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  1. 5 Tippmann Collector Guns - $125 PRICED TO SELL

    13 August 2014 - 11:33 AM

    Hey guys,

    Here's the link:


    A few years ago I started a Tippmann collection, it was a lot of fun and I hate to see them go. But I recently got a new job and I'm not gonna have very much time to enjoy these markers. I just need to sell these quick.

    Here's what I have, I'll upload pics later or email me and I'll send them your way.

    Tippmann .68 special, SN #154
    This gun was one of the first built by Tippmann. Comes with ORIGINAL BOX, I bought from original owner M. Reynolds who paid $500 for it, as can be seen on the box. Pretty cool.

    SL 68 II, Pump marker
    This gun is in great sweet and is FUN to shoot. Super accurate and pretty quiet as well. I would actually use this fairly often when I would go out.

    .68 Carbine
    Out of all the guns, this one may be the cleanest. Barely any scratches or scuffs at all, super clean and shoots great. Also, Psycho ballistics full-auto kit included.

    Pro AM and Pro Lite
    These two are in 'okay' condition. I never actually used these to paintball, so I'm not sure how good they shoot or anything like that. But their collectible and included.

    Thanks for looking, contact me if your interested.

    And please, I've already dropped the price from $200 to $125. No lowballs, if I can't get $125 then I'm putting them up on Ebay
  2. **SiCk** Blackcell Ion -- Every upp known to man!

    08 February 2011 - 11:13 PM

    Alright I have one sick Blackcell Ion. I built this a coupla years ago and have only used it about once a year since then ha, at aliens in the rockies. This thing rips, it has every upgrade known to the ion. Here's a list of all the upgrades.


    Posted Image

    Posted Image
    • Blackcell Ion Kit from Spec Ops Paintball with an added two Tac Rails: this includes body shroud and air-thru Longbow stock with all fittings
    • Laser
    • Custom Products 16" Barrel
    • 360 QEV
    • Virtue Board (still have original package it came in)
    • Lightning Bolt
    • DYE Sticky Grips
    • Warrior Products locker feedneck
    • Warrior double trigger
    • New wiring harness
    • New eyes
    and other ups that i just cant remember haha

    The only thing that is stock on this gun is the regulator, and that is one thing i would advise to upgrade because its cheap for a CP Reg like $30. This kit will also include:

    • DYE Invision Mask with gold inserts and tinted goggle
    • Halo electronic hopper
    • 45/3000 Steely Nitrogen Tank
    The only problem with the hopper is the bottom of the feedneck is broken. But entire new Suicide shells are on Ebay for around $5, you can look it up. The hopper is electronically fed so everytime you shoot it cycles. I still have the original boxes from the virtue board ($120) and the Halo ($135) as well as tons of extra parts and pieces from the total workover i did to this gun. This gun has been my baby. Statistically with all the mods it can put out around 25 bps but i usually run it from 15-18 to avoid breaking any balls or other mishaps that can happen. This thing is honestly the quitest gun i've ever seen. You can barely hear it shooting if your standing right next to it.It's insane.I'll take more pictures upon request, and obviously the dates on the pictures are incorrect haha.
    PRICE: I'll take $225 - SHIPPED I COVER PAYPAL FEES for all of this, which is a deal considering I put over $1000 into all of this.
    Thanks for looking and have a great day my friends!
  3. **SiCk** Blackcell Ion -- Every upp known to man!

    08 February 2011 - 11:11 PM

    moved to Electronic Markers section!
  4. Tippmann X7 RT Flatline and Crossifre 45/3000

    06 February 2011 - 05:40 PM

    Here I have a Tippmann X7 that's been used just three times. I used this gun at Aliens in the Rockies, once in my driveway just checking it out, and once for a couple of hours at the local course. It's always worked great, never had a single problem with it, never even broke a ball in this beast. It includes the Flatline Barrel and also the Response Trigger kit. I bought a new AK-47 mag and put it on, never even shot the gun since i put it on. I love this gun, but I'm an electro guy so this doesn't fit my style of play.I'm also including a Crossfire 45/3000 (might be bigger than a 45ci not sure) the hydro may also be out on this not sure about that either.I'll throw in the hopper, stock barrel, stock foregrip, squeegee, and a Proto mask with blacked out lenses.

    All of this for $225+ shippingThanks for looking and don't hesitate to offer or ask any questions.
  5. MAX'D ION {} {} OPSGEAR'D A5 {} {} X7

    25 December 2009 - 03:45 PM

    Hey guys! I have three amazing guns, two of them EXTREMELY upgraded.
    A5=$250 CASH

    Or will do $450for any 2 of those 3 amazing guns. or $650 for ALL OF THEM! :)
    You pay shipping! Main 48 states only please

    These are some AMAZING prices my friends. These guns have been DECKED OUT :P Capitalize off of my expense ha

    Now for the goods.

    First up is the Milsim A-5
    What I’ve got is the sickest scenario A5 EVER!!!! This thing is a freakin beast and rips off around 24 bps. This thing is feared all over utah and truly turns the opposing team to mush. I’ve put well over $850 into this gun over the last 2 years and every penny was worth it!

    Rampage Board...25 bps capable
    7 firing modes; semi, turbo, full automatic, 3 rnd. Burst, response, rampage, x-mode
    Adjustable; rate of fire (15-25bps), solenoid dwell, debounce, rampage + turbo
    JCS Duel Trigger
    Cyclone Feed: FEEDS UPWARDS OF 25BPS
    X7 Hopper
    Vortex Mod
    Lightning Rod
    High-Performance air-line
    Brand New Valve
    Brand New Powertube
    Brand New Spring
    Stiffi 16"
    System X 14"
    OPS Gear SAW body shroud
    6 Picatinny Rails
    Special Ops Air Thru Commando Stock
    Dead On Grip Adapter
    Red Dot Scope
    Special Ops 3-point Tactical Sling

    Attached File  000_1679.jpg (938.12K)
    Number of downloads: 98

    Next up is my Blackcell Ion

    Alright this gun is absolutely amazing. I've never shot any gun that is this quiet, you literally have a hard time hearing it when YOUR the one shooting. its ridiculous. The most accurate gun that i've had the privelege of owning, the gun is ball on ball dead accurate. It can also rip off some serious firepower with all the internal upgrades i've put into it. Around 24 BPS :)

    Virtue Board
    New Lazer Eyes
    Warrior Trigger
    Warrior Clamping Feedneck
    Lightning Bolt
    360 QEV
    Longbow Air-Thru Stock
    Blackcell Shroud w/3 picantinny rails
    Dye Sticky Grips
    16" CP Classic Barrel
    Stock Barrel

    Last of all, The X7

    I acquired this gun in a trade and it has run absolutely beautifully. I've never broken a ball in it, never hiccupped, never any problems whatsoever. Quite new, only used 3 times (twice by me, only once by previous owner). The response runs amazing, it can shoot quite fast at around 20BPS. A great gun, a lot of fun. The flatline really puts the distance shot out there for you. A lot of fun, has a lot of potential for upgrading the body, it could become anything you want it to be!

    Response Trigger
    Brand New AK-47 Clip
    Original Barrel Shroud
    Flatline Barrel
    Stock Barrel

    All the pictures were taken before a serious cleaning of each gun, so they are shined up lubed up and ready to rock! also, the dates on all of the pictures are WAY off haha idk why my camera has random dates on some of the pictures.

    Thank you SOOO MUCH for looking! If you have ANY questions whatsoever please don't be afraid to ask me! If there's anything i can do to help you, anything you'd like to know just lmk :) I'm more than happy to help! thanks again for looking! I hope all of you are having an amazing christmas!



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