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Topics I've Started

  1. JT Evolve

    18 August 2008 - 09:38 PM

    Well, I'm looking through low-budget paints and I came across JT Evolve. The guys at Modesto Extreme paintball said it was shooting good at their field so I decided to give it a try. I was a bit skeptical I with it being really cheap ($34) and that it was JT paint. I had some right to be skeptical since when I opened the box there was some oil in ALL of the bags. In one bag there seemed like a ball break as well. I wiped two bags of paint using TechPB's towel method. The balls still felt a bit oily ,but got them as clean as possible. Now I still had about 700 rounds of Draxxus Midnight so I only shot about one hopper full of the new paint. From what I could tell this paint was as accurate as the Draxxus Midnight. I could hit a pole across the field in around 3-5 shots. That's good enough in my book. No one is gonna be further away then the fields length. I also did some drop tests with this paint and some draxxus triumph. The JT evolve broke every time.
    -No dimples
    -Cheap ($34)
    -Breaks good

    -Bag break
    -You gotta clean the balls to get them good ,but once you do its great
    -White fill. (This is an opinion really)

    Well times are tough and I got plenty of time to clean some paintballs. I would definitely try this paint again. For $34 bucks it shoots well. I'd probably buy this paint again once I try some other low-end paints. I'm experimenting to find a cheap paint that works and this seems like it.
  2. Draxxus Midnight

    26 July 2008 - 09:29 AM

    Well I bought a case of draxxus midnight and shot around 1400 rounds when I played at venture. My review is very scientific though ,but it more a list of my experiences with this paint.

    Small Seam
    -All the balls were perfectly spherical
    -No breaks in bag
    -No breaks in barrel (I'm using a Lapco Bigshot)
    -No bounces

    -Really bright marble like orange/yellow shell. Not really a con ,but if you trying to be stealthy the paint's bright color might give your spot away.
    -I did have a break in my pod, but I think that was due to me packing them in to hard, and by slightly sitting on my pack during a game.
    -Small bore, I've read that Draxxus midnight had a .683 bore. It shot fine though in my .689 bigshot barrel.
    -I can buy Draxxus Xball bronze for same price

    For $40 a case this stuff is pretty darn good. I had 5 bucks off when I bought it so it was an even better deal. Compared to visible impact (my other paint I used before) this stuff is way better. If you have some at your local paintball store go and try it out. I'm going to buy some Xball bronze to compare performance though since they are the same price for me.
  3. E-grip's broken. D:

    23 July 2008 - 07:36 PM

    Well, I was changing modes with my turn style e-grip and I stripped the screw that changes modes. So, now my egrip is stuck in semi-auto which makes it useless. D: . I tried using a trick by heating up my scewdriver and melting a new slot into the switch. It melted and I waited. When I turned it it stripped again! I was like, "what is the stuff made of!? clay!?". Also after messing around a bit more the batter terminal came disconnected too. *palmface*. So I'm pretty bummed out about that. I may try to buy a new soldering gun (my old on is lame, it doesn't heat up right) and find a replacement switch for the egrip. I would also have to resolder the battery connections.

    Well at least my a-5 still works. I never really use anything ,but semi-auto anyway. I stilled liked having the option of having 3shot,full auto or response. Oh well. I'll think of something.
  4. Idea for painting masks.

    10 July 2008 - 11:14 PM

    Well I've been reading that when masks flex the paint chips off. Now my other hobby is R/C and I airbrush the lexan bodies that go on my trucks. The paint I use bonds with the plastic and doesn't flake off when you flex the bodies. I think that this type of paint may be the solution for painting masks. I will eventually try it out ,but has anyone else tried this idea.

    EDIT: Pictures are up. I'm also uploading pics of the completed mask.
    Edit2: Could mod add in the title that the pics are up.
  5. New hopper for A-5

    10 July 2008 - 10:44 PM

    Awhile ago I broke my hopper's lid on my a-5. I super glued it on ,but its starting to come off now. I'm taking this as an excuse to buy a new hopper :P. Now there is mainly 3 hoppers I'm looking at. The Richochet hopper (which seems like it may have some problems), the X-7 hopper (haven't really checked reviews for it) and the 32 degrees hopper. Which hopper would you guys reccomend. I'm kind of biased to the 32 degrees since I liked the hopper from them I have on my 98C.


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