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The Silent Hill
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    NZ bush pig 

    25 Apr 2007 - 12:14
    LOL the decided against the farting tax cause the prime minister realized everytime she spoke she was of had to pay tax..lol.yeah auckland's ok mate buit the country is way better,i lived out west auckland for 23 years its the better part of auckz,bush,beaches,wildlife
  2. Photo

    NZ bush pig 

    25 Apr 2007 - 03:36
    anything you wanna know about New Zealand (your other homeland)Sweet as mate :o)
  3. Photo

    NZ bush pig 

    25 Apr 2007 - 03:34
    well mate if your mum's a kiwi so are you :o)as for me i live in auckland but come from a place called whakatane,i dont know if this is the right place to put this..but oh well lol..i started playing paintball back in 86 87 or so..just for fun but we used to shoot each other with bb or slug guns b4 that..lol its all we had,mate if you like just leave me a pm or something anything you wanna kno
  4. Photo

    NZ bush pig 

    24 Apr 2007 - 15:11
    yes i am a kiwi,lived in new zealand all my life ,there's alot of paintballer's over here and airsoft games are picking up as well,I play mainly bush but like speedball as well,I've been looking into airsoft games as well,anyways have a nice day and have fun on the feilds joker.
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