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  1. StealingYerMarkers

    31 March 2010 - 09:47 AM

    Posted Image
    Classic Valve'd Mag

    Posted Image
    06 Borg

    Posted Image

    Thinking about selling the Borg and I suck at taking pictures. I totally forgot I bought a camera a while ago. And this is like the first good picture of my Mag; every Mag needs to be shown off!
  2. Is there any good free noise reduction software? For photos...

    09 January 2010 - 09:54 AM

    Topic pretty much, I need something that can help me improve the quality of pictures taken via phone that have a lot of noise. I'm looking for something free, but I'm also wondering what's recommended that isn't free.
  3. So how bad is it to dry fire a compound bow?

    29 October 2009 - 05:06 PM

    Accidentally dry fired my bow today. I inspected the limbs and the cams by eye and everything is lined up and I see no visible damage to any part of the bow.

    I haven't shot it with an arrow (no targets around here besides stupid people) but it seems to be sound. It laid dormant for two years before I took it out this past Tuesday. Must have shot it close to 40 times after adjusting the poundage on it and it shot fine.

    When I dry fired it, it was pretty FRAGin loud and it knocked all my sight pins off. Should I take it to a proshop or what? The bow string itself and all the cables also look secure, no major fraying or anything that wasn't there before from the woods.
  4. My iPod is crunkin

    04 October 2009 - 06:52 PM

    I have a 120gb Classic iPod these days, and it was synced (happily) to my desktop for about a solid year now. Anyway, back in August my desktop got a nasty virus and I had to delete a bunch of files. Amongst these files, one was a small iTunes data file, but I have no idea what it was.

    Anyway, after this I stopped syncing my iPod. I just didn't feel like doing it -- I had like 70gb of music on it and that was good enough. But recently my collection has expanded by several GBs and I wanted to throw my new tunes on my iPod, so I went to sync it. And surprise surprise, it couldn't sync... or rather it stops syncing once the amount of music on it gets between 3 and 4gbs. So I restored it, and then tried syncing it since I had recently cleaned up my library anyway. This still didn't work, and it gave me several error messages (error -68, -69, -48, 10130 are a few) as well as telling me that the "disk cannot be read from or written to."

    So I gave Apple a call yesterday, asking what I should do and why my iPod won't sync past 3gb of music data (and music is the ONLY thing I put on my iPod). The guy said to reset the iPod, so I did that and the same symptoms still occurred. He then told me to boot the iPod up in disc mode, and try syncing it that way. Still stopped around 3gb.

    The Apple rep told me that the -68 error (only one we discussed) meant that one of my songs was corrupted... riiiiight. At any rate, my iPod was stopping around "Be", so I unchecked all my Beastie Boys songs, and all my Beatles songs. I tried restoring and syncing my iPod and still nothing. Unless my ENTIRE library is infested with corrupted files, then it must be my iPod, right?

    So today I threw 4gb worth of my CDs and my friend's music (basically music that wasn't on my desktop) onto my laptop and I erased and tried syncing my iPod to my laptop, which I have never done before... and I got the same errors, although error -48 seems to come up a lot more.

    So what the hell?

    Anyone else experience this? What else should I do? I'm restoring my iPod, and I'm going to try and sync it to my laptop again... I can't believe this is happening. My iPod is essential to me. Any ideas?

    And all software is up to date, and both systems.
  5. New MacDev Marker... the Clone

    16 September 2009 - 01:53 PM

    Stealing yer topics from PbN:

    James@MacDev;62018669 said:

    Thank you for being so patient and waiting for info on this years new release, a lucky few have had the chance to shoot and fondle this gun during prototyping thank you for keeping your mouths shut (i guess my tough man impersonation worked!) here is the official statement. Detailed info will be forthcoming..............

    The designers at MacDev are proud to announce the beginning of a new era, with a new spool marker model, this time named Clone.

    It has been a long two years since the release of the MacDev new generation spool valve marker - the Droid. During this time, many other companies have released spool valve markers, however to this day, none can match the Droid in terms of speed and air efficiency.

    The new Clone will match and exceed the benchmark set by its 2007 counterpart, and will include an updated style, feel and features that represent everything you have come to expect from a premium grade paintball marker.

    A protoype of the MacDev Clone is floating around at the Paintball Extravaganza (16th September 2009), and Clones will be on show at the 2009 PSP World Cup in Polk City FL.

    Details of the new generation drive and other features will be available on the MacDev website (www.macdev.net) closer to the public release at the 2009 PSP World Cup.

    The first Clones are expected to ship to customers early November 2009.

    Figured I'd post this up even though there's little info available. MacDev is just so win.


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    15 Mar 2008 - 15:23
    Thats awsome man!! ya i would be freaked out with the realization that i might not have an eye to see out of for the rest of my life! but ya your welcome! Glad to hear your feeling better!
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    31 Jan 2008 - 10:12
    Dude I Hope You Get Better!!
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