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  1. In Topic: What to Do?

    02 September 2008 - 10:10 PM

    WTH are you playing an outlaw game?

    1. Don't ever pop your head out. Think of it this way, it will help u in every situation. Poping your head over your object will get you shot before you get your gun over... think of it this way... your eyes arent placed on the top of your head. So once your forehead starts sticking out he already sees you before you can spot him. I have done many games where I was overwhelmed by many players and faster guns, where when they charged me I simply charged them, and they would retreat. But this is only a last resort.

    Know the location of your target, shoot blanks into random are where nobody is located where he can't see... he already knows where u are so your position is already blown anyways... This way you can tell his reaction time, and if hes blind fireing... Now for the next part. snap shoot him from 2 locations. DO NOT shoot from where he fired at. and if avaliable, throw a grenade or two.

    2. If hes shooting at you guys, call a ref homie... Mortors and launchers in legal paintball games arent meant to shoot directly at players... they are only aloud to hit vehicles, walls, or the ground... not a player. So even if you guys are all behind a rock, if he shoots that rock, all you behind it would normaly be out in most field rules... (useing rules I'm used to)

    Running out to make him use his single shot could be suacide, as anyone in a 15 ft radius would be considered out... if you have a fast guy who can dive well... use your other guys to quickly snap shoot to distract him for a small second, at this moment use ur fast guy to run out a few feet and make almost a complete circle back behind the rock (if no other cover is around), the launcher guy will be confused by the burst fire and this random guy running out... there for, his aim might be off by a lot, due to panic kicking in. once that round has been fired, he has to take cover and reload, (if hes smart). It takes a while for the person to reload, unless his is simi auto. (yes we have simi auto launchers). quickly use a guy or 2 to burst our fireing in constant movement at a distance from eachother , while your sniper takes his shot... either way, somebody will hit him.
  2. In Topic: I need hep convincing my brother

    02 September 2008 - 09:43 PM

    Look up cheap E triggers. WAS boards are faster, but 15 BPS tend to be the field legal limit, and tippmanns 98 original e trigger normaly only shot 15 BPS max... After that, spec if his tippmann 98 starts to chop... Buy a fast hopper... I prefer the Q loader, but it carrys less paintball but easy to change. also venting the marker will help... your gun will have some blow back that will push the paintballs back up inside the hopper so it will delay when it enters the chamber causeing a chop... some guns are worse than others... look up 98 mods online... minor upgrades will own... the Tippmann 98 isnt limited at all... its just a matter of how much effort you want to put into it...

    My tippmann 98 can shoot well over 35 BPS... the last few times I used it, (and I used crappy paint). I didn't chop one ball... I tested it between legal 15 BPS all the up to full potential... the Q loader did a great job feeding my fast tippmann 98... and all my other many mods helped...

    Don't believe some of these people when they say its limited! Same with your brother... they just fallen into the industries band wagon...

  3. In Topic: Scout

    02 September 2008 - 09:32 PM

    Wow you guys make a position that already exist confusing... How about this. Just adopt the military idea of the scout snipers.

    Look at it this way. The Scout in a sniper team doesnt just point out targets for the sniper to shoot. normaly he carrys a light automatic weapon, and possibly a grenade launcher to give the sniper the back up it needs if the position is blown. And being we are talking about the average small paintball fields. Positions are blown very often, don't even try to lie about how godly you are at stealth when they have people placed from one boundry all the way to the other. They also do recon with the snipers, normaly they call in on radio the position of enemys or other targets. Being you want to keep the sniper as light and conceald as possible, you want them to carry as little ammo as possible, and as little gear... the scout makes up for this.

    This is what I learnd at one game where it was about 40 vs 3 on a fort field.

    Our side of large numbers aginst orders ran into a thick woods where the enemy had already positioned itself. About 3 of us remaind in our position in a fort field. Soon our guys were returning to exit the field rather quickly. Bein it was a 15 min reinsert, we knew we were in trouble. Soon we were being over ran from several sides. If it werent for our defensive position, we would have been slaughtered quickly. We wouldn't dare retreat. If we didn't hold this field, they would charge our side and take our CP before our guys could reinsert. I soon found that my simi auto paintball weapon wasent cutting there overwhelming numbers down quickly enough, they were charging and had plenty of bunkers to hide behind, so for every one player I shot out, 5 more would get by. Soon they were almost at our walls. I was almost aiming completely verticly when I shot at our foes... Needless to say our field was over ran and all 3 of us were slaughtered. Luckly we held on long enough that as soon as they flew passed our location and entered our side, our guys had reinserted and were able to push them back.

    I then fully understood the real differnece between the paintball sniper and a real sniper... A real sniper can distant itself from the real action, and still effectively take out targets that could change the tide of the battle... Paintball snipers distances are relativly the same as a walk on with a beat up hand me down. Real Snipers can effecivly go behind enemy lines without being spotted due to better training and wider ranges. Paintball snipers often lack the training, and have a shorter range where they can move.

    Real rifle bullets are of course comparebly accurate to a paintball, paintballs will fly anywhere a 1 MPH wind wishes to push it.

    Real Snipers have scouts, Paintball snipers tend to be guys alone pretending to be something they aren't.

    After this battle I then decided it would be wise to place a E trigger onto my paintball rifle. I still use simi auto the most, but when ever i'm over whelmed the e trigger comes in handy. I also decided that SKTs (Small Kill Teams) go hand in hand with Snipers... They can be your scout team for a sniper, the distraction you need to go behind enemy lines, and can distant the enemy away from you quickly no questions asked. But something was still missing, what about when I'm in deep caca, surrounded what then? I needed somebody with a little bit more power and ammo than me to help me along... WaLa A scout...

    So point bein! don't change what a scout is... simply adopt the scout sniper team.


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