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  1. OK Company Paintball Community

    25 October 2009 - 07:06 PM

    Hey All!

    With winter approaching, we know many players go into hibernation. Due to the lack fields staying busy or bad weather, our beloved sport of paintball seems to die out in certain times of the year.

    For those of you who are local to Portland, Oregon, it doesn't have to be this way. OK Company paintball community (www.okcompanypaintball.com) plays year round, rain or shine. Last year in 08' we slotted 42 weekends of play with three or four snow games!

    Our community is full of avid scenario/woodsball players who are lucky enough to play on private property. We host numerous large scenario games throughout the year, averaging one a month and have pick up games the rest of the weekends. We attend large events at other local fields to support the scene and are sure to help out our local shops.

    We are an adult community who use paintball as the centerpiece to make friends and share some laughs. We play the sport the way it should be, honorably, tactically and most of all for fun.

    We have done a great job of taking pictures and action footage of us, so please, come visit our site and check us out. (www.okcompanypaintball.com).

    If Portland is too far for you to visit us, come say hi on our busy forums. We love a little debauchery and discussions of all things paintball.
  2. Full Clip Tac Vest with pouches

    19 June 2009 - 12:33 PM

    I'm getting out of the sport so I'm selling my Tac Vest from Full clip. This vest works great with MultiCam and Omnipat. It is a Full Clip combo rig that has the full vest back and chest rig front. It comes with the capacity and pouches to hold 6 pods of paint and it also comes with 2 grenade pouches, an ID pouch and a radio pouch. This vest direct from Full Clip or a reseller costs over $400 retail but I'm parting with mine for $90 shipped. The pouches aren't shown in these photo's because I don't run with them on my vest bu tI do have them and they will be included.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  3. Bob Long MTac Stage 2 for sale! Free S&H

    01 June 2009 - 11:57 AM

    I'm getting out of the game of paintball as I am having to move to another state of my gear is up for sale. This is for the marker and the hopper is extra if you want it. I don't take paypal because of the moving situation but I will take a Money order or a check(items will ship when check clears). This marker has only been used in 2 games and has had approximately 2 cases of paint put through it. I am asking $800 for the marker shipped and it will come with lube, manual, marker, stock barrel and a 12 in SLY carbon fiber barrel with 3 backs. I will throw the hopper in for another $100. The hopper is a black Dye Rotor.

    This marker works like a dream and I am EXTREMELY disappointed to have to get rid of it but moving and the economy has dictated it. PM me if you are serious about the marker and I will give you verification information or a way to contact me so we can talk about the marker and answer questions before a purchase is made.

    Posted Image
  4. OK Company presents "Post Apocalyptic Now" Dec 7 2008

    11 November 2008 - 01:03 PM

    Posted Image

    Well folks, OK Companies Flagship for the month of December has arrived. A scenario though up by one of our own (OKC's Captain A), "Post Apocalyptic Now" is going to be one hell of a paint fest.

    Conditions are the norm for this event; 18 and older only, bring your own paint/air (Oregon Paintball will be present as well). Individuals and teams are welcome. Please contact Murdoc at okcompanypaintball.com with further questions.

    "War is inevitable, but the horrors that have sprung from this last great war were unimaginable. News from the East Coast is spotty at best, some say that it was Iran, others North Korea, and others still claim it was the Russians. Whomever launched that first nuclear strike nearly ended it for us all. Nations reacted quickly, some sending their missiles into the air, even those nations whom we thought didn’t even have nuclear capability. The resulting fallout sent the world into a nuclear winter the likes we have never seen. Technology was snuffed out from the powerful EMP burst from nuclear missiles exploded in atmosphere. We were sent back into the stone age.

    The government shattered, many never heard from again. Order did rise, but it came from a source thought to be more about anarchy than order – local militias. These groups sprung into action, gathering supplies and people, taking them to their refuges in the wilderness. Time passed, grudges were born, and war began anew.

    This war does not take place in distant lands or remote locations. Rather, this war is happening in our own backyard. The fate of this land is in our hands. Once we were brothers and friends, now we fight as enemies for survival. The storm is upon us, and only one will be declared the victor.

    The latest OKC scenario event takes it to a whole different realm. We are not fighting in foreign countries or distant times, rather our own back yard is the setting for this campaign. Brother against brother, friend against friend who are struggling for survival and domination in Post Apocalyptic Now!

    The lovely northwest winter will be the setting for this nuclear fallout, and come December 7th, one group will be declared the master of the land. Join the Oregon Defense Force or the United Liberation Front in their battle for domination. There are some fantastic missions planned with some interesting twists that will make this scenario event one to remember. Set your calendars, grab your warm clothes, and get ready to rock!"

    OKC looks forward to seeing you all this winter for one crazy day of paintball!
  5. Operation: Blood Meridian 10/26 Ok Company Field

    17 October 2008 - 08:04 PM

    I've had the opportunity to play alongside this group and they are a standup group with a good field. If you can give them a holler and make it out to the game!!


    On Sunday the 26th of October, Ok Company will be hosting it's monthly scenario paintball game. This event is free. Bring your own paint/ air, etc. Oregon Paintball will be there supplying everything at a discounted price and $5 all day air if you wish to purchase at our property. This a strict 18 years of age and older event. http://www.okcompanypaintball.com

    1965. Communism is on the horizon and the smell of napalm in the air. A civil war, is about to get a bit uncivil. One nation is divided; Vietnam. In a country that’s 128,066 sq miles, 40% of which is hills and highlands, a line now divides the land; this line is to be known as the, “Blood Meridian”. Northern Vietnamese forces are pushing south. Southern Vietnamese forces are barely holding the line. America feels the expansion of Communism knocking at their door and fear sets in. An immediate deployment of ground troops is launched to aid the efforts of S. Vietnam. Sunday, October 26th, at 8am, the Ok Company field will become the dense jungles of Vietnam. Our troop will venture back to put the past to a test. Will Northern Vietnam retain victory? Or will United States and South Vietnamese forces change history? We are in search of three qualified Generals to lead; N. Vietnam (Vietcong), S. Vietnam and the United States. Applicants are to be experienced paintball players and either; 1) Part of our community or 2) Leader of a scenario team. Please contact Murdoc (via private message) on the OK Company forums if interested. This is an 18 yrs of age or older event. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE drug policy. We will be collecting canned goods that will be donated to a local charity so please check your cupboards for any canned goos that you can part with. You must let us know if you intend to come. A role call list will be kept in the upcoming events thread at okcompanypaintball.com . For more information, please visit the upcoming events portion of our forums. There you will find the respective link to this event. Let us know if you are interested in coming out!




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    15 Sep 2008 - 19:06
    Trip I want your MINI!
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