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  1. mask ghillie

    10 September 2009 - 03:28 PM

    ok. so basically im going to jump right into it. i recently purchased a new mask and i want to know a good non-perminant way to ghillie it. the mask is a dye invision. i have ghillied a Jt spectra mask before but it had alot of holes in which to put stuff. and the dye mask doesnt. so does anyone have any tips? :dodgy:
  2. flatline barrel

    30 March 2009 - 06:26 PM

    i was just wondering what paint all y'all flatline users prefer. i have a flatline but i dont want to spend lots of money on paint and find out that it breaks in the barrel all the time. so far i use nelsplat presision. if you know the price of the paint please include that as well. :ghillie:
  3. inexpensive ghillie

    03 September 2008 - 01:58 PM

    as the topic says this is the instructions to how i made my ghillie for under $50.
    this is more of a ghost flanker/snagger ghillie because it does not offer the total concealment of a traditional ghillie (snagger= sniper and dagger for those who dont know)
    sorry that i do not have pics but my computer will not upload/download files. (stupid dialup)

    the materials you will need are:
    1. base material- i used my bdu's
    2. needle and thread-yes it is girly
    3. small netting-i used a laundry bag 3ft.x2ft.
    4. spray paint-(green, black, brown, tan)
    5 ghillie material- i used action ghillie left over from my riffle rag/shredded burlap(jute) /fake leaves
    6 zip ties- used left overs from riffle rag

    where to get em'
    1. bdu's-army surplus
    2. needle and thread-local craft/sewing store
    3. netting-wal mart?/$1 store
    4. spray paint-hardware store/where ever you usually get it
    5. ghillie material-spec ops/i had some burlap bags laying around/craft store
    6. zip ties-hardware store

    STEP 1.
    cut the net so it makes 3in.x20in.ish rectangles (you need about 12) - ish means the lenght of your base(sideways)

    STEP 2.
    spray the net with the paint in a camo patern. start with the light colors and end with black. do this because it is easier to paint over tan than darker colors.

    STEP 3.
    once all of the net has dried get your base and lay them horizontaly on the back area so there is about 8in. in between. there will be about 3-5 rows.

    STEP 4.
    sew them on.

    STEP 5.
    repeat on front leaving space for buttons/zipper in front. (i also left my right shoulder bare so my stock would not get caught on the material)

    STEP 6.
    sew the mesh vertically on the outside of the sleeves (and shoulders) so that when you lay your arms at your sides the material will be facing away from your body.

    STEP 7.
    for the pants just add mesh to the front and back(or either side) and horizontally on the butt.

    STEP 8.
    now that the hard part is over, its time to ghillie! use the zip ties to attach the action ghillie to the net so it covers the entire base. i used squares about 9in.x4in. then add the burlap strips by tying them to zip ties or the mesh. last add your fake plants/leaves by zip tying them to the mesh. for the arms i did only the outside, but if you have lots of material you can wrap it around the sleeves. on the front the area around my buttons was bare, i just pull the AG over the buttons and it covers it up really well. also add some ghillie to the side of the shoulder mesh that is facing the front and attach it to the highest peice on the front(repeat on back).

    thats how i did it and it only took about 3 hours of work. if you have any questions or coments please reply.


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