A third team, Green, will be added later in the game using the leftovers from the team that has more players. We expect this to happen late in the day when some players have gone home. This will rebalance the field and keep the game from getting lopsided.

    Special Positions
    Generals/Commanders: There will be NO OFFICIAL commanders during this scenario. Each player will be given a map and briefed on the objectives prior to every mission. However, if your team choses to elect a commander, we will provide armbands for that person at that time.

    Pilot: A player will be chosen to be the pilot for one mission.
    Crew (2): 2 players will be chosen to be crewmembers (to protect the pilot) during one mission.

    Terminators: Once the requisite gear has been aquired, Terminators can be reprogrammed to fight for your team. Terminators have special abilites making them very difficult to eliminate. Once a Terminator has been reprogrammed, that player will remain a Terminator for the remainder of the mission. Even if eliminated, that player can resinsert as a Terminator by following the same rules as a regular player.

    Missions:Missions are 60 min in length and will have multiple objectives. Most of the objectives will be difficult or impossible to complete without first completing another objective. Before each mission, there will be a 30 min break for rest / food, at which time the Game Coordinators will brief every player on the objectives for the next mission.

    Unlimited Reinsertion: Players who are eliminated must walk back to their dead zone, with the marker or hand over their head, and check in. Once checked in, they can resinsert themselves at any time.
    http://www.abingdonwoodsball.com for details

    contact us at abingdonpaintball@gmail.com


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