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  1. Odds and Ends

    15 June 2012 - 01:05 PM

    You pay first, then I ship.
    I pay shipping.
    We work through PayPal.
    I'm not very keen on trades so unless it's a great trade, I'll probably say no.
    Discounts for buying multiple items (you're saving me on shipping costs!)


    Item 1: A-5 Egrip w/APE board ($40 shipped)

    I got this from somebody else. I know the board lights up but I can't guarantee it works. Something tells me that if it worked flawlessly that it would be on my A-5 instead of my R/T. Includes everything shown.

    Item 2: JCS Folding Stock for a 98C ($25 shipped)

    Item 3: JCS RVA for a 98C ($10 shipped)

    Item 4: Rocket Cock II ($10 shipped)

    Item 5: Special Ops A-5 FlatTop Rail ($5 shipped) - I think it is supposed to come with 3 screws, I only have 2.

    Item 6: Tiberius Arms Tac8 Magazine, Modified to Run on Remote Line ($10 shipped)

    ***Whole Package: $70 shipped***

    I think there a few other items in the pictures, I still have most of them lying around. If you want one give a shout and we'll work something out.
  2. Misc. Items - Old Gear Priced to Sell!

    20 July 2009 - 07:13 PM

    1. All prices are *FIRM* - this stuff is severely discounted and I won't lower the price any more.
    2. All prices *include* shipping and paypal fees. Therefore many items priced at 10 dollars or so are *only* covering those fees. Essentially free.

    Link to Picture of Assorted Gear

    Listed Clockwise From The Top:

    Stock A-5 Hopper - $10
    Modified Hopper [Felt Lined for Stealth] - $10
    14" Dye Ultralite / Gloss Black / A-5 Threads - $40
    8" Thunder Pig / Gloss Black / A-5 Threads - $10
    8" Stock Barrel / Black / 98C Threads - $10
    12" Freak Back & All American Front / .695 Pink Insert / Black & Navy / Old Angel Threads - $10 [Due to being in bad shape and I'm not 100% convinced the insert will come out]
    98C Foregrip w/Screw - $10
    2 Elite Weekend Armbands / 1 Russian [Red] & 1 Kazakhstan [Green] - $10
    A-5 A2 Foregrip w/Screw [no nut] - $20
    98C JCS Folding Stock w/RVA - $35
    Tac8 Magazine set up for constant air via remote line - $35

    A-5 E-Grip w/New WAS Board & JCS Trigger - $45
    BROKEN! There is one missing/wrong spring in the trigger frame and when all the pieces worked and moved I couldn't get it to trip my sear/hammer. *but* the WAS board is brand new so with a tiny bit of know how and a spring, you should be able to fix it. Being sold *AS IS*!
    Posted Image

    SpecialOps A-5A2 Kit w/Longbow Stock - $70
    Minor wear from use. Perfectly functional and comes with all pieces needed to install [the nut is not shown in the picture, but it *is* included]
    Posted Image

    For the smaller pieces I'll deal with you on lowering the price if you buy several items.

    Let's get this stuff sold!
  3. Shado's WTB/WTT Thread

    14 July 2009 - 08:15 PM

    These are all items I'm interested in purchasing in the near future or would consider trading for the things I have. If it's *not* on this list I don't want it! Exceptions to this rule are if they are strongly in my favor and/or extremely discounted.

    Items Bolded and Asterisked are items highly desired. I want these things. Give them to me now.


    1. I'm mostly looking for rental-level packages. Stuff to throw together for new players or players without their own gear. Low level masks, markers, hoppers, and tanks. I prefer stock ProCarbines but I'll look at anything. It has to work though - I have enough broken guns as it is.

    A-5 Gun Parts/Upgrades:

    1. Cyclone Upgrades [Ratchets, QEPH's, Paddles, and Rods] - I perfer Lapco's stuff but would look at TechT's.
    2. *Response Trigger* [Esp. if you have 1/8inch "Super RT" hoses]
    3. Hogs Den "Tusk" Trigger
    4. Hogs Den "Pig Skin" grips
    5. JCS Red Powertube
    6. TechT Zero-Kick Hammer
    7. Miscellaneous A-5 Parts [steel screws/thumb screws, metal cocking handles, etc.]
    8. *SpecialOps Mag to ASA Kit*
    9. A-5 Valve

    Other Gun Parts/Upgrades:

    1. Barrels/Barrel Kits - Old Angel Threads [LED through G7]
    2. ICD ProMaster Trigger
    3. Cheap Autococker Threaded barrels.


    1. Grillz Lens - Mirror Gold
    2. Mid-level mask in green or black [No JT masks]
    3. Low Pressure air tanks [smaller sizes are more desirable]
    4. *Pinokio Hopper* [any color]


    Things I have to trade away:

    98C ACT w/"machine gun" ups [barrel, shroud, crank, cyclone]
    ICD ProMaster w/custom grips
    Angel G7 [heavy wear/scratches in annodizing and it's missing the bolt]
    Broken E-Grip
    SpecialOps A5-A2 Kit w/Air-Thru Longbow Stock
    Eggy 3
    Halo w/rip drive [not sure about the internals]

    I also have several random things. Armbands from Elite Weekend, several A-5 barrels [Ultralite, stock, thunderpig], some other stuff I'll have to look for. Check out my thread in the Miscellaneous section for the full list.

    This list will be updated on a regular basis!
  4. 98C ACT w/ups

    13 July 2009 - 06:38 PM

    I'm testing the waters a bit here. Want to see if I get in takers on this.

    What I've got is a 98C with the Anti-Chop Technology [ACT] with the following upgrades:

    Cyclone Feed System [X7 hopper for lower profile]
    APP Rubber Foregrip
    Rocket Cock II
    J&J 12" Ceramic Barrel
    Lapco Air-Cooled Machine Gun Shroud
    Firestorm Crank

    Nothing too fancy, but I love the way it looks and the crank gives it an awesome feel. I was planning on buying a SAW stock for it to really stabilize the marker while cranking away but I got distracted by other projects.

    A few small kinks:

    1. Cosmetically, the air line that powers the cyclone is brown, instead of black. This was due to the fact that I had planned on painting the marker at a later date and brown would have matched the new paintjob much better. Functions just fine, but now the rest of the marker is black.
    2. The power tube just cracked. The stock ones are dirt cheap and even nice metal aftermarket ones are only 20-30 dollars. If no one buys the gun within a few weeks or so, I'll buy an aftermarket power tube and fix the problem.
    3. The J&J has small cosmetic damage where the shroud screws hold onto the outside of the barrel. It in no way affects performance and you can't even see them with the shroud installed.

    The marker is practically new and has less than... I'd say 2 cases max put through it. All the upgrades are in great condition. Buying all this stuff new would run you north of $250. I'll sell as is for $180 shipped and paypal'd. Marker will come partially disassembled [cyclone, crank, barrel etc. will be detached]

    New Price: $140

  5. WTB A-5 Trigger Frame & Receiver Halves

    01 March 2009 - 08:19 PM

    The title says it all. I need at least 1 A-5 Receiver half, 2 would be great. I also need a trigger frame [the entire inner workings] for an A-5. I'll look at E-Grips as opposed to the standard semi-auto trigger frame but I don't really want to spend too much.

    Thanks for looking!



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