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Topics I've Started

  1. wtb electro, hpa, and hopper

    14 February 2010 - 10:16 PM

    ok guys i have been out for a while and well i want to get back into playing and i want a decent electro because i like to shoot fast. Ill also need and hpa tank to go along with it as well as a hopper.

    i do not want spyders, tippmans, or any other low end or woodsball type guns.

    I aint got a whole lot of money to spend so i aint looking to get the newest and best thing just something to keep up with most people. Also i dont want something to work on i just want to play


  2. sniper project

    08 October 2009 - 08:54 PM

    alrights boys and girls my truck needs some work so i am putting my ol pump project up for sale ill show you pics then specs

    Posted Image

    alright its an pre 2k with a superbolt frame, custom powdercoated body, custom milled body, matching x-chamber,

    this thing is set up for pump all you need is a pump kit and cocking rod and your good to go, it will come with your choice of a 12" j&j ceramic barrel(pictured) or with a 14" sp progressive

    i am gonna start off by asking $150 obo for it, everything on this gun looks good its pretty much in new shape i just need it gone, and if you want both barrels add $10 and its yours

    i have some feedback on here and mcb i only take MO's and i only ship to the lower 48, any other ?'s please feel free to ask
    you can pm me on here or shoot me an email to t_bone33_05@yahoo.com and ill try to answer any questions as soon as i can.

    thanks for looking,

  3. toyota project sale

    19 April 2009 - 05:51 PM

    so i dont play paintball anymore and my truck needs a new motor and other assorted goodies, so paintball stuff needs to go out the door.

    Ill start off by saying i am gonna put this stuff into categories and throw up some prices, i want to get rid of this stuff so if you dont like my price please offer up anything and i will probably sell it, it NEEDS TO GO

    Co2 and N2O
    2x 20oz co2 tanks in hydro $15 for both

    1x 72/3000 PE tank in hydro $35

    1x JT Proflex its yellow possibly needs new lense and the bottom part has been trimmed down $35
    1x random JT mask $10 or add $5 and you can have it with the proflex

    Markers and Accessories
    1x spyder e99 avant good shape just needs screws for the asa $30
    1x pre 2k cocker body, its custom milled and powder coated all the parts are there would be a great sniper project $40
    1x what i believe to be a 32 degrees slider frame but i dont know for sure, its purple with some milling, i have all the internals except the slider plate the guy i got it from gave me two of the wrong plates which will go with the frame $10
    1x post 2k delrin autococker bolt $5
    1x custom metal stock made for a pgp but i drilled it out to work on any frame just about $5
    1xJ&J ceramic cocker threaded barrel its 12 inches $15
    1x 14inch SP progressive $15

    Packs, Pants, and Gear bags

    1x ratco gear bag $10


    1x small grav feed pump hopper $5

    i only ship within the lower 48 and please add $5 for shipping on smaller items and $10 for shipping on larger items and i do not ship first, and i only take MO's thanks for looking and remember these prices are not set in stone, if you see something you might want tell me what you would pay for it and ill probably sell it to you, and ill send pics on request
  4. wtb pump kit and trigger

    01 March 2009 - 11:59 AM

    like it says i need some kind of pump kit for a pre 2k cocker and a benchmark slider trigger plate
  5. Where have i been

    08 February 2009 - 09:19 PM

    Ok so paintball is not one of my main hobbies anymore but i felt like i needed to stop in and say hey to some of the older guys on here that might remember me and show yall what all i have doing lol

    so i got a honda, thought about ricing it out, quickly decided not too and then i bought another import which looked something like this

    Posted Image

    not very sexy so i got to work lol

    Posted Image

    i am getting there... not

    Posted Image

    little more work and its done

    Posted Image

    Well you cant have a rig like this and not wheel it so i have been wheeling lately

    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    then i got this little turd and he need ALOT of attention but he is a cool trail buddy
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    AND thats really about it, i have took up the hardcore sport of Offroading, its about as fun as paintball plus i get to do it more often


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    12 Sep 2007 - 19:35
    wow, you but my e-cocker in the Hall of Fame, didn't know it looked that good lol.
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