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  1. My Automag Experiance

    22 April 2008 - 10:51 AM

    So a little history about my Automag and about me in general. I started playing paintball about 6 years ago with some friends after a few games with a loaner gun I got a 98C which I used stock for a bit then upgraded it with a stock and remote ect. After a while I wanted more, which is around the time spec ops came out with the Qbow. I wanted one, so I got an HPA tank for Christmas and then saved and early summer I started to look for a Tac One I could buy. I mostly looked on Ebay and found one for a reasonable price and bought it, I had it rushed delivered so I could use it at Skirmish ION that weekend. I was happy when it came on Thursday, so I packed it up and headed on the next day. When I got there I put air to it and NOTHING, the on/off wasnt charging. Needless to say i was pretty PERTURBED, but i was at the biggest paintball game in the world, someone will know something about mags and someone will have parts, ill get it working. As luck would have it one of the guys we were camping with LOVED mags, so he looked at it, he ripped it down oiled it and nothing. So i go to the tech booth and they tell me the pin on the on/off isnt long enough and no one will have a new on/off so im outta luck. I gave up and used my 98 for the game.

    So now im getting a bit mad at the guy who said it was a working mag, I sent him a message and he wasnt helpful, just said it worked when he had it so suck it up (nice guy) I had a full air tank so i decided to try to figure out what the problem is, after a bit of toying with it it starts to shoot, and shoot fast, im loving it, but then it chopped an oring on my air tank, no big deal throw another on and keep going. So now im getting happy, it works and is working well, so I go to a game the next weekend at a local field and start to play, im standing there, hey another oring, and then it stops working again, i spent most the day fighting with it and didnt have a backup gun with me that day. I get it so it works to some extent but still chopping orings so i load my vest up with orings and hit the field. 1st game no problem, second game i chop an oring while sneaking threw some tall grass, drop down and start to change it, as i get it working i get shot. So then we take it to the speedball field for a few games, i dive into snake and hey another oring blew, im playing as my airtank is spitting air out really fast, just hoping i can finish the game before i run out of air. I get bunkered.

    So now im thinking its working pretty well just need a new ASA, so i order one and again everything is working good, no more chopped orings on the air tank and now i have an on/off :dodgy: So i go to a game play the 1st game flawless, Second game i reverted back to the same problem i had from the begining where the on/off wouldnt charge, again im getting angry, but no big deal i wanted to buy a ULE trigger anyway. So i buy the ULE trigger and install it, get it tuned and i still get the same thing, and this time it was in my 1st trip to EMR (fun times) Over the winter it works a lot better when i was playing indoor and i was starting to figure it out a bit more but still having some problems, and when I played Russian Front at Strategy Plus i couldnt shoot anything other then mush and i was getting a small leak somewhere, so i sent it back to AGD to get it tunned before my season started full swing and i get it back just before spring castle last year. I aired it up had it ready to go, someone in my sights (i defended last year) pulled the trigger and nothing, so i fought with it a bit and after the 1st hour it was working like it should be. Shortly after that i bought my nerve and my automag fell to being my trusty backup. I used it a few times over the summer just to keep it working order, cleaned it after every use. Then i needed it, i didnt want to take my nerve out into a cold weather game (November) so i hooked up my Mag, and took the field. Again i shot nothing. I came to the conclusion after a whole team of mag users walked off the field not being able to shoot mags dont work in cold weather, i was also getting the same old problem of the on/off not charging.

    When i had it as a backup i wanted something that could withstand the wet, cold and all around crappy conditions i wouldnt normally bring my other guns out into, it couldnt handle them, so i decided to sell it. I am so happy to be rid of that thing and NEVER want to use another mag again

    so now my overall review

    Tac one (changed to a ULE Body after a few months) with ULE trigger, X Valve and LV 10 Bolt

    Pros- When it worked it worked great, it shot strait and at a relatively good speed, was compact and held nicely and when it worked i loved it

    Cons- I was never able to get that LEGENDARY light trigger pull everyone talks about with mags (no matter how many shims i put in my ULE) i was also never able to get the bounce on the trigger i wanted
    never could find techs or people who knew how to fix small problems i seemed to have a lot of
    hard to find parts no one had parts for it, i ordered a bunch from AGD to keep in my parts kit
    idk what it was with the on/off, im guessing it was a problem with the valve, but it kept up even after the AGD tech tunned it and my friend has the same problem with his mag
    Didnt work in the cold or bad weather

    Overall, it was an OK gun, for the money and time i spent on it and the amount of play it ruined for me it was not worth it at all, i would never suggest another mag for anyone and dont understand the legendary status they hold in todays paintball world. Everyone built it up so much it just didnt live up to even close to the legend that is AGD. As far as mechs go if you want a good one go with autocockers.

