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  1. Hey Guys and gals

    30 January 2014 - 01:19 AM

    Hey, I'm back might be coming back from my retirement and wanted to wade back into the scene. So yeah years ago I left this sport (and airsoft) to pursue getting my the rest of my college on and many other life factors. I found a great job post college and the result of that has been traveling all over the country working my butt off and enjoying the fruits of my labor. I got back into airsoft in 2010 and I recently picked up an MKX scenario launcher and a fill station and so I can get my 12gramless guns operational again. I might even go pick up a case of quality paint to see if all my stuff still works.

    Life has been good and all that stuff, I currently work for a Communications company as VP of sales, I sell army trucks, run a small airsoft shop and a ski/snowboard tuning shop.

    CLF has been reincarnated as Das Land Pirats we do strictly opfor airsoft stuff. Figure all of historys bad guys from 1914-now. We currently have about 15 regular players.
    Tyler is still alive and kicking see if you can find him in the pictures haha he might even want to jump back into some good ol pb.
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    I even have a specialty airsoft shop specializing in game set prop pieces, and opfor kit construction.
    Posted Image

    I remember the intense hatred of airsoft so if you still are not over that enjoy.

    So yeah hey, hope all is well!
  2. CDI unit recruitment/ ect. thread

    29 May 2009 - 07:07 PM

    Capone Defense Inc.

    What is Capone Defense Inc. ?
    The CDI, is a small tight knit team/unit that will advise/ aid their respective sides General and Staff and help to possibly achieve a total victory.

    How will the CDI help me?
    The CDI ‘s members have decades of experience and will help to attempt to achieve a total victory with you and with three objectives.
    1. Organization, the organization of ones forces from separate scenario teams to walk on’s is one of the most important keys to a victory at a scenario or large event and even plays a role in real combat. The CDI is a great organizational tool, using modern technology and experience the CDI can easily round up players depending on ability, groups, ect. Into small or large effective fighting forces, that will greater improve your command.
    2. Rear Echelon Security, a common flaw to many scenarios is the lack of secured areas between the front line and Command Points the CDI specializes in wandering that middle ground hunting the enemy advances then neutralizing them. Its proven that if even one guy sneaks behind the lines they can gum up the works for a huge 200+ person team and can draw valuable teams off the front to hunt and combat these threats. That lone gunman can even cost you points!!!!!!
    3. Large Unit Command. For new Scenario/air soft event commanders the command of 100+ individuals can be a daunting task. CDI helps alleviate that problem and can help convey your orders more easily to the front. Hence making you have a great day of paintball or air soft.

    What tactics, tools does the CDI use?
    The CDI members are made up of Veterans from three services, die hard paintballers and airsofters. The CDI uses any tactic that they have learned to the best of their abilities to achieve a victory. As for the tools the CDI has a vast Communications arsenal. Depending on the topography, terrain, weather and game type the CDI can use tools that will aid the Command staff with many different challenges.
    1. Secure Radio Networks( highly durable long range radios not sold at your local Radio-Shack) with these radios you will not have to worry about people pressing any annoying beeping button or small children screaming into the mics at inopportune times.
    2. GPS radios and transponder Technology. We Can give some units GPS transponders to always have a fix on their locations. Their locations will then be broadcast on a low-high res sat image or a regular map. Though for paintball until we get some equipment that can withstand getting routinely painted the transponders will not be available.
    3. Google Earth Position Marking, with laptops and radios and runners we can accurately make and move the front line units at all times making the command much more easy for the general. There fore he can focus on other things like having a tea time.
    4. Base Defense Technology, for air soft we have claymores and mines and for paintball paint mines, both Co2 powered and trip mines.
    5. Brute Force sometimes no matter how much technology you have nothing can match a massive charge into the enemies front lines with flags waiving, people screaming and guns a blazing.
    6. Cell phone recon, we used this at a lot of old scenario games texting pictures to one another of maybe an objective or maybe a prop that’s needed but the team is not sure, even a simple use of technology like this can make or break a mission. Even Texting a picture of a certain “thing” to a wireless laptop can help rack up the points.
    7. Prototype military grade battery power units that can provide up to 15+ hours of power, also can be hooked up to solar cells to collect power, spotlights to find the enemy at night and smoke machines to confuse the enemy and secretly hide small formations. Though we only intend these to be used at 24 hour or longer games. Also the issue has been raised why not run out a power cable? Well sometimes an outpost or a base just cant get that.
    8. Co2/ HPA portable refill stations on field.
    9. Other projects.

