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  1. A-5 Cyclone not advancing

    23 July 2009 - 05:57 PM

    I was at a paintball event some time ago, when I realized my marker was not firing anymore. I figured I was out of paint. No, I had a half full hopper. I checked for jams. No dice. When I got out and had time to examine it properly, I discovered that the cyclone feeder was not advancing as it should have been. Fearing my tank wasn't supplying enough air, I switched with someone who had just filled. Still no luck. The strange thing is is that it is not jammed, it advances when the switch is pushed to manually advance, but it will no longer do it on its own.

    Any ideas? I don't exactly need a how-to in terms of repairs, just some suggestions (although a how-to would not be unwelcome. I have stripped and cleaned it before so I am somewhat proficient, but I have never needed to do a repair) of what the problem is. Thanks
  2. Grandpa

    06 September 2008 - 01:53 PM

    My grandpa passed away this morning at about 4:00 after a lengthy battle with lung cancer. Please keep him and his family in your prayers, and especially his wife Bettie. Thank you.

    RIP Raymond E. Wade
  3. Why The Sabre PWNS!!!

    04 September 2008 - 06:58 PM

    LETS HEAR EM!!!!!! Greatest glory stories playing the Sabre position.

    Mine was a couple of years ago. Me and my team (I'm also a Commander) of 6 and 3 walkons all had radios with headsets. We used the power of communication to OWN a private group of 40 MSU students!!!!!!!

    A more specific story is two years ago at the Camo Clash. I was pinned down in the Village (About 2 acres, about 15 buildings) behind a bunker. I was TOAST. End of story. Out of nowhere, a kid comes sliding into the bunker behind me. He gives me covering fire, I peek out and take out the closest guy out. The kid behind me becomes my spotter, yelling out OpFor positions, when to move, when to shoot..... It was sweet. We rock the entire right side of the Village clean. From there, we had a perfect spot to flank the rest of the OpFor. We take out the ENTIRE VILLAGE! We meet (He was Zack) after the game, and he and I proceed to romp the field for the rest of the day.

    Fast forward to the next Camo Clash. Im pinned down in the village. A kid comes in behind me. We take out the entire Village. Sound familiar? I go up to him after the game and said "That was SWEET!" He says "YEAH!!!!" I recognize his voice. IT WAS FREAKIN ZACK!!!!!!!! Same EXACT play, one year later. Once again, we teamed up for the day, only this time, he had FIREPOWER!!!! He had three grenades, a radio, and a squad of his own!!!!! Good times...... gooooood times.......

    Ahh...... Reminisce.... So thats my story. Whats yours?


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