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  1. In Topic: Monsterballs

    04 September 2008 - 09:51 PM

    It sucks getting hit with it. It always bounces ,but hurts. A lot. The fields I now play at have banned monsterball. They said it might be cheap ,but why put a price on someone's life. (apparently someones lens broke when it got hit with monsterballs. The dude is okay though.) So yeah. Monsterballs are not cool stuff to use.
  2. In Topic: So I was offered an interesting trade.

    04 September 2008 - 09:48 PM

    Do it. Unfourtunately A-5's don't resell at a high price. Dm6's are nice though. I've shot one and I can say its nicer than my a-5.
  3. In Topic: Do you play with gloves or bare handed?

    04 September 2008 - 09:46 PM

    I mostly play barehanded. Otherwise I use some old chopper gloves when I'm in the woods. I think I might get some gloves. I got some pretty nasty hits in my hand and I sick of pulling splinters out.
  4. In Topic: JT Evolve

    01 September 2008 - 08:32 AM

    Update: September 30th

    Well last Saturday I used only the JT evolve. I could shoot most targets if I had a good view on them. One time though I moved up the dorrito side tape and had a good view of a player in the carwash. I shot around six shots and all of them curved. Now It was pretty windy Saturday. Not gusty,but a strong breeze. Also ,while I was messing around before a game, I shot a paintball and I swear it did a loop or curved up or something crazy.

    It seems like one out of every 7 shots has some weird curve to it. I think that some of the curve is from the wind, also I squegeed my barrel ,but it seemed like there was some residue inside. I lost my barrel swab so I couldn't effectively clean it out. The reason I wanted to clean my barrel was that I was laning and I thought I saw a ball break inside my gun. After the game the barrel was pretty clean ,but it had that residue. I think I can thank my Bigshot barrel ability to shoot through breaks here.

    Another thing was that sometimes I'll shoot at someone and they will call themselves out and your like "hey, I hit'em". This is because the white fill is hard for the shooter to see. If you get shot by it you can notice it,but sometimes if your shooting it you can't see if it broke on someone.

    So now a pro's and con's

    Bright Shell (pearl blue/white)
    Few bounces ( I had one bounce off of this guys puffy hair)
    Fairly straight for the most part

    White Fill
    I had one barrel break
    You get a curve ball every once in awhile (it always happens when your actually aiming at someone ,but that probably my luck)
    Some oil in bags (read first post).

    Well believe it or not after another day of speedball I still have a half case left. I guess I'm conservative. I was getting people out ,but only used half a case the whole day. (my friends were like "I feel like I waste paintballs"). Anyways this means I can go and get a third day of use and fine tune my review.
  5. In Topic: JT Evolve

    25 August 2008 - 09:48 PM

    I'm going out this weekend and I will be shooting only this paint. I opened the other two bags and cleaned them out. One bag had no oil. One had a "ball break" The ball looks like it got sealed halfway or something. Its not broken, but it looks squished.

    Well I cleaned all the paint and I will post back how it performs this weekend.


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