    Is the CDI a part of the of the CLF?
    Yes it is, though the CDI is a reformed unit, mainly consisting of new recruits and members of the CLF old guard. Though many of you think the CLF is long dead and gone its not, infact we played as a team on may 23rd so to put the rumor we disbanded to sleep….

    How much are CDI’s services?
    CDI offers its services for no charge at all, for all of us at the CDI paintball and air soft is one thing and one thing only FUN.

    What is the Range of the CDI.?
    Technically we have no range though we would prefer the games to be within 100 miles of us. We will travel further though do read the below. Also we will be training with an air wing in Kansas over the summer and we are located in Southern Massachusetts.

    Is the CDI team a Milsim Team?
    Despite the above we are not a Milsim Team, mainly because we don’t have a strict uniform or put magazines etc. on our guns what we do could be considered milsim but we are having fun. If we are classified as milsim we resent it.

    CDI Roster.
    Mr. Capone, Captain, Senior Advisor (provides direct assistance to command staff)
    Mr. Warner, Senior Tactical Advisor (assist’s with putting players into fighting units)
    Mr. Ham, Mission and , Offense Advisor (helps with missions and the offense)
    Mr. Cormier, Tactical Defense and Offense Advisor ( creates static defense lines and offense)
    Mr. Mistler, Enemy Harassment Advisor (helps demoralize the enemy)
    Mr. Bigs, Urban Combat Advisor (Specializes in Urban Combat situations)
    Ms. Malony, Deception (Deceives the enemy)

    The CDI is recruiting up to 4-6 members at this time that will want to help the unit grow and help develop some of our techniques down to a tee.

    Must of played in 7 Scenario Games or more.
    It Helps if you have Generaled a scenario or commanded a team in the past.
    Must be 18 or older but no older than 25 (though we may be flexible just ask).
    Must be proficient in knowing their equipment inside and out.
    Must have a general knowledge and understanding of rudimentary tactics.
    Must have participated in two or more air soft events/games.
    Must have a vehicle or reliable transportation.
    Must offer something for the unit some type of expertise or specialty.
    Military or Police Experience a huge plus but not required.
    Must be a player that follows the rules!!! (For Air soft and Paintball)
    Must have a source of income that’s strictly for paintball or air soft.
    Must live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. (we are flexible)
    Show strong signs of Respect, Honor and Integrity.

    (We mainly have to recruit in the area because at any given time 3-4 of the above members will be on overseas combat deployments, also do keep in mind the rest of the unit attends universities and works full time.)

    Keep in mind that this unit will need some time to grow and perfect all of its tactics and skills. Most of the tactics and tools we have used and used successfully over the past several years. Hence why March 2010 is when we will formally start using the CDI as a 100% battle ready unit, with all of its toys in play until then we need some fresh meat to train, teach and help the unit grow. This is also an opportunity to serve in a unit that has some cool technology and for the most part knows how to use it.

