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  1. Angels and Demons

    06 October 2009 - 06:55 PM

    Posted Image

    Saturday, October 24th, 2009

    Black River Paintball's FARM Location

    $25 Pre-registration (thru Friday, October 16th at midnight)
    $35 Day of event
    350 player limit!!!


    * Big Game admission
    * All-day-air (CO2 or HPA)
    * FREE BRPaintball "Black Label" Coupon book, which includes 10 free admissions to any of our parks (paint purchase required) and is valued at $200!!! (Pre-Registions only)
    * Entry and air to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, held on Oct 23rd

    Black River Paintball will step up their game even more for this event. With Christmas right around the corner we promise to throw additional prizes, provide more ticket specials and just plain give you more. We start by giving all pre-registered players a FREE BRPAINTBALL "Black Label" Coupon book valued at $200 (includes 10 free admissions to any of our parks). Then we give free entry to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS for all pre-registered players and any player who registers Friday night.

    Opens: Gates will open at 5:00pm for on Friday, October 23rd for camping, Big Game registration, and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. We will close the gates at 11pm that night. Registration will reopen on Saturday morning at 7am.
    LIMIT: 350 player limit!!! Pre-register to guarantee your spot.
    GAME TIME: Oct 16 11:59pm Big Game pre-registration closes
    Oct 23 5:00pm Big Game early registration opens
    Oct 23 5:00pm FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS begins
    Oct 23 11:00pm Big Game registration and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS ends
    Oct 24 7:00am Big Game registration reopens
    Oct 24 1:00pm Lunch break
    Oct 24 2:00pm Game play resumes
    Oct 24 4:30pm Break to prepare for final battle
    Oct 24 5:00pm Final battle begins
    Oct 24 5:30pm Big Game final battle ends
    Oct 24 6:00pm Awards Ceremony and Prizes


    The battle of Good vs Evil is as old as time itself. Sometimes, valor is on our side and Good wins. Other times, the magnetic pull of Evil prevails. The one constant is mankind is always in the middle of this supernatural tug-of-war.

    The forces of Evil are preparing for the end of days. For centuries they have amassed an army to battle the forces of good. The second coming is upon us and both armies are preparing for battle. It was written that the end of the age in which Satan's rule through man will be destroyed by the Messiah. These events are foreseen: the Great Tribulation, the campaign of Armageddon, the second coming of the Messiah with the restoration of peace to the world and his 1,000yr rule, the imprisonment of Satan until he is "loosen" for the final rebellion, God's final judgment over Satan, and finally, the creation of the New Heavens and the New Earth.

    While it may be written, the dark and hideous forces of Evil have other plans. They like their current set-up and want to keep their claws dug deep into man. "Peace is for the weak" and to that end, they see no need in a 1,000yr calm period.

    Destiny is in your hands. Which side of the line you stand could mean the difference in eternal glory and forever night. Choose but choose wisely....
  2. Tippmann pistol

    29 June 2008 - 07:05 AM

    I saw this on another forum and did a quick search here and did not come up with anything. If there is something already on this then feel free to close this.

  3. Valor vs Venom SUPER BIG GAME

    07 June 2008 - 04:38 AM

    Posted Image

    Event Date: August 16th, 2008

    Where: Black River Paintball- Fayetteville "FREEDOM" location

    PRE-REGISTRATION: $45 (includes: TEAM SPECIFIC CAMO JERSEY AND PANTS, ID tag, all-day-air, raffle ticket for prize drawing, playtime) Cut off for early registration is July 26th at 9:00pm EST.
    DAY OF EVENT REGISTRATION: $45 (includes: ID tag, all-day-air, playtime)

    Posted Image

    Details: Check-in will begin at 7am on Saturday, Aug 2nd. Player debrief will commence at 9AM and the battle will begin at 10AM. This is an unlimited firing mode event with a capped rate of fire of 15pbs. Field speed limit is 285fps. Free camping the night before and after the event.

    Paint: Paint prices start at $45/2000 round case and go up to $65/case. This is a FIELD PAINT ONLY EVENT.

    Awards & Ceremony: As always, Black River will provide fantastic event prizes. In addition, EVERYONE on the winning team will receive a free paintball marker. You read right- EVERYONE ON THE WINNING TEAM WILL RECEIVE A FREE PAINTBALL MARKER at the end of the event. You must be present to claim your marker.


    Written by Allen Faircloth

    "There is such beauty in destruction, wouldn't you agree Destro?", Cobra Commander's voice slithered from under his translucent mask.
    "Your dream of an invincible army is almost a reality", replied Destro.
    "What is my dream will soon be GI Joe's nightmare. Dr Mindbender! Where are my Venom Troopers?"

    Just then a man in a long white coat and wire rimmed glasses entered the room. His look was unmistakably professional, but his approach was menacing. "Guards, ready the subject and initialize the BioBlender" snapped the Doctor. With a flip of a switch, the laboratory computers came to life and started the boot process. In a matter of seconds, the system was up. "Cobra Commander, the system is ready to commence the venomization process". The lab doors opened to expose a helpless young man strapped to a stainless table.

