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  1. In Topic: Germany to ban paintball

    09 May 2009 - 04:00 PM

    well if you are up on your German you can probably find an email address or two on the governmet's web site. By and large they probably don't give a damb what we have to say as we don't vote for them, however if we can make as meany ppl aware of this as possible we stand a chance of getting more people who will be affected to write in, call in, and generaly make a stand. Industry types can have a large infulance unfortunatly in the case of Germany that's going to come largely down to fields and proshops. There are no serious manufacturers of paintball gear in Germany that i'm aware of.
  2. In Topic: Germany to ban paintball

    08 May 2009 - 09:31 PM

    Just found it on slashdot today. I don't read forums much but I posted it a few places that didn't have it before.
  3. In Topic: Germany to ban paintball

    08 May 2009 - 09:21 PM

    In this case aperently the shooter did play paintball at least a few times. The real reason for this ban however is most likely that there is an election comming up in September, they are just looking to grab a few quick votes with somthing that's been in the media lately. If you can talk more housewifes into thinking paintball is the problem then the number of players you will TINKLE off by banning their sport then it's a net gain in votes.
  4. In Topic: Longbow selection

    29 April 2009 - 09:56 PM

    as an owner of a tac-one longbow and a T9 (no longbow kit) and a T8 with a mag extender. I can tell you a few things.. first off... the T9 is MUCH heaver then the tac-one may or may not matter to you.... The mag extenders can't be used in a prown possition even crouched is a bit tight, think hanging another tac mag off the bottem of the grip and you are in the ball park for the lenght... it works great on a pistol but not so much when sholdered, and not at all when you are on the ground. Used Tiberius prices have just taken a hit with the TPX comming out and may take another one once it does as such there are good deals to be had on T9s the tac-one... hasn't dropped in value since it came out basicaly... I just sold off my longbow and when all is said and done after using it for 2 years I made $100 more on it then what I payed. My personal opinion is look at one of those two the ion will be broken every time there's a day in the week, the mag and T9 work all the time. I do like the idea of the 8 round ammo reserve in the t9 though :P Now i got rid of my longbow because the mags PERTURBED me off (not that they were mags I use my T8 or a stock class phantom most times) the designe of the mag makes it aquard to carry, and to swap, the spec ops pouchese are worse still from the stand point that if you hit the ground or lie on the down hill slope the mags fall out because the only thing keeping them in is gravity... My rig is now the T8 with a buch of extra standard mags and a dump pouch on my right hip, I just hold the gun over the opening and hit the relese while my left hand grabs a fresh mag, by the time i get the fresh one out the gun is in possition to load and i can use much smaller bunkers. I can take more ammo on the field with me in the from of 10 round tubes to reload my tac mags then I could in longbow mags. So long story short... if you are set on using a longbow setup... Tac-one in my books, if you aren't then look to the t8 or t9... or put a 50 round pocket hopper on anything you want ;)


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