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  1. HD Slowmo Video & Happy Holiday TV Spot - Hellfish TV

    17 November 2010 - 09:32 AM

    Recently we completed a TV spot for a local paintball and hobby store, D's Hobbies. When I first heard we were going to get the job I started my typical routine of brainstorming and coming up with concepts and ideas in case the client didn't have one of their own for the commercial.... Mine was going to be a couple of specific spots for key items they stock (RC & paintball). This spot was going to start with a guy being asked by his wife or girlfriend "honey what do you want for christmas" and then cut his daydream paintball sequence of him going down the street through the town at HDS and shooting every bad guy that comes at him with duel pistols (all to the tune of xmas music).

    Turns out D's already had something in mind for what they wanted. So while we were out at HDS shooting a scene for the commercial I convinced the guys to stick around a little longer and help me shoot the idea I had so I could edit it for the hell of it.

    From there it turned into 2 videos because while editing and using some new slowmo software I thought it'd be cool to include a little more of each shot than you get with a 30 second time constraint. I assembled the short version footage how I would have had it for a TV spot minus the intro shot of the guy and his wife and the end screen logo and made it into a holiday greeting from Hellfish TV and HDS. The second, longer video just shows more footage with a little different editing and music. Enjoy and happy holidays!

    Videos on Youtube:
    Short version-

    Long version-

    Video on Vimeo:
    Short version-

    Long version-
  2. High Desert Scenario - HDS Season End Game

    29 September 2010 - 11:21 AM

    Posted Image

    $10 gets you in (must sign waiver)


    Paint Sale at D's!!!

    Free air & CO2 provided by D's Hobbies at the game. Please show up with full tanks to start!!


    Saturday, October 23rd

    Games start at 11:00 & go all day long!
  3. Hellfish TV - SuperGame 40 DVD Teaser

    02 September 2010 - 08:42 PM

    We've been locked in a room working on post production on the SuperGame 40 DVD ever since the Monday after the event... Sorry for the absence but for those of you who have been waiting for a sneak-peak, the time is NOW!

    This is just a small segment from the upcoming DVD. Please let us know what you think.


  4. Hellfish TV - May High Desert Scenario Game Teaser

    02 April 2010 - 07:22 AM

    I shot this last weekend so we could do a promo for our upcoming HDS game. Check it out and let us know what you think!

  5. High Desert Scenario (HDS) Big Game - July 25th

    27 June 2009 - 07:20 AM

    Posted Image

    Print File: http://www.a3art.net...dsjulyflyer.pdf

    Cartel Wars: No Borders

    The border area between the United States and Mexico has become so violent that the State Department has issued a travel alert for the region. Juarez today is a sprawling cauldron of chaos and violence – one of the Cartels’ preferred routes to “el otro lado”, the other side, or U.S. soil. The Mexican Army sent an additional 2000 troops after the latest spike in violence that included the bombing of a local Newspaper for running unfavorable Cartel stories along with the execution of a Police Commander who refused to protect the Cartel. His body was later found dumped in a local graveyard.

    For the foreseeable future it looks as if there will be no relief from the violence in Juarez until one side has finally gained full control of the streets of this lucrative border city.


    • Mandatory Game Briefing: 12:00noon

    • Cartel Wars Game One: 12:30pm – 2:00pm

    • Re-supply Break:: 2:00pm – 2:30pm

    • Cartel Wars Game Two: 2:30pm – 4:00pm

    • Re-supply Break:: 4:00pm – 4:30pm

    • 5 Man CQB Tourney: 4:40pm (Schedule after this point is estimated start times & will depend on number of participants in tourneys)

    • Dinner Break:: 6:00pm ish

    • Quickdraw Pistol Tourney: 7:30pm ish

    • Cartel Wars Game Three: 8:30pm ish


    This is a bring your own Paint and Air event. No Monster Ball allowed. There will be air/cO2 available but please come to the field with full tanks. Day passes are available at D's Hobbies, for $10. You must have a pass and sign a waiver before coming to the field.

    Cartel Wars Game One: The Cartel Wars rage on in the streets of Juarez. Each side continues to try to hold valuable real estate while continuing to carry out their dirty work and exterminate each other and any opposition to their will.
    • Eliminations – 1 shot anywhere or one spec of grenade paint. Gun hits do not count. Medics can not heal headshots. Headshot = respawn.
    • Spawns will be located at the North and South edges of the field at center field (where the road intersects the main trench that runs along the fields edge).
    • There will be two flag stations that the teams must control. One located at “The Facility” and the other at “The Pentagon”. The team with their flag raised will receive points every 15 minutes throughout the game.
    • Each team will also have other objectives and missions that they will be awarded points for completing. These missions will be posted at the teams spawn on a board periodically throughout the game. Missions will include jailbreaks, kidnappings, bombings, drug deliveries, buy offs of govt. officials, VIP escort, etc.

    Cartel Wars Game Two:
    • Teams will switch spawns.
    • Same details as game one. See above info.

    Chaos in the Streets - 5 Man CQB Tournament: Cartel hit squads have begun the battle for turf in downtown Juarez with each side seeking to eliminate all enemy opposition in the area.
    • 5 man teams will be formed for a CQB bracket tournament in the town..
    • Teams can be made up of anyone, so long as they are in the same Cartel.
    • Tourney winners get points awarded to their respective Cartel, along with bragging rights for their squad.
    • Each round will have a 5 minute time limit and players may not leave the vicinity of town.
    • Game is obviously not mandatory, but players are encouraged to participate to help their Cartel score points.
    • Spectators are welcome with a mask.

    Last Man Standing - Quickdraw Pistol Tournament: The battle in downtown Juarez has hit hard, with many casualties on both sides. Both Cartels’ numbers are down in the area, but lone gunmen continue to comb the streets looking for blood, or revenge, or both.
    • Single players will compete in a quickdraw style pistol competition in the town street.
    • First player to shoot the other wins.
    • Tourney winners get points awarded to their respective Cartel, along with bragging rights for their quick handy work.
    • Game is obviously not mandatory, but players who own or can borrow pistols are encouraged to participate to help their Cartel score points.
    • Spectators are welcome with a mask.

    Cartel Wars Game Three:
    • Game length – 1 hour
    • Eliminations – 1 shot anywhere or one spec of grenade paint. Gun hits do not count. Medics can not heal headshots. Headshot = respawn.

    For anyone who missed the last one or doesn't know what the HDS field looks like...



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