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  1. In Topic: Ohhhh Spit

    04 April 2014 - 05:40 PM

    Whats up, Wow, got an email that I thought was for the shooters thread so I decided to see what is going on since I have not been on it a while. It turned out to be for the pic thread and I see that this is all that is left.....
  2. In Topic: The Shooter's Thread!

    09 September 2013 - 06:37 PM

    View PostPistolWhipped, on 09 September 2013 - 09:25 PM, said:

    I'd kill for any number of FN guns. FS2000, Scar 17, FNP 45 Tactical, PS90, Five-seveN, hell, even their bolt guns are primo.

    my everyday carry using a crossbreed is the fnp 45, de-cock only, no safety ( I am left handed and its a southpaw friendly pistol). I have a ps-90 awaiting a trust and forms so a waiting 10.3 barrel can be attached. scar , see previous post,
    fs2000 only one I don't own but I have acess to one.
    I was looking at their ballista but since they do not know when they will release the caliber conversions and I have been talking to Barrett, I most likely will forgo the ballista and get an MRAD. Plus the mrad is cheaper
  3. In Topic: The Shooter's Thread!

    09 September 2013 - 04:32 PM

    Its called a scar 17s and its not an updated fal.

    Posted Image
  4. In Topic: The Shooter's Thread!

    28 December 2012 - 02:54 PM

    Well I at least got this before a possible ban.

    Posted Image
  5. In Topic: The Shooter's Thread!

    03 November 2011 - 05:17 PM

    Range Report on Ruger Gunsite Scout:
    The range was 25 yards. I was shooting at a 12x18 dirty bird splattering target. I used usa 150grain fmj ammo, 20 rounds. Weather was clear, no wind and in the 60's. I used a harris bipod to help stabilize the rifle as much as it would. The rifle was still at the factory length for the stock.
    Attached File  IMAG0446.jpg (1.42MB)
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    I fired the first full magazine of 10 rounds using the bi-pod. This is the first left handed model bolt rifle I own. The only other firearm that is totally left handed friendly that I have is my FNP-45 pistol. The rifle has 2.5 pound trigger. There is no take up or creep. You place your finger , squeeze and BOOM. My opinion is they did an awesome job on the trigger and it has a very good trigger job straight from the factory, It is the lightest that I own and if I remember, have ever shot. After 30+ years of shooting right handed bolts it was somewhat awkward at first manipulating the action. The bolt seemed stiff to operate and I think using my left hand to work the bolt on the left side of the rifle played a part in that. here is a pic of the first 3 shots. The center is the first fired. I went to take up the trigger and and of course with no take up I first the first shot and was surprised by it.
    Attached File  IMAG0447.jpg (1.13MB)
    Number of downloads: 2
    I fired 6 more shots at the center and then for the 10th I aimed lower which is the low shot in the 8 ring . I need to shoot it some more because one shot is not a tell all, but I may need to adjust my rear sight just a hair to center up the shots. I also base this on the group in the center ring that is low right. That is 4 of the 9 shots in the center. It is also the tightest group.
    Attached File  IMAG0448.jpg (1.02MB)
    Number of downloads: 2

    2nd Magazine of 10 rounds: I shot these 10 rounds from the standing as fast as I could shoot them and work the bolt. The bolt responded better this time than when i shot sitting in the chair using the bi-pod. Once again i aimed high for the 10th round and is the one in the 7 ring. On the issue with the bolt. I think I was not man handling it well enough when I was shooting sitting down. In the past I have worked the bolt on right handed rifles using my right hand. Once i stood up and was shooting faster and having to work the bolt with my left hand it seemed much better. As long as you work the bolt and don't baby it then it is fairly smooth. I am just having to relearn the skill for me the correct way!
    Attached File  IMAG0449.jpg (1.15MB)
    Number of downloads: 2
    My part time range safety officer has the scout in the right hand model. He hangs out at the range even when he is not working because he rents the rear part of the building and has a man's mancave. It has a a/c'ed room that he reloads in and the rest is garage like cause he has a garage door to get in. He had his with him and he has put a leupold scope on his. He is all about the rifle and the trigger it has and I know he has some other guns with light weight triggers. I did not think to ask him to compare the trigger with some other brand/ model.
    Attached File  IMAG0452.jpg (1.34MB)
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    Now for the bad. For me I only found one issue with the rifle in the short amount of time I had to shoot it today- The magazine. Its a two part issue. First is the loading the mag. I did not read the manual to see what it says but you have to push the follower down and load from the front. It is hard to snap the round through the feed lips because of the how tight they are. Loading from the front is kind of awkward and having to push the follower down and is not real fast. The 2nd part is that the magazine has some play in the front when it is inserted into the mag well. The famous hole that the ruger mini 14 has in the front of the mag is on the back of this mag and on a quick inspection I did not see a pin in the mag well that goes there. It seems that the mag locks in by the mag release which by the way is a good size and works like an ak mag release. I did not attempt to see if I could make the mag fall out as if it became entangled on something since the rifle is new. I happened to visit rugers website today and they are coming out with a 10 5 and 3 round polymer mags for the rifle. I just hope they are cheaper than their metal counterparts which are around 50 dollars. That much for a 10 round mag is another issue.

    Oh I had to come back to this part as I just remembered that the recoil seemed to be more that when I shoot my other 308 rifles, and I have a few cause I prefer 308 over 223. The rifle is lighter than my other 308's it seems. My others include a socom II , a full size M1A and a DSA 58. 308 FTW. I could shoot my socom all day if I could afford the ammo and not have any issues but my shoulder seemed to feel it a little . I am writing this 12 hours later and i do not have any soreness now but it seems to me that with the rifle you get alittle more of the recoil. My range officer though after I commented to him about it, said he did not notice. SO with that i would say more shooting is needed and right now I would attribute it to shooting sitting down and possibly not being in the best supported shooting stance/ position
    Attached File  IMAG0452.jpg (1.34MB)
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    Conclusion: I only shot 20 rounds through the rifle today due to time. I had some other stuff to shoot, see pic. The rifle is AWESOME. The only other downfall is deciding on how I want to set it up and the cost to do so LOL. I am leaning towards a Warne RAMP mount http://warnescopemou...cts/ramp-mount/ , a variable power scope preferably that is a red dot and a small holographic. I am leaning away from a bi-pod . Since I first saw the ramp mount , I have a few rifles that i would like to have a ramp mount for each and get both short and long range with it but of course that comes back to money to do so. Last, I also started a rifle log for the scout. I think most logs are more for long range sniper type rifles. This is the first one I have ever done and after I started I realized that it might also be helpful for any reloading that I do for the rifle.

    Attached File  IMAG0450.jpg (1.29MB)
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