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  1. In Topic: Please Post If You Are Expecting Me To Bring You Something At LL4

    19 May 2011 - 01:44 AM

    if you have any molle pouches that can hold 50rd. pods in either black or spec ops digi i'll be at legends friday and saturday with cash in hand :)

    sorry, i know this is for folks who have already asked you for something, but i did post a question about it yesterday in the customer service section of the forum and haven't seen a reply yet(i figure you're all pretty busy right now).

    you might already be on your way by now anyways...

    thanks again!
  2. In Topic: FedEx Blows

    08 February 2011 - 12:43 PM

    usps used to be pretty decent for us, but it's gone WAY downhill lately!

    a month or so ago my wife had a package sent to our address for her business and the post office delivered it to a warehouse 5 miles away. after numerous calls and numerous 'we'll get back to you tomorrow after we research it further'(they NEVER called back) she finally received her package a few days ago. they even asked her one time if she would be willing to drive to the warehouse and look for it herself - WTF????

    my w-2 was sent to me a week ago, but was in a little clear bag with a note about how the post office handles millions of pieces of mail every day....blah, blah, blah. anyways, it was ripped and missing half of it!!!!

    finally, we had snow last saturday(not more than 3-4 inches). i had a item of my mom's sent to me to upload for her(she doesn't have a computer). no delivery, but everywhere else in the city got delivery....AND we had an ice storm earlier in the week where it was called for emergency vehicles only and mail was delivered every day. ended up costing my mom $6 in late fees because i couldn't upload it until mail was delivered monday. i called our 'wonderful' post office and complained just because i couldn't take it anymore!

    sorry for the rant.
  3. In Topic: Texting while walking

    20 January 2011 - 12:05 PM

    seriously......who's she gonna sue? i mean is it the job of the gal at cinnabon to pull her out of the fountain?

  4. In Topic: Pump Discussion Thread V.3

    19 January 2011 - 01:11 PM

    a guy on my team has an od green gargoyle. it looks great in person!
  5. In Topic: Bryce's Blog - "The Paintball Apocalypse"

    19 January 2011 - 01:06 PM

    great post! HIGHLY recommended reading as it's not too long and hits all the major points.

    let me share my thoughts on bryce's '4 horsemen':

    internet - yeah, i buy a lot of stuff online(paintball and otherwise) because i don't like going to malls and i'll admit it - it's fun to get stuff in the mail or hear that doorbell ring when you're expecting something! we have a recently-opened paintball shop not too far from me where the owner is very friendly and helpful. he totally caters to the woodsball player vs. the other shop in town that seems more speedball-oriented. no big deal - to each their own, but i like that he's there for ME.

    i make it a point to buy all my paint from him as it's FRESH and on the way to our practice field. trust me, i work at a sporting goods store and there's no telling how long that stuff has been sitting in a warehouse or in what conditions :o ! money is tight(remember - i work in a sporting goods store :laugh: )so online sometimes gives me a better deal - that and i don't have a car right now, but he gives me something online can't - SERVICE!

    jerks and aggressive - i'm combining these two for space, but i'm glad bryce explained the differences. just because someone is aggressive doesn't make them a jerk! when we are passionate about something it's easy to get carried-away. there's jerks everywhere and most of us know how to deal with a jerk - ignore them. aggressiveness, however, sometimes requires a call-out or pre-warning(ie. 'hey, there's a lot of noobies on the field today - either team-up with them or go easy on them').

    $$$$ - paintball is expensive(just ask my wife!), but most hobbies are. i remember reading somewhere that soccer(football to everyone else) is the most popular sport in world. the reason - anybody can play it for practically no cost! paintball requires some initial investment and routine expenses(paint and air). not to mention entry fees and travel expenses(most neighborhoods won't let you play in the backyard).

    i bring both my markers to every event/practice our team attends - an e-grip x7 and phantom stock-class. why? if you've never had your marker or a friend's go down at an event i'm jealous. also, i've got a soft-spot for pump play(it's how i started) and it keeps me on my toes and stresses the basics - stealth, accuracy, etc. finally, when i'm running low on paint i can just switch to pump and finish-out the day or if i've spent too much on other things a bag of 500rds. will last me all weekend at a scenario(and the next couple practices).

    bryce is right - paintball will never totally disappear. i see lots of little kids everyday at work drooling over our selection of markers and their mommys telling them 'sorry honey, you'll shoot your eye out'. i honestly think it's in our nature to want to shoot each other(i probably fill at least a dozen co2 tanks a day on weekends)! yeah, maybe you won't see as much espn3 late-night paintball, but as long as you keep visiting your local field/shop/big-box retailer we'll survive - just not as FLASHY as before!

    again, great work bryce!


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