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uuuuuuhhhmmm ......... let me think .............paintball. yeah yeah . u know that sport were u shoot balls of paint at each other. i like that sport.

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  1. homade action ghillie

    26 February 2009 - 12:54 AM

    this suit is designed to be highly mobile, extremely lightweight, and be used in a medium to long range sniping position.

    materials list for full suit:
    1: 4 square yards ( about ) of barracuda net ( 12-15 bucks per sq. yard)

    2: pack of 200 3 inch zipties, colored brown with sharpy ( ties, .95 cents. marker 1 buck) can be substituted for fishing line (any test)

    3: one woodland militay jacket (3 bucks at thrifty store)

    4: one old od green tshirt, marked with brown sharpie and different colored crayons( for a color that wont fade and added waterproof to soak up less water) ( shirt 1 buck clearence at micky army navy, crayons stolen of my future brother inlaw)

    for the jacket i draped the cuda net over the jacket( green side faceing out) and cut a whole for the head. i cut 2 small slits in each shoulder of the jacket with knife and secured cuda net with zipties. then i did the same with the sides and arms. after the whole jacket was covered with one layer of net, i used the extra cutoff patches for color and density upgrades.( note: the cuda net is OD green on one side and brown on the other)i flipped the patches to show the brown side and attached with more zipties.

    the mask was a little trickier. first i cleaned it realy good. i have a profiler mask, and it has 2 vforce logo's on each side, made out of shiney metal. so i dulled the metal down with a fingernail file and then added layers of lacker and this bronze colored goopy stuff. then i made templates of my mask using paper, and then i cut the cuda net to fit the mask. i put 2 layers of net on the mask and ziptied everything in place.

    for the top of the mask i used a peice of net made specificaly for military helmets. i attached it with zipties, so the majority of it hung over the back of the mask and my neck, like hair. and for the lense cover i ziptied regular cuda net on the front part of the helm cover. i made it so that i can flip the net over my lense when needed, all with the flip of my head!!!. it gets snagged 1 time out of 10, so if you see a huge pile of moss doing some heavy metal headbanging it is me with a costume malfunction.

    for the pants i started at the top of the garment and worked my way down. i did the whole front first and then the back. now since pants stretch when you run or kneel, i cut the cuda netting into ractangles and overlapped them ( kinda like midevil plate armour) so as not to rip the net, and then attached with zip ties. i left the crotch and inner thigh area, unnetted because the friction will rip the cuda net to shreds. and again i added the extra scrap netting onto the pants to add density and more color. and as with the jacket i cut the OD green t-shirt into strips and added for more density and color. i also added double zipties on the pants just to be on the safe side.

    for the gun ( MR1 in this case) i ziptied green fabric to the gun first, cuz the black stood out to much. then i added cuda net over the body of the gun. i left the forward and rear grips unghillied because the ghillie gloves would do the trick. to the barrel i did basicaly the same thing for the body, but i added more net to hang down from the gun, and also taped foam to dampen the noise slightly and keep the netting out of the barrel ports. OD green tshirt strips were added as well

    for the gloves, i first sprayed some multi purpose adhesive on the glaves and the netting, then added beads of hot glue. it is impossible to do one whole glove at a time, so start on one side and work you way up.

    my remote has a specops digicamo cover on it. i cut slits along theseam to slide some zipties thru.

    tips: 1:either use a human dummy roughly the same size as the wearer, or take your mesurements and stuff the jacket with old clothes. 2: cut off all unneeded buttons and anything else that will snag the netting. 3: make sure the netting isnt tight to the jacket or else when you bendover or lift your arms you will rip it. 4: and you dont want it to hug to your body to much, considering we are trying to brake up the image of your body. 5: add elastic strips to the suit so that you can add natural vegitation.

    well that about wraps it up. just have fun and be creative.

    well so far the cost of the jacket and mask is about 50 dollars( excluding the buck mask, gun, tank and other equiptment). for more info contact on my email or thu thebattlefrontpaintball.com forums .

    Disclamer. i will not be held liable if someone steps on you due to the fact that you are almost invisible.


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