    Final Score- I give it a 6/10 and i feel that is generous based on the problems i had
  2. Northeast Scenario Calender

    27 March 2008 - 08:04 AM

    this is from a thread someone else posted on PBN but i figured it would be useful here

    New Year's Day (01/01), MLK Jr's Birthday (01/21)
    6 Pump/Pistol game (Providence Indoor Paintball, RI)
    8 Pump Game (AllStar Paintball, NJ)
    13 Polar Bears vs. Penguins (Top Gun Paintball, NJ)
    15 Pump Game (One Shot Paintball, NJ)
    20 Operation Frostfire (High Velocity Paintball, NY)
    26 Battle of Inchon - Korean Conflict (Splat Brothers Paintball, VA)
    27 Battle for Stalingrad II (Outdoor Adventures, MD)
    27 Pump Day/Swap Meet (Top Gun, NJ)
    27 Snow Bowl VII - Annual Paintball/Football Game (Airsports Paintball, MA)

    Groundhog Day (02/02), Mardi Gras (02/05), Ash Wednesday (02/06), Lincoln's Birthday (02/12), Valentine's Day (02/14), President's Day (02/1, Washington's Birthday (02/22), Leap Day (02/29)
    5 Pump/Pistol game (All-Star Paintball, NJ)
    9 Russian Front: Operation Uranus (Strategy Plus Paintball, CT)
    17 Chili Bowl (Xtreme Paintball Park, IL)
    19 Pump/Pistol game (One Shot Paintball, NJ)
    24 Pump Day/Swap Meet (Top Gun, NJ)

    Palm Sunday (03/16), St. Patrick's Day (03/17), Purim (03/19), Good Friday (03/21), Easter (03/23)
    1 Operation Market Garden (Splat Brothers Paintball, VA)
    1 Ice Breaker (On Target Paintball, NJ)
    2 Pump game (Providence Indoor Paintball, RI)
    4 Pump/Pistol game (All-Star Paintball, NJ)
    8 Ice Station Zebra (Fox 4 Paintball, MA)
    8 Revolutionary War (ECX Paintball Park, MD)
    9 Boston Massacre (Airsports Paintball, MA)
    15 Battle for Stalingrad (Skirmish USA Paintball, PA)
    15 Luck O'Irish Woodsball Tournament (Strategy Plus Paintball, CT)
    15 Pump game (Headrush Paintball, NY)
    18 Pump/Pistol game (One Shot Paintball, NJ)
    22 Iwo Jima (PocoLoco Paintball, PA)
    22 STINKBOMB - Search for the rotton egg (Fox Paintball, IL)
    29 Smuggler's Run Scenario game (Fort Knox Paintball, IN)
    29-30 March Meltdown "Masters of the Sea : Blood and Honour" (EMR Paintball, PA)
    29-30 Survival of the Fittest (Skyline Paintball, VA)
    30 Dark Ops Big Game (Cousins, NJ)
    30 Pump Day/Swap Meet (Top Gun, NJ)

    April Fool's Day (04/01), Passover (04/19), Earth Day (04/22)
    5 War of Attrition: Road to Paris (Strategy Plus Paintball, CT)
    5-6 ??? (USANA, NJ)
    5-6 The Day of the Immortals 26 Hour Scenario (Splat Brothers Paintball, VA)
    6 Rise of the Machines (Airsports Paintball, MA)
    6 Battle of Fort Bravo (ECX Paintball, MD)
    6 Long Island Indoor Pump Event/Swap Meet (Paintball Arena, NY)
    12 Pump It Up IIX (Outdoor Adventure's Bowie, MD)
    12 9th Annual Big Game (Hole In The Wall Paintball, MI)
    12 Steeel Reserve Presents Cartman’s Revenge (P&L Paintball, MA)
    12-13 Battle Of Heartbreak Ridge (West Point, NY)
    15 Pump/Pistol game (One Shot Paintball, NJ)
    19 Kelly’s Heroes (Paintball Country, OH)
    19 Ring World (WannaPlay Paintbal Park, PA)
    19-20 SPPL Qualifier (CPX Sports, IL)
    19-20 Spring Pump Event (Sudden Impact Paintball, IL)
    20 Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail (Crim’s Paintball Complex, DE)
    26 ERAGON: LEGACY OF THE DRAGON (Three Rivers Paintball, PA)
    26-27 Castle Conquest XXV (EMR Paintball, PA)
    27 Pump Day/Swap Meet (Top Gun, NJ)
    27 Spring Shootout (Airsports Paintball, MA)

