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April 30, 1991
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I play when I can with no store bought equipment. Fighting the corporation and beating them at their own game.

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  1. Looking for a summer job

    23 May 2009 - 05:57 PM

    I'm looking for a part time summer job that involves manual labor and higher pay. My goal is to not work behind a cash register or flip burgers. I'm 18 so no worries on that one. I'm out of ideas to look to.

    So far I have tried landscaping...that's about it.

    Thanks for any suggestions
  2. Some things in life are stupid

    01 May 2009 - 05:28 PM

    Hey specops, long time no see. I've recently become an electronics guru and have been working with wireless triggers and motion sensors in conjunction with my homemade paintball stuff...but that stuff is too hard to actually make practical, so I did this...

    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    The barrel of the gun goes up through the teddy bear's rear, and out its throat. Held on with rubber bands. Two dollar mod that might distract the enemy for that split second you need to shoot them =). I can't unfortunately claim this idea as my own, I saw it on the military channel, but instead they had a cat.

    Good to be back, to the mods dismay ~Scavies
  3. Why I hate playing speedballers

    28 December 2008 - 08:45 AM

    Yesterday's game... I brought some friends to our local paintball field.

    We played most games as us and some other walk-ons vs. some recreational speedballers. Now I know that speedballers have a natural sense of team, so when I tried to get our team to work together, or if I ask for help, no one listened. So every game...

    go go
    I run ahead about 50 yards to a front bunker as fast as I can. I have about 100 rounds. I start trying to cover fire and call my teammates to come up to support and flank.

    100 rounds later. My team is still at the starting bunker and I just got surrendered. The speedballers on the other team, even though none of them knew each other, they were running to each others' bunkers to strategize, leap-frogging, and they owned us both times. Their team had no hits on them...Wow.

    How can I instill this attitude into new players and walk-ons. That unless we work together and get over the fear of getting hit by a paintball, we are always going to get owned? I've seriously considered quitting pb because the same crap happens every time I go to a field.

    Thanks for the tips. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one with this problem.
  4. Need help for playing pistol tomorrow

    26 December 2008 - 02:10 PM

    So my A-5 is broken... It's too cold to use any of my heavy guns with CO2, so all I have left is two automatic pistols.

    I'm guessing my only choice for tomorrow's game is to be super light and fast, since I only have 20 shots before I need to reload. I got that down; I've been a sprinter for the last 4 years and I'm not afraid to dive and stuff.

    Where I need help. I run my pistols constant air on one 20 oz CO2. I have a large 4+1 guppy pack when I play broadsword that can hold it, but it is heavy and bounces, so it slows me down. I also need to carry some extra rounds of paint. And last, my drop leg holster wobbles like mad when I run. So how can I fit these things snug to my body so I can move as fast as I can? Or is there something else that I could rig up tonight that would be more convienient

    Any other tips on being a fast player, since I never really have tried dagger, would be appriciated.

  5. 12 gram constant air adapter

    13 December 2008 - 07:00 PM

    I didn't know where to put this....so here sounded good.


    First off, don't be stupid like me and try to tap one. It is dumb dumb dumb. There is no place for threads to hold on. When I tried it, the MPT shot straight out and put a nice gash across my chest. This dummy has full size threads, so safety is not a problem.

    I'm sure that any ebayer that has an interest in stock or pistol play has seen this.

    Got one in the mail last week. Wonderful product. Great construction.

    But honestly, performance is where it's at. Now on my pistol, I'm getting consistent rapid fire shots and no need to change CO2 cartridges. I've already saved about ten dollars from last week's game by running C/A instead of 12 grams. Of course the remote line is the biggest cost in the set-up, but I have plenty laying around.



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