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  1. finally!!

    11 May 2009 - 03:08 PM

    i finally found a pump kit in a store so here is my new sniper (2k1 i believe)

    Posted Image

    the braded hose is too short to remove the dropforward so once i fix my tank the macro line is going on
    usually use the freak kit also
  2. i found some speakers

    02 March 2009 - 06:58 PM

    i found 2 small speakers in my room. they are only 4" each but i was wondering if i could do somthing like this and turn them in to ipod speakers. would they need more power?

    each speaker has a +&- side so could i just wire it in paralell with each side of a headphone cable to one speaker?
  3. room cleaning sale

    07 December 2008 - 02:21 PM

    *Serious offers only.
    *Post here before Pming.
    *Thanks for looking.

    all prices are OBO

    first up is my Reebok football cleats. size 12 used for half a season then i realized i don't like football $30 needs new studs
    Posted Image

    next is my good ol lazer tag game. comes with 2 guns and two headsets $25
    Posted Image

    next is 3 potato guns (5 takes them all) the book world war z ($15) and the game dawn of war ($30) the game does not include the code you need. you will need to find one online
    Posted Image

    fatty PSP bundle. comes with a newer case that will hold games, death jr and twisted metal $100
    Posted Image

    next is my lord of the rings strategy battle game set. i havent played with them since like 4th grade and they have just been sitting on my shelf. it includes

    2 custom tyrants
    Posted Image

    8 spear- orcs
    5 orcs with 2 handers
    Posted Image

    7 with swords and shields
    Posted Image

    6 with bows
    Posted Image

    1 ring wrath
    Posted Image

    and 6 orcs on whatever those are called
    Posted Image

    and finally the book that shows how to play
    Posted Image

    they come with a carying case $50 takes them all

    next up is my other 4th grade hobby warhammer 40k!
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    (his arm is in the box, it just needs glue)
    there are 8 chaos marines and this beast of a thing
    Posted Image
    it is un assembled and un painted and it is missing a hand but you can buy it of there website for $5 i think. comes with green putty to assemble it if you want

    and the book that shows you how to play
    Posted Image

    $50 takes them all.

    i also have the paints you use with them i will list the colors if you request it $7 takes them all
    Posted Image

    next is two haloween masks i used in past years $5 each
    Posted Image

    next up is a 420 watt computer power supply
    Posted Image

    i needed a better one so i took this one out. $30

    some element shoes. size 11 $20
    Posted Image


    ThirtyTwo claims its Ultralight Snowboard Boot is the lightest ever€šš‚šand with a foam sole and liner and minimalist construction, it definitely suits the rider looking for a boot that feels as though it's made out of feathers. A one-piece midsole and outsole made of STI Evolution Foam eliminates the need for a heavy rubber outsole, which significantly reduces a snowboard boot's weight. Plus, Evolution Foam cushions your feet better than traditional materials, so you can go after that jump with confidence. The lightweight moldable liner will pick up your fingerprint, it's so sensitive, so you get a precise fit. For this season, ThirtyTwo added vents to the liner. A three-dimensional molded tongue and articulating cuff make lacing up easier and also hold your heel in place for better energy transmission. You can tighten ThirtyTwo's inner cuff lacing system with a single pull and know your foot will stay put.

    size 11 $150
    Posted Image

    guitar straps and pics
    pretty much anything
    cash is king
  4. what are some other good forums

    07 December 2008 - 02:18 AM

    im on a couple other forums but what are some other good non paintball forums that get a decant amount of traffic?

    please and thanks
  5. zippo!

    03 December 2008 - 09:27 PM

    what would it cost to get a zippo done with any of these designs? also would it be possible to leave part of it the brushed aluminum and put the picture in the center? like have the lion head in the center of the aluminum.

    for the gas mask one i would ether want a red splatter behind it or a base color of olive green

    oh and what would it cost to just have a one color done like just make it red or black



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