    Yom Ha Shoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) (05/01), Cinco de Mayo (05/05), Mother's Day (05/11), Memorial Day (05/26)
    3 Junk Yard Wars (LVP South, PA)
    3 Battle of Malvern Hill: Civil War! (Splat Brothers Paintball, VA)
    3-4 Viper “Judge Dredd: Total War” (Sherwood Forest, IN)
    4 Death Before Dishonor (High Velocity Paintball, NY)
    6 Pump/Pistol game (All-Star Paintball, NJ)
    10 Pump Day III (Riverside Renegade Paintball, PA)
    10 Pirate scenario (Flying Dutchman Paintball, ME)
    10 Rambo (Fox Paintball, IL)
    17 Red Storm Rising (CPX Sports, IL)
    17 Tunaball II (Top Gun Paintball, NJ)
    17 The Lost Colony (WannaPlay Paintbal Park, PA)
    17 The Day of the Rangers Real Life Scenario (Hells Survivors, MI)
    17-18 Tribal Conquest (On Target, NJ)
    17-18 25th Anniversary, Battle Royale (Strategy Plus Paintball, CT)
    17-18 Big Game '08 (Cousins Coram Long Island, NY)
    18 Spring Big Game (AG Paintball, NH)
    20 Pump/Pistol game (One Shot Paintball, NJ)
    24-25 Red Cell (Albany Paintball, NY)
    24-25 Viper Invitational (Sherwood Forest, IN)
    25 Pump Day/Swap Meet (Top Gun, NJ)
    25 Tombstone (Airsports Paintball, MA)
    31 Ghost Recon: Warzone (Three Rivers Paintball, PA)

    Shavuot (06/0, Flag Day (06/14), Father's Day (06/15)
    1 G-Force Productions presents Biowars (Skirmish USA Paintball, PA)
    3 Pump/Pistol game (All-Star Paintball, NJ)
    7 Giant Big Game XIV (Splat Tag, WI)
    7 BYOP Big Game/Tournament (John Bracken Social Hall, PA)
    7 Independence Day (Fox 4 Paintball, MA)
    7-8 NJ Nam (USANA, NJ)
    14 Finish It! (Strategy Plus Paintball, CT)
    14 Siege of Khe Sanh – Viet Nam (Splat Brothers Paintball, VA)
    14-15 P-9 (Marshall's Pump game) (???, CT)
    15 Woodsball Tourney (Airsports Paintball, MA)
    17 Pump/Pistol game (One Shot Paintball, NJ)
    21 ARMAGEDDON II: The Battle for Salvation (Three Rivers Paintball, PA)
    21-22 Western Worrs (EMR Paintball, PA)
    25-29 PSP Event (Bolingbrook Recreation and Aquatic Center, Bolingbrook, IL)
    28 Pirates of the Caribbean (P&L Paintball, MA)
    28 The Assualt of Firebase 3 (WannaPlay Paintbal Park, PA)
    29 Pump Day/Swap Meet (Top Gun, NJ)
    29 Summer Shootout (Airsports Paintball, MA)

    Independence Day (07/04)
    1 Pump/Pistol game (All-Star Paintball, NJ)
    5-6 Chrispy's Family and Friends Picnic/Campout (Strategy Plus Paintball, CT)
    12 San Juan Hill – Spanish American (Splat Brothers Paintball, VA)
    12-13 Invasion of Normandy (Skirmish USA Paintball, PA)
    12-13 Viper RTS Event (Sherwood Forest, IN)
    13 Paintball 101 and Swapmeet (Airsports Paintball, MA)
    15 Pump/Pistol game (One Shot Paintball, NJ)
    19 Scenario TBA (Xtreme Paintball, MA)
    19-20 NPPL event (Ralph Wilson Stadium, Buffalo, NY)
    20 Summer Big Game (AG Paintball, NH)
    26-27 SPPL Qualifier (Cousins Paintball Plattekill, NY)
    27 Pump Day/Swap Meet (Top Gun, NJ)
    27 Woodsball Tourney (Airsports Paintball, MA)

