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    I'm usually a solo player so here's my perspective:

    1. showers - great for campers I usually get a hotel.
    2. prize packages - I could do without it since they usually goto teams or large groups, I would prefere drawings.
    3. price - 30 - 55 sounds good especially if it is a field that draws alot of players. It would be nice if there was a 1 day price, often I can't play both days.
    4. field up grades - trenches, more bunkers, drive paths for tanks.
    5. game styles (points vs missions completed totals) - either seems to end with the same results, people are always going to dispute the results.
    6. genres - more scifi, then you can make up what ever you want and it won't be subject to silly PC rules like no sieg Hiel or no swastikas. I am neither a skinhead or Nazi lover, but if it's WWII with Germans then there are things that go with it.
    7.What keeps you from showing up - over inflated admission and paint prices. Charging $75 to play + air + $55-75 for paint is just gouging. When its a big venue and loads of paint will be sold it shouldn't be priced at 2-3X what it cost. Paying that much for paint that isn't worth $40, in some cases, is criminal.


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