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  1. In Topic: TPX Remote Line Adapter

    30 July 2009 - 08:05 PM

    You have to drill a hole in the casing to install. A used or punctured 12g must be installed to use. It sticks out about 1.5 inches which is a bit odd on a left-hand holster. It has a charging effect on the marker; when you remove the remote you have a number of shots left. I wish it didn't stick out so far, had a hole with cap in the receiver, and it really should have been included with the marker but it works as advertised.
  2. In Topic: SP-1 vs. A5

    03 July 2009 - 05:20 AM

    I'm a long time Tippmann user but that all changed after playing with an ION for a day. I had actually fired several ION's in the past and was not impressed but once I took the time to get used to the marker I was blown away. That ended my A5 obsession and I soon had 2 tricked out ION milsim rigs. I purchased one of the first SP-1's and it never worked very well. I had to send it in twice to get it fixed but keep in mind this was one of the first few hundred sold. Remembering back to my ION experience I decided to play a day with my SP-1 and now my ION markers are collecting dust. I used a gravity hopper for lower profile and can still rip 10-15 round strings on full auto with no issues. Full auto on the stock board is something like 8-10 bps I think. The SP-1 is louder with more pronounced recoil than the ION but is a perfect fit with a stock for my playing style. My only gripe is I want a more easily detachable CAR stock.

    The simplicity of the board, milsim setup with ION like performance, the low force bolt, light-weight, low recoil, the select fire capability, and excellent regulator aare huge selling points compared to markers in the same class. With new board and bolt options itís only getting better. I have never had a break after 10,000 rounds. Anyone claiming that with an A5 is lucky or lying. Full disassembly sucks but unlike the A5 this is rarely necessary. I know people that only strip their A5 once a year or more but I like a clean marker and would do a complete strip and clean at least every 2-3 games. With my SP-1 I wipe it down at the end of the day Iím done. I think some markers like the ION have too many configurable settings and adjustments making it difficult to get everything tuned just right. This is one area where the stock SP-1 shines because the options are good but not to the point that it gets confusing.

    There is no comparison between the SP-1 and A5 stockÖSP-1 wins hands down for those that have actually played with both. The A5 really is a poor choice for left handed players as well. If you want to be super quite use an automag, ION, or Invert Mini.


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