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  1. *NEW* a-5 Problems..

    17 July 2009 - 05:31 PM

    Well, Last sunday, i got my a-5 shinny and clean for paintball (With newly installed new tombstone and steel hose deally) And the FPS was all over the place to start with when i chrono'd. It worked alright, shot decent, air lasted fine, then when i thought i was getting low on my tank, it started to act up. It would shoot, but not cock back, i would cock it, same thing, then it would last a few more shots, if i left it. I re-filled my tank, slightly better, but still not good. Got a max 6 shots before it started to not cock back. Left it for a while, same result.

    So... I clearly need help cause this don't make a lick of sense to me.
  2. A-5 problems

    08 June 2009 - 12:12 PM

    Ok. I finally got my gun working and used it for the first time yesterday. I went on an outlaw field with some of my friends. It seemed like it was shooting good, at first. The first 12 ounce tank didn't even last me 200 shots, close to 125 actually, and after another 250 or so on the next tank, i ran out again. and then i threw a 20 on it. it was about half full, and midway through a game, i shot, and then that was it. The gun would not fire. It was cocked, it had air, it just didn't fire. It seemed like the sear wasn't even touching it. So i took the tank off, and took my stock off, checked it out, pulled the trigger out and cleaned it (it was kinda greasy). but thyen dumbfounded i put it back on and it seemed to work fine. I shot some more, then i relized the cyclone was feeding every second shot.... I'm thinking these problems could have to do with either not enough air, or maybe the homemade pin that goes in the spring that pushes the rear bolt forward (a nail i ground down to fin, about the same size as the pin, which i lost when i stock broke off while pressurized.... I also have no push pins... i use bolts instead, and the set screw that holds in the cyclone to the gun, well seems like i lost that on the way... so i used a bolt instead, which i also ground down to size, but i was in a hurry so i just ground it so that it didn't seem to make contact with anything in the cyclone.

    Well if you were nice or curious enough to read that, and you could help me, then i would much appreciate it.
  3. Swat Shields

    06 March 2009 - 09:22 PM

    Me and my friends have our own urban-style field, and sometimes people were too scared to rush the buildings, so i was thinking that a swat shield would be cool. I was thinking of simply making my own out of 1 inch square tubing for a frame, with a tin body, and a Plexiglas window. That would probably be good enough for us out here in the boonies, but some of the more hardcore scenario players might want something a little more real looking. I'm not sure if Special ops would be interested in this one, but ideally, it would probably weigh half or a third of a real one, either made of some kind of Metal alloy, or preferably hard plastic.

    I thought it was a neat idea, and would add another level to the game, especially in urban-style fields.
  4. Vest holsters

    18 February 2009 - 06:06 PM

    I'm looking at a vest with a holster built in, and was just wondering if anyone has come across a very specific problem with them as compared to leg holsters.
  5. X-7 Stocks

    03 February 2009 - 09:27 PM

    I was looking at stocks on a few online stores, and i noticed the selection for a-5's is nothing compared to for the x-7s. I'm kinda a hands on guy, and my moto is if it doesn't fit, we'll make it fit, and i was wondering if anyone has tried to modify an x-7 stock and put it on an a-5? I noticed they have seals or something on the x-7's, and i don't know if that matters. But no one i know in my small town has an x-7 with a stock, yet, and i don't have the disposable cash to shell out on an experiment right now. :D

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