    Disclaimer: Some fields might not allow such advance tech, tools and items onto their fields and we respect that 110%, do remember that we are still a valuable asset with or with out the technology. If you need credentials they will be provided. Also if you don’t like (Myself, my team mates or the way we play please do not post, this is for serious players only) In addition we have no intention of running, controlling, or high jacking the game from you the commander, we are advisors and aides that will help you run a better game. We offer no guarantee of a total victory but we do promise we can help even the odds a bit and take away some of your stresses. Also if its a world war II scenario dont expect us to be running around with netbooks and gps, they didnt have it then......

    ps. I know I used to Champion the use of people and not technology but hey its a new era lets have fun! Also leave your hate mail and sarcastic remarks for my pm box, thanks also if your wondering what ive been up to the better part of the year ive been working, relaxing, vacationing, dateing and just generaly haveing a good time while I put airsoft and paintball on the back burners for the first time in what seems like a million years ive returned ;). I will be checking up on this every few days.
  3. In case any of you cared or wondered why I fell off the earth

    03 June 2008 - 05:52 PM

    So yeah Why did I disappear?
    Everything I owned was destroyed.
    Just to say this
    Hummer Blew up on me.
    Cadi Blew up on me.
    22k In pball Gear smashed.
    18k In airsoft gear smashed.
    2k in video cameras smashed.
    360,ps3,xbox,ps2,gamecube, laptop smashed
    tvs smashed
    cutlass vandalized.
    Ipod cut in 2.
    sell phone broken.
    Suits spraypainted
    Lost my health insurance When I dropped out
    Yeah March First was a great day yeah got all the final cost back and such of everything broken.
    So yeah I had to drop out of school since my cars all died :)
    Even was homeless for a few nights. I even had to live in the armpit of america for 2 weeks....Warwick Rhodeisland.
    Got so bad I had to pawn my twister custom for 3 days till I could get paid I even had to pawn off my highschool class ring for 2 weeks......
    So what else happened yes there were cops.
    but yeah first was the all the vandalization (we knew who did it. Then I was driving around in my cadi it caught fire in the same place the hummer did so the police investigated the hummer fire and yeah apparently I should of died so im pretty pumped about that.
    But yeah angered someone by defying them. I really really really honestly dont want to get into the personal crap of what happened though the courts have smilied upon me once more.
    Cant technically get into the court stuff because we are still in court over this ill just say that.
    I finaly broke and bought a hybrid 2 actually was gona get a charger daytona edition but 4+ a gallon nope I u(sed my first instalment of reperation money for that).
    Prius and Hybrid Camry, also hummy and cadi are fixed. Also bought a yamaha and a gokart for fun times.
    Probably wont be online that much since my house is furnitureless currently and I dont have internet in it yet.
    Also im the Vicepresident of a good business ill also be returnin to school in the fall. Also I might be going to the Acedemy to become a full fledged Police officer instead of Aux.
    Um yeah so pretty much Im quitting Airsoft and Paintball when you spend more than half your life building the collection of your dreams and all you have left is a few guns it kinda ruins your perception of things yeah so ill go to scenarios but thats it.
    Not gona lie if you people saw the police crime scene pictures most of you would ball your little eyes out they even put my in protective custody because I was very upset when I saw one of my PPS's hacksawed in half then beaten with a hammer.....
    But in the long run Ive ended up on top.
    expext a big parts sale in broken/Semi broken paintball guns within the next few weeks.
    but yeah it was great such a great time had so much damn fun during the entire ordeal im extremely happy that its almost over and done with. I might become a regular on this again but I got a new flame in my life and when Im not working or falling off my dirtbike im with her so yeah just a heads up on wear ive been for the past few months.
    anyways see ya around



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    02 Jul 2007 - 21:12
    I support Capone5!
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    13 Jun 2007 - 12:29
    Are you still with us?
    get back to me Berger from Conn Comandoes is asking about the XO spot
    Steeel Reserve
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    05 Jun 2007 - 22:28
    Kind of random how you got de-modded. Whatever.
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    Delta Red Fox 

    26 May 2007 - 15:21
    Thank you for your support…
    Delta Red Fox
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    09 May 2007 - 12:19
    Hmm. This comment thing is pretty sweet. Like myspace, but for nerds online who are addicted to SOP!
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    Epic Change 

    17 Apr 2007 - 08:14
    I tried to Pm you, and thats what it said.
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    16 Apr 2007 - 10:17
    He capone, you need to empty your inbox, its full
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