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  1. In Topic: 12 gram HPA cartridges?

    03 August 2009 - 11:27 AM

    InvertedArms, on Jun 10 2009, 10:20 PM, said:

    lonegunm4n, on Apr 27 2009, 10:56 PM, said:

    The problem is pressure vs volume.

    Think of it this way:

    When buying an HPA tank, the rough formula your supposed to use to figure out how many shots you'd get, is 15 shots per inch with a 4500 system, and 10 shots per inch with a 3000 system.

    I own a Tac 8, so I'll be using it as an example.

    I can get about 30 to 32 shots off a single 12 gram Co2.

    Now, to get 30 shots off a single HPA 12 gram (for lack of a better term), I'd need 2 inches at 4500 psi, and 3 inches at 3000 psi. Mind you, those are cubic inches.

    So, we need to contain those pressures in a small cylinder. How could we do it?

    Well, we could do a fiber wrapped system, like 4500 psi systems! However, thats not very cost effective. Instead of spending a dollar or per 12 gram, you'd look at spending say 10 to 15 dollars a pop, if not more. Thats not something the 12 gram market would support for very long.

    However, for arguments sake, lets say you could get it to fit in a 12 gram Co2 sized container. They'd be one time use only. You couldn't fit a fill nipple on it. Creating a proprietary system sounds good, but it wouldn't be anywhere near cost effective.

    So, you've got your one time use 2 cu in/4500 HPA 12 gram. Let's use it on a marker, right?

    Wrong. Now, you've created a pressure issue. Most things that use 12 grams don't have a regulator. As far as I know, the only paintball pistol you'd be able to use it on is a Tac 8 or a Tac 9. If you tried it on a non-regulated system, you'd either have to completely replace the damaged valve, or you'd be chrono'd way beyond belief.

    So, what could we do to fix this?

    Well, you'd have to find a way to attach a regulator to the HPA 12 gram, find a way to install one on your 12 gram marker, or get a spring kit and start playing with the hammer and valve springs to find the right set up, if a spring kit even exists for that particular marker.

    So, why all this mess about pressures, etc.? Co2 operates at 800-1000 psi, so why not just put that much air into a 12 gram and be done with it?

    Well, most 12 gram applications are high pressure, meaning they operate at roughly 800psi or more. Stuffing 800 psi of HPA into a 12 gram is only going to get you one shot or so per HPA 12 gram.

    Damn, your smart!

    Cpt. Obvious Strikes again! haha :(

    But ya, that liquid metal stuff looks pretty freaky. But tell me if i got this wrong, but molecularly it's like a liquid, because it has no constant shape or pattern in the molecules, but it's still a solid somehow...?? Well anyways, if what they say is true, then that stuff will change everything basically. I've never even heard of this stuff before.
  2. In Topic: *NEW* a-5 Problems..

    25 July 2009 - 07:22 PM

    Hey well i guess i shoulda done some maintanance at the field, but i was lazy lol. i just took the gun apart, abnd the back o-ring on the hammer was disintegrated basically. don't know why, but it was is 3 pieces. so i gotta get some new o-rings i guess.
  3. In Topic: Swat Shields

    17 July 2009 - 05:44 PM

    View Postcallsignmars, on Jun 11 2009, 08:11 PM, said:

    View PostFrozenCannuk, on Jun 10 2009, 07:36 PM, said:

    View Postcallsignmars, on May 29 2009, 11:30 AM, said:

    use of shields sounds fun to me, really. it would open up a new dimension to the game, not to mention make those trenches at the local field really interesting. realistically tho, it is horrifically unfair unless you change something about it to balance it out. as rules stand (at least at my local field), carried props that are hit will count as an elimination, and that obviously includes shields. now, if they were padded with neoprene or something, then that would work within this rule by making nearly every paintball a bounce while there still being a good chance at an elimination with enough volume (also opens up an interesting route in terms of "shield tagging" eliminations). either that or just make it so shield hits don't count and you just need to suck it up and flank the bejeezus out of them. or a LAWS of course.

    Ya thats kinda the idea, and you could shoot them in the feet too, or their arm that was sticking out. What do you mean by LAWS?

    yeah, the shield would effectively count as a bunker, but obviously the same does NOT go for the player using it.
    and by LAWS i mean Rocket Launcher. we call 'em LAWS at my home field from their military counterpart (Lightweight Antiarmor Weapon System). my logic there is well, if it can kill a tank, it had better be able to kill some jerk with a hunk of metal strapped to his arm

    Lol ya you'd think so eh?
    Thank Ya'll for the help, and ya i'm thinking of just buying some plywood from where i work, and cutting it up to fit. And the painting it red is a good idea, somewhat. I think I'll paint 1 with a red strip, and one with a blue one, so it's not ridiculously visible, but still not invisible, and you can tell if that shield belongs to your team.

    But my ruling on this is apply the trusty Keep It Simple Stupid principle. Aka, KISS
  4. In Topic: A-5 problems

    17 June 2009 - 12:13 PM

    View PostBone37, on Jun 16 2009, 03:40 PM, said:

    View PostFrozenCannuk, on Jun 16 2009, 04:48 PM, said:

    Hey Thanks for the help. It worked until my tombstone started leaking and then broke off. So i need a new tombstone and asa. And a full a-5 parts kit i guess.

    "tombstone started leaking and then broke off"
    So how did it break off, it just spontaneously broke off on its own accord?
    I don't get it, sounds like you bought the most poorly made A-5 ever.

    Well the hose broke off the the tombstone. It was in pretty rough shape when i got it, and it's in rougher shape now
  5. In Topic: A-5 problems

    16 June 2009 - 02:48 PM

    Hey Thanks for the help. It worked until my tombstone started leaking and then broke off. So i need a new tombstone and asa. And a full a-5 parts kit i guess.



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