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  1. Valken 2011 Catalog

    23 September 2010 - 05:54 PM

    Valken just posted their 2011 catalog thought I'd post it.

    My linkhttp://www.valken.com/paintball/valken-paintball-equipment/downloads/2011-valken-paintball-catalog-tourney.pdf
  2. Price qoute

    11 August 2010 - 08:23 PM

    Me and my friends are looking to order some ultralite jerseys. The store only says small and 3x. Were wondering if there available in other sizes. Also wed like to know if we cud get the team name printed on the back and add a velcro Strip for player names. Wed also like to know what the cost per jersey wud be.

    Link to the jerseys
  3. NPPL DC Challenge

    24 July 2010 - 11:28 AM

    yh so anyone going?
  4. Community

    10 May 2010 - 03:51 PM


    So same old same old, no masks no safety. I mean there was like one guy with goggles on (i stress googles not a mask). They all had TPX's i think. the pistols were colored so like they didn't make it look as intimidating as a regular tpx. Which is wierd cause they dubbed the sound to sound more like a real gun. Finally they had a guy, he said he played 3 times a week, and had his own gear. So he pops up, NO MASK OR GOOGLES. that got me a bit bothered, the guy who they say is experienced with nothing. But he did have a tm-15 with a rotor in a glossy red tigerstripe. and it shot fully automatic :facepalm: Two other things, they had people in the trees who they shot out, and they headshotted someone at near pointblank. This just seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Grrr.... im not suprised by this kinda stuff anymore, but it doesnt make me approve of it. in fact it just makes me more angry because even though as a sport were growing, were still not getting anymore respect. If they had one paintballer on set, im sure he wud of slapped the directors upside the head lol.
  5. Can you hack facebook?

    06 May 2010 - 06:54 PM

    grrr... i hate being the "hey can u fix this computer for me" guy. but its even worse when they ask you can you hack Facebook/Myspace/TEH INTERWEBS. So i've just come up with the analogy can you rob a bank? most of them just stare and then walk away :P But i know they mean can you hack X's fbook/myspace. but it severely irritates me they think i can hack a whole multi-millionaire company. besides all for petty reason, i never agree to help them i find it all really stupid to hack someones account, not to mention all the trouble it causes if u get caught. /rant



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