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  1. Ballistic Research Sale: Markers, Parts, Loaders, Tanks, USMC Issue

    04 January 2014 - 03:40 PM

    Okay gents. Im doing some ballistic research on the First Strike rounds (drag curve and dispersion models whaaa!?) and it aint cheap - as in I'm a couple hundred in the hole and still have a few hundred to go. So I'm cleaning out the old gear closet and selling off some of the non-vital gear I've collected over the years to help offset the expenses.


    All gear is priced according to either, recent ebay completed sale averages, 50% off current retail, and/or minimum worth-the-effort-value (eg. $5 for some stock replacement parts). Final prices are modified within reason according to condition, cosmetic or performance based upgrades, and the like. Where appropriate, all items have been tested and found to be in working order - the markers have been stripped, cleaned, and lubed prior to testing. I check my forum updates generally in the morning and sometimes in the evening, so expect replies around then.

    The prices do not include shipping and please read the descriptive information under the picture or heading of the item(s).


    The phrase "Used and Abused" refers to items that have non-minor cosmetic damage. They function fine, but arent as pretty as they once were.

    Ill be editing the listings as I go to reflect successful sales, updated info, improved pictures, rearranged package/equipment offerings, new equipment, etc.


    Posted Image
    The Good Ion (vs the junker parts ion listed later) = $69

    Posted Image
    SP-1 w/ G1 Body & Virtue Board = $150

    Posted Image
    Tiberius T9 w/ Ranger Add-Ons & Case = $180


    Posted Image
    Out of Hydro Tanks:
    3 20oz CO2 = $5 each
    2 Steel 48cu 3000psi HPA = $15 w/ PMI Reg and $20 w/ Ninja Reg
    Carbon Fiber 68cu 3000psi HPA = $30


    Posted Image
    Halo V35 w/ Quick Disassemble Hybrid Shell = $50
    Halo V35 = $40
    Evolution 3 = $30
    VL Force = $10
    Gravity Fed = $5
    Stock Halo V35 Board = $20

    Q-Loader Package = $100 SOLD
    6 Q-Pods
    2 Cranks
    2 Mounts (circle clamping and bracket)
    60° Elbow
    90° Elbow
    Extra Pod Cap

    Posted Image
    Standard and Pocket Sizes = $1 each

    Marker Parts and Fittings-------------------

    Posted Image
    Ion Parts and Accessories
    Stock Board from Shocker-Repair = $20
    Low-Rise Locking Feedneck = $10 SOLD
    QEV = $10
    Eye Board = $10
    Replacement Hoses/Screws/Pins = 1$ each
    All Other Stock Parts = $5 each w/ discounts for multiple parts (including the damaged frame - if you have the means to retap the gauge port)

    Posted Image
    A5 Parts and Accessories:
    A5 Stock Hopper = $5
    A5A2 Foregrip = $20
    A5 Collapsable Stock = $20
    Cyclone Feed System = $30
    A5 Squishy Paddles = $10
    A5 Adapter w/ Autococker Threads = $5
    All Stock Parts = $5
    98 Feedneck = $5
    98 Main Drive Springs - of various strengths = $5 (for the lot)

    Posted Image
    SP-1 Parts and Accessories:
    SP-1 Stock Adapter = $10 (its pictured with some rough machined aluminum in it, which will be removed prior to shipping)
    SP-1 Stock Board = $25

    Posted Image
    Misc Parts and Accessories:
    Used and Abused DBN Angled ASA Adapter = $10
    Used and Abused CP Reg = $25 SOLD
    ASA (straight but w/ and adapter for angled use) = $10
    Black Anodized 90^ Elbow Fitting = $5


    Posted Image
    JJ Cermaic w/ Autococker Threads 13" = $20
    Smart Parts All American Back and Freak Front w/ Impulse/Ion Threads 14" = $35
    Hammerhead Barrel Fins w/ Autococker Threading in .686 and .688 = $15 each

    Tactical Accessories-------------

    Posted Image
    2 Tiberius Arms Sight Risers = $10 with all four side block, $8 with just two (they can interfere with throw levers)
    Folding Foregrip = $15

    Uniforms and Other Soft Goods-----------

    Posted Image
    I wore these during the end of my enlistment. They come in either garrison condition, working condition, or field condition. Garrison is for uniform items that have little to no wear. Working condition represents minor wear. Field condition represents non-minor abrasions/tears that do not effect the function of the garment - these are also the items used in field training. Most (all) wear is on the outer panel of the shooting knee (meaning that there is a second layer of camo fabric underneath them, so the abrasion only shows more camo fabric) or in the crotch. All items are medium-long except where listed.

    I have, remaining:
    Woodland Blouse in Garrison Condition = $60
    Woodland Trouser in Work and Field Condition = $50 and $40 (respectively)
    Desert Blouse in Garrison Condition = $60
    Desert Trouser in Field Condition = $40
    Medium-Regular Desert Trouser in sub-Field Condition = $35
    Small-Regular Desert Trouser in Garrison Condition = $60

    Posted Image
    PCS Woodball Camo Jersey SM = $25

    BT Woodball Camo Pants SM 28-34in= $40 SOLD

    Posted Image
    TacGear Marpat Vest w/ Accesories = $40
    4 Molle Pod Pouches
    1 Molle Tank Carrier
    1 Bada** American Flag Patch on said Tank Carrier

    Posted Image
    Tru-Spec Brand Woodland MARPAT-style Blouse Small-Regular w/ Old School Rolled Sleeves = $20

    Posted Image
    Tru-Spec Brand Woodland MARPAT-style Pants Small-Long w/ Busted Cargo pocket Seam = $15
  2. M98 Longbow Airthru

    26 April 2010 - 03:15 PM

    Looking for a TIPPMANN/SPECOPS - M98 LONGBOW AIR-THRU STOCK. PM me I may not have a high post count but I am on everyday.

    LCpl Wiggins USMC
  3. Tactical Vest Accesories

    19 October 2009 - 11:53 PM

    I'm looking for the following:

    (2) 2+1 Molle Pod Pouches
    (1) Horizontal Tank Pouch
    (1) Radio Pouch
    (2) Grenade Pouches
    (1) Small Utility Pouch
    (1) Integrated Sling

    Preferably in Olive Drab or Woodland Digi, but other styles are welcome (I suppose I can do some custom sewing or something).
  4. Unconventional Q-Loader

    12 June 2008 - 04:26 PM

    I asked this question on the Q-Loader forums but it doesn't seem to be getting much traffic. I wanted to know if anyone has ever seen a Q-Loader mounted so that, without any tubing, it feeds directly into the feedneck and points back? And more importantly if anyone knows how to do this.
  5. Saber A-5A2 Barrel!?!

    28 May 2008 - 12:25 PM

    Take a look at this...
    Posted Image
    Its straight off the Spec Ops position website. I adore this barrel and I've been looking for it for the longest time, the closest thing to it that I have found is the C-Series w/ Devastator tip, but it's still not quite what right. If anyone knows what it is please give a shout out so I can stop obsessing.


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