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  1. In Topic: Moati Resigned from National Action Sports/ Spec Ops

    07 July 2011 - 03:13 AM

    In my email this morning:

    Special Ops Paintball, on 06 July 2011 - 11:05 PM, said:

    It is with heavy heart that this email goes out. We all know the ups and downs of Special Ops Paintball over the last few years and we all know that one man, Brian "MOATI" Russel, has done his best to keep the beast alive. Earlier today MOATI announced his resignation from National Action Sports/Special Ops. Staff and retired staff can go to this thread http://forum.special...pic=186337&st=0 to offer thanks and farewells. Forum members can do so here: http://forum.special...0 What does this mean for the forum? We're not sure. We're still reeling from the news. We'll let you know when we do.

    @Moati: I ran a small business for several years and found it both rewarding and frustrating at different times. When the frustrations outweighed the rewards, it was time to shut it down. I can only imagine the events that led up to your departure but hope you find a calling where the rewards outnumber the frustrations. Thanks for the inspiration and creativity over the years. "I love what you've done with the place." ;)

    @Special Ops Paintball: You've built a polished, valued brand with a lot of street cred. Losing a colleague is tough but if you want to keep it going, you've got a lot going for you.
  2. In Topic: I DONT KNOW! AHHH

    16 March 2010 - 06:29 AM

    Purple on black. Tastefully understated, subtle.
  3. In Topic: bashing the trillys

    16 March 2010 - 06:11 AM

    Trilogy's arrived at a time when the market was saturated with low-cost electro-pneumatics like the Smart Parts Ion.

    They are worlds better than either a low-end electro or the typical crap that gets sold beside them: Brass Eagle Blades, the "new" Tippmann 98's made in China, JT Tac-5's and Spyders.

    I suspect they've gotten a bad rap because of both of those facts. Too bad because they're a great little gun for the money. I'd recommend one to someone on a budget, though I'd suggest a used one that hasn't been tinkered with for about half the new price.

    Oh wait, minor necropost here. LOLs.
  4. In Topic: Pistol Primary Discussion

    15 November 2009 - 10:45 AM


    - use food-grade, high-quality 12-gram powerlets; Crosmans suck because they're filled with oil and inconsistently filled with CO2. Mosa's (available online from ICO) and Lelands are the best I've found. The gunk in a bad twelvie will mess with your accuracy.

    - make every shot count.

    My primary is a Redux Duck, a pump action, stock-class marker. It doesn't shoot quickly but, with good paint and an under-bored Freak insert (it's got a 6.25 inch barrel), it's extremely accurate.
  5. In Topic: Best Night Vision Optic for Paintball

    09 November 2009 - 09:17 PM

    You can get digital night vision rather inexpensively these days. Can't give you any brand advice but I've tried one (Celestron or Meade maybe?) which was similar to Gen-3 military but not "tube" based. Picture was awesome - Gulf War CNN good.

    Gen-1 sucks. Skip 'em - just not worth it, the image is so distorted.

    There's no substitute for NVG's if you're serious about night play. "A big spotlight" just gives away your position.