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  1. In Topic: Even though this happened three years ago....

    10 July 2009 - 11:17 AM

    Possible , Considering they (neighbor saw two people enter my house) left behind the back block / bolt assembly that was sitting right beside it ; tells me they had no clue what they were taking other than a shiny paintball gun . They also wiped out my DVD collection , Playstation2 and all games , some cash and a digital camera . From all appearances , they were looking for quick cash . I seriously doubt they would go through the expense of an anno . It maybe parted out by now , but for that to happen , that marker would have to reach the hands of someone who knows what it is .
  2. In Topic: Hammerhead barrels?

    15 June 2009 - 05:25 AM

    I've owned one in the past . Like the Major said , It's just as accurate as all the other highend kits . I didn't like using it on my Tac One due to the body being longer than the fins , threads where real tight in the marker so I was always dealing with the fins being stuck in the body . Very hard to unscrew , the longer you let it sit , the worse it was to remove . I also noticed my shot groupings would be to the right about a foot at 25 yards . That could have been caused by the rifling , but there are other factors that could have played into that as well , I didn't investigate so I really can't make a fair assumption on that . One interesting thing to note , the rifling scores the paintball as it travels down the barrel which causes the balls to break on target easier . Something to consider if you come across thick shelled paint very often . I don't know if the carbon tip will have this same effect though .


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