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Uh....speedball/X-Ball. Chilling at the field with my teammates and co-workers. Being responsible and safe.

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  1. In Topic: "Video response"

    25 January 2011 - 03:44 PM

    I love clean sexy mags. I used to ENVY the hell outta yours Tyger when I used to watch that very video from Castle Conquest! Then I bought/made one myself :D I do however hate the ugly simple mechanical mags...I own super guns as well, even though I appreciate and agree with your argument.

    Speed isn't all that matter in a typical "speed ball" marker though. But don't even debate that area of debatable things, I don't wanna turn this thread into anything, I'm on the good side, not evil.

  2. In Topic: LL IV

    20 January 2011 - 02:23 PM

    I'm not from Canada, or the SE, but LL3 was crazy! Not amazingly awesome if I had been playing as a common infantry person, but since I was an INSANE medic (puked 4 times from running so much :P) I had a blast. I will be super medic again!!! LL4 should be that much better!
  3. In Topic: $1000+ Paintball guns

    18 January 2011 - 06:42 PM

    As a gun whore, I can say this.

    I've owned over 30 markers, I still own my first gun, a 98. Many have owned more than me :P

    -What I have noticed is that, having gone through all of the low end markers, I realized that I wasn't happy with "this" or "that" or the way most of them shot and felt in my hands. There were always little things I had to complain about.

    -I moved on to the mid range markers, and although they were considerably nicer, once I got used to them I got tired of the way they felt and shot. I felt the need to push things further and see how much nicer it might be to own a new high end.

    -I proceeded to buy an EGO 9, and then a GEO+ when it came out. I used both, was unimpressed to move on to a higher marker, and then bought an X-Factor EGOX which I still am rocking.

    I can honestly say that it is the nicest, best feeling marker I have used to date, and I've shot all of the prior EGO's, as well as all of the DM's. I know that the EGO 11 is out now, but the EGOX is the highest end marker I've owned, and is the most satisfying marker for me to use.

    There is a certain, simple satisfaction I gain from using/owning a high end like it.
  4. In Topic: 98 Custom keeps chopping?

    18 January 2011 - 06:27 PM

    You know, if NONE of those already listed fix your problem, I've noticed the J&J's can be REEEALLY inconsistent bore size-wise. I have one that's a .690 and another that's like a .685, both the same generic style of barrel. I've heard this from other players as well. You barrel could be extremely small bored, and your paint that much larger, although studies have been shown that you get the same amount of barrel breaks regardless of barrel bore size, it still could be affecting things if the temp. is colder...? Maybe I'm talking out of my butt.....good luck!

  5. In Topic: Glue for button pad...help!

    20 August 2010 - 05:53 PM

    And thanks for the quick response btw!


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    P.S. You hate cats and have never owned one.
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    12 Feb 2008 - 07:17
    i like your avatar, now you have two comments
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    I left myself a comment...
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