    2-3 Pumper's Pandemonium V (EMR Paintball, PA)
    5 Pump/Pistol game (All-Star Paintball, NJ)
    9 Hatfields vs McCoys (Fox 4 Paintball, MA)
    9 Pumps Play For Free Day (Xtreme Paintball, MA)
    9 HALO: INSURRECTION (Three Rivers Paintball, PA)
    9-10 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Strategy Plus Paintball, CT)
    10 Tour of Duty Mini-Scenario Series: Landing (Crim’s Paintball Complex, DE)
    14-17 PSP Event (All American Paintball Park, Greensburg, PA)
    19 Pump/Pistol game (One Shot Paintball, NJ)
    23 Bunker Hill – American Revolution (Splat Brothers Paintball, VA)
    23 Army vs. Marines II: Revenge of the Marines (Xtreme Paintball, MA)
    23-24 SPPL Qualifier (Hell Survivors, MI)
    24 Tour of Duty Mini-Scenario Series: Resistance (Crim’s Paintball Complex, DE)
    24 Canobie Paintball Summer Big Game (Canobie Paintball, NH)
    24 The Hunt for Lost Vegas (Airsports Paintball, MA)
    30-31 Tippmann Extravaganza Viper Game (EMR Paintball, PA)
    31 Pump Day/Swap Meet (Top Gun, NJ)

    Labor Day (09/01), Ramadan (09/01), Rosh Hashanah (09/29)
    2 Pump/Pistol game (All-Star Paintball, NJ)
    6 GForce Productions presents Planet X7 (Skirmish USA Paintball, PA)
    6 ALIENS vs. PREDATORS: TOTAL CARNAGE (Three Rivers Paintball, PA)
    6 The Commandos (WannaPlay Paintbal Park, PA)
    7 Tour of Duty Mini-Scenario Series: Stand Fast (Crim’s Paintball Complex, DE)
    13 Remember the Alamo (LVP South, PA)
    14 Fall Shootout (Airsports Paintball, MA)
    16 Pump/Pistol game (One Shot Paintball, NJ)
    20 Special Olympics Big Game Fundraiser (Strategy Plus Paintball, CT)
    20 Battle of Monte Cassino – WWII (Splat Brothers Paintball, VA)
    20 Paintballing for a Cure (Xtreme Paintball, MA)
    21 Tour of Duty Mini-Scenario Series: Fight or Die! (Crim’s Paintball Complex, DE)
    27 Red Sox vs. Yankees: The Battle for the Pennant (Xtreme Paintball, MA)
    27-28 Castle Conquest XXVI (EMR Paintball, PA)
    28 Pump Day/Swap Meet (Top Gun, NJ)
    ?? (West Point NY)

    Yom Kippur (10/0, Sukkot (10/13), Columbus Day (10/13), Halloween (10/31)
    7 Pump/Pistol game (All-Star Paintball, NJ)
    8 Monster Bash (ECX Action Park, MD)
    11 KONG vs. ZILLA! Monsters Game III (Splat Brothers Paintball, VA)
    11-12 Viper “Deadlands: Fortress of Fear” (Sherwood Forest, IN)
    18 Stargate (Fox 4 Paintball, MA)
    18 Planet of the Living Dead (WannaPlay Paintbal Park, PA)
    19 Red Dawn (Airsports Paintball, MA)
    19 Fall Big Game (AG Paintball, NH)
    21 Pump/Pistol game (One Shot Paintball, NJ)
    25 Halloween Horror VI (Strategy Plus Paintball, CT)
    26 Pump Day/Swap Meet (Top Gun, NJ)
    26 3rd Annual Toys for Tots (Xtreme Paintball, MA)

    Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) (11/01), All Saint's Day (11/01), All Soul's Day (11/02), Veterans Day (11/11), Thanksgiving Day (11/27)
    1 RESIDENT EVIL: EVOLUTION OF FEAR (Three Rivers Paintball, PA)
    1 Ghouls and Ghosts (P&L Paintball, MA)
    1-2 War of the Worlds 26 Hour Scenario (Splat Brothers Paintball, VA)
    1-2 TTPL Finals (USANA , NJ)
    4 Pump/Pistol game (All-Star Paintball, NJ)
    8 Splat-O-Ween Halloween Paintball Monster Game III (Shady Brook Farm, PA)
    15 The Last Battle (WannaPlay Paintbal Park, PA)
    15 First Annual Food Drive (Xtreme Paintball, MA)
    15-16 Sue's Toys for Tots (EMR Paintball, PA)
    16 Woodsball Tourney (Airsports Paintball, MA)
    18 Pump/Pistol game (One Shot Paintball, NJ)
    22 Battle of Iwo Jima– Pacific Theater (Splat Brothers Paintball, VA)
    30 Pump Day/Swap Meet (Top Gun, NJ)

    Chanukah (12/21), Christmas Day (12/25), Kwanzaa (12/26 - 01/01)
    2 Pump/Pistol game (All-Star Paintball, NJ)
    6 Toys for Tots (Strategy Plus Paintball, CT)
    14 Santa vs. Grinch Charity Game (Splat Brothers Paintball, VA)
    14 Santa vs. the Grinch (Airsports Paintball, MA)
    16 Pump/Pistol game (One Shot Paintball, NJ)
  3. Team mates SP1

    10 March 2008 - 06:58 PM

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    this is my team mates SP1

    custom paint job, new reg, freak barrel and drop forward, he hasnt gotten the simi/full auto upgrade yet but he will be when he gets a chance

    this is his backup behind his shocker
  4. AGD Automag

    18 February 2008 - 12:50 PM

  5. Smart Parts VS DXS Scenario Game @ CPX Sports April 5-6

    05 February 2008 - 04:36 PM

    Posted Image


    JOLIET, IL - JANUARY 21, 2008 - CPX Sports and Smart Parts have teamed up with Scenario Paintball creator Wayne Dollack and long-time friend Kerry "Viper" Rosenberry to produce a 24-hr Scenario Game honoring the "Living Legends" of Paintball on April 5-6, 2008 at CPX Sports in Joliet, IL.

    The game's concept was conceived by elements from both CPX Sports and Smart Parts in an effort to bring Paintball's Living Legends together for a weekend of fun and festivities. The game will also provide amateur and recreational players with a once in a lifetime opportunity to play alongside the pioneers of paintball and the young rock stars of today's game. Game-play is being created by the Godfather of Scenario Paintball and Living Legend, Wayne Dollack. Another Living Legend, Kerry "Viper" Rosenberry, will be handling the codebooks for the commanders, the mission outline, calling of the missions to the bases, and keeping score for the 2-day event. The game will pit DXS/DraXxuS Senior Vice President and industry heavyweight, Craig Miller, as General, versus Sean Scott of Smart Parts/Smart Corps fame as the opposing General. Free basic rental equipment will be made available to paid, pre-registered players as part of the “Bring a 1st Timer” promotion courtesy of Tippmann and CPX Sports while supplies last.

    "We had been discussing doing an event at CPX Sports since our visit to the field back in June, and solidified the concept of Living Legends while in Orlando at World Cup" said Sean Scott from Smart Parts. "CPX Sports itself is a legendary field and its Midwest location makes it an ideal venue for such an event," said Scott. "An event like this is long overdue," said Living Legend Craig Miller. "It's rare for those of us in the industry to get together with others who helped form the sport, let alone all be in the same place at the same time. To get together and play with all the big names from Paintball's past and present is unheard of. This really is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for everyone who attends the game," concluded Miller. Kerry "Viper " Rosenberry adds, "With the popularity of Scenario Paintball, there are many event promoters whose aggressive tactics have them intentionally conflicting with others. I feel that two of the nation's first Scenario directors working together on one great event sends a message that it is time for promoters to work together in the interest of the players".

    The Living Legends game is being held on April 5-6, 2008 at CPX Sports. Pre-registration admission is $40 and includes 1 complimentary unlimited air-fill pass. Pre-registered players can pre-purchase cases of event paint for $75, day-of cost is $80. Pre-registration deadline ends March 24th. CPX will have free camping available beginning Friday, April 4th. CPX Sports is a 143-acre, $6.5M paintball park located in the Chicago suburb of Joliet, IL and is widely regarded as one of the nation's premier facilities. The field is conveniently located less than 1-hour from both O'Hare and Midway airports. Smart Parts Inc., is a leading developer and manufacturer of equipment and accessories for the sport of paintball. For more information about the Living Legends event, please visit www.cpxsports.com or call (815) 726-2800.


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