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  1. So you want to be a Dagger...

    03 March 2011 - 09:50 AM

    In the past, this forum saw a lot of posts asking members what they should get to play the position of Light Rifleman/Front Man/Dagger. In the begining, this question was often answered "buy everything SpecOps labels as 'Dagger'", more receintly, the answer's been "use whatever you want, there are no positions, just play paintball."

    I disagree with both of those answers.

    I believe that everyone has their own playstyle, and, even if they aren't on a team, that they can benefit from the experience of people who's playstyles mirror their own. A person who plays light, fast, and aggressive is a Dagger whether he's on a team or not and his tactics and equipment have different requirements than a player who is heavy, slow, and conservative.

    Right now, I'm going to focus on the gear that, I believe, a Dagger should use. Later on I might get into tactics, but for the present I'm going to just deal with the toys (because, who doesn't like toys?).

    This is the single most important piece of equipment in your gearbag and should be treated as such. Do not skimp on this purchase. You want light, breathable, and comfortable. The lense should be damn near fog-proof and offer an excellent field of vision. My personal preference is the DYE I4 because, to a certain extent, less is more to a Dagger.

    This is the second most important piece of equipment for a dagger. I used to advocate hiking boots before I tried some Inov-8 X-Talon 240s and now I'll never go back. You want light shoes with very high traction for grass and mud. Some claim you need ankle support, some that you don't, I think it's personal preference. I do most everything in shoes with no ankle support and don't have a problem, but I also do a lot of things in the woods that I don't do anywhere else, so I like the support there. I'd reccomend Inov-8s or Vibrams (which is my favorite running shoe).

    Wear whatever is comfortable, and, once again, less is more. Do you need knee or elbow pads? Chest protector? Slider shorts? A jersey? Wear what you need to be comfortable... no more and no less. Two things I will suggest here: knee pads or pants with knee pads in them and something to soak up sweat before it gets into your goggles and/or eyes.

    Most of the time, you don't even need these... you should be fine with a hopper unless you're playing scenario. If you do need more than a hopper, don't worry about a cumbersome vest, just go with a small pod pack.

    Gun Setup
    Ahh... the $35,000 question: What gun should I buy? Sadly there's no single answer for that, what there is is a list of guidelines. A Dagger's marker setup should be:
    - small
    - light
    - and that's it.
    A Dagger does not need high rates of fire or a large air/ammo capacity. He does not need an efficient gun or a quiet gun. All a Dagger needs his setup to be is small and light. With that in mind, I'd suggest a light gun (most modern electros fit the bill nicely), barrel no longer than 12", and tank no larger than 68ci. Pistols and pumps are excellent for a Dagger gun... they're small and light taken to the extreme.

    Just as an example, I'm going to post up what I currently like to play with:
    Mask: Dye I4
    Shoes: X-Talon 240
    Clothes/Pads: old BDU pants, volleyball knee pads, Underarmor jersey shirt (it's like a soccer jersey top), and sweat band
    Pods: If I need them, I have a 300rd pod pack
    Gun Setup: DP Threshold, 10" Fibur barrel, Halo Frontman, 68/4500 tank
  2. Tac8 or TPX Tri-Mag Pouch

    17 February 2011 - 07:21 AM

    I'd like the Tri-Mag Pouch, but with 5 pouches in Coyote.

    Is there a way to do this and, if so, could I get a price and a way to pay?

    Thank you.
  3. "I'm/You're a paintball player"

    31 January 2011 - 02:04 PM

    Anyone else tired of hearing this?

    Anytime someone starts a thread in the Scenario Positions forum, it's filled with smug sounding posts about how either the OP or the person replying is not a (scenario position), but "just a paintballer".

    Wow! Thanks for that insightful post! I had no idea I was a paintballer! :facepalm:

    Like it or not, there are differences in playstyle. I mostly play with a very light setup: an electro, CF barrel, on gun 68/4500, hopper, and maybe up to 300 extra rounds... I've also been known to play with a pistol, some 12 grams, and a few extra tubes/magazines. The point is: the advice I give to a player who considers himself a "dagger" could be invaluable, while that same advice would be worthless to anyone who considers themselves a "hammer" despite them both being paintballers.

    Professional teams have players whose job it is to quickly take ground and make moves (dagger), they also have players whose job it is to stand back, close lanes, and provide suppressive fire (broadsword/hammer), there are also players who do either when the situation demands it (sabre). These tactics are good enough for teams who compete for money and prizes, and I would bet money that a 5-man team that incorporates these tactics will beat any comparably skilled 5 random guys "just playing paintball".

    I'd go so far as to guarantee that no team has ever won a tournament where the game-plan was for everyone to "just play paintball."

    So if you're one of these people that "just plays paintball", then awesome! The Scenario Position forum probably isn't for you, though.
  4. T9.1 drop down stock

    17 August 2010 - 07:56 AM

    So my train of thought is like this: people like the longbow stock because, unlike the CAR stock, it allows for mask clearance, but you cannot run the tank-in-stock option with anything but a CAR stock, so would it be possible to make an adapter to screw into the ASA and drop the tank/stock down a few inches to allow room for a mask when using the sight?

    Here's a very rough idea of what I'm talking about:

    Car Stock Now:

    Car Stock After:
  5. 68 Carbine, Lapco Barrels FS/T

    14 March 2009 - 11:27 AM

    68 Carbine: Old, used, but well cared for.

    2 vertical ASAs and mounting hardware
    No Barrel (8" Bigshot shown)
    $65 shipped

    Can include a 12" Lapco Autospirit (.687) and/or an 8" Lapco Bigshot (.690) Carbine/A-5/X-7 threaded for an additional $35 each or sell them seperately for $35 + shipping.

    Posted Image

    One of my buddies is looking for a new gun, so I'd like to trade for:

    Spyder E-MR1, MR2, or, MR3
    Possibly a SP-1

    also looking for:

    Dye UL tips 10" and 12", black
    Recon 6 or Broadsword vest, olive, medium - GOT IT
    Olive Profilers, Avatars, or Grillz - GOT IT

    Have something I want but aren't interested in a trade? Shoot me a PM with picture, price, and condition. Thanks.



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