    Cobra Commander approached the BioBlender's launch switch. He threw the switch and a massive cloud of green toxic gas came over the restrained man. With another flip of the switch a large volt of electricity consumed the helpless victim. As the gas settled, something different laid upon the table. Where once a frightened man had been, now laid a scaled, slobbering man-beast. As Destro approach the table, he saw the words "AFRICAN CROCODILE" on the empty specimen container. "You see Destro, by combining the DNA of the world's most ferocious animals with that of a normal man, we can create an unstoppable army of Venom Troopers. The Joes will be powerless to stop us. World domination will be mine!"

    "Yes Cobra Commander, but it will take years to venomize enough Troopers to combat GI Joe. The process is limited to a small number of subjects to be venomized at once. Given the right resources and funding, I'm confident my company can construct a mass delivery mechanism inside of 3 years".

    "3 years!! I'm not waiting 3 months! I want to control the world NOW!!!" Cobra Commander barked.

    Just then a transmission came across Cobra's VIPERnet communications center. Cobra Commander snatched the communiqué and began to read. Soon, a soft hissing laugh could be heard. "Its seems the Joe's have given us exactly the delivery mechanism we need. Our spies have uncovered a remote GI Joe installation that houses their new Electro Magnetic Pulse Emitter. They plan to use it for cloud seeding to help promote precipitation in desert climates. This device could give Cobra the reach it needs to deliver our venomization process to the world".

    "With only a small number of Joes guarding the facility, the device is ours for the taking". Cobra Commander turned and barked an order: "Destro, take our current supply of Venom Troopers to secure the emitter. Do not fail me. Your health and Cobra's goal of world domination hang in the balance".

    Meanwhile, back at the GIJoe Theatre Operations Center…

    "General Hawk, the work on the Pulse Emitter is 98% complete and will be ready for inspection soon. Do you have an ETA on the arrival of the NATO inspection team?".

    "The team is returning from the middle east so it may take some time to re-supply and deploy. I wouldn't worry too much about it Duke. You've never failed an inspection before so I'm sure this one won't be any different" exclaimed General Hawk. The work you and Joes have done could change the world. By promoting rain and other precipitation to impoverished areas of the world, the Pulse Emitter can facilitate crop, thus enabling these areas to become more self-sufficient. The direct benefits are huge".

    "Yes General. Transforming a 'war machine' into a piece of farm equipment is monumental to say the least. The modifications we've made to what was once the V3 Super Gun now has multiple applications" replied Duke. "To that end, I've requested more Joe security just in case Cobra decides to pay us a visit. We don't want this baby falling into the wrong hands".

    "I'm glad you brought that up Duke. Our intelligence suggest that we may have a spy in the ranks. We're not sure how deep the informant is or what information they have access to, but the Electro Magnetic Pulse Emitter should be kept on a need to know basis. With this device, Cobra could reign terror on any major city of the world. We must keep it guarded at all times and I would suggest putting your best team on it" ordered General Hawk.

    "Roger that, sir" replied Duke.
  4. Need some with with a was e-grip

    20 May 2008 - 06:45 PM

    My brother has a was e-grip and went to change the battery a little while ago. After he changed the battery the cylinoid could hardly push out the pin. Well he figured battery so he put back in the old battery and same thing. Then we got a differant battery, still brand new in the box and same thing. I played around with it for a minute but nothing. Any ideas? Thanks,

  5. Special Ops MP5 gas through mag with Palmer Stabilizer

    28 April 2008 - 10:08 AM

    Ok, when I bought my a5 back in September used from a member on here, it came with the spec ops mp5 mag with the palmer stabalizer in it among other thing s that came with the gun. I have been using the mag since then in 2 scenario games and many rec games in the woods at my house. A few differant times it leaks but nothing more than a little hissing. Its very sturdy and I love the look it gives my a5. The first big game I used it in I did not realy get to use it because I was having problem with the velocity and could not get it low enough, so I took it off and put my macro line on. So its a little confusing at first. Here is a pic of it.

    Posted Image

    Up until last week I would have given this a 4 out of 5. But this past weekend I had a problem with it that had me making some phone calls and then found out a few things about it. I gasses up my gun on when we played on the 20th and it was leakng real bad. So I figured it was a busted O-ring or something. I took it off and then used my niple to my remote ling directly into the gun. Well I took it apart and then found were the look was coming from but I had no idea how to fix it. I called palmer and talked with I think the guys name was Greg or Creg, don't remeber. Anyways, I asked him about the leak and told him were it was coming from. He asked if it was one of the spec ops mags and I said yes, then he laughed. Come to find out, the spec ops enginesrs had it hooked up backwards. They had the gas coming in the out port and out the in port, making the stabalizer useless.

    So for looks I give this mag a 5 out of 5. For the internals, I give it a 2 out of 5. Gas goes thorugh it, but the stabalizer is useless, charging a lot for something that does not work. I am taking the stabalizer out and puttting it onto my remote line like the guy at palmer told me how to. Then I will get some metal pipe from lowes and a 90* fitting and put that in the mag so that I can use it and connect my remote line to it.



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