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  1. New TM 15 problem right from the box, help please

    28 July 2010 - 12:56 AM

    I just got a new TM15 and it has a major problem.
    1st thing I did was put the battery in and turned it on with eyes off and shot a few times, just mucking around and it seemed fine, what I assume is the trigger sensor clicked as rapidly as I hit the trigger.
    Later on I did the same thing but this time the click had a delay after the trigger pull then a second click.
    So I aired it up (tank all the way in with reg reading 200psi with 2000 in the tank) and turned it on with the eyes off again so I could dry fire it.
    When I fired it there was a huge delay between clicks again (what I now think is the solenoid opening and closing) which resulted in a long burst of air when fired, this happened first and every shot until my tank ran down below 800psi in maybe 10 trigger pulls.
    There is no leaks anywhere.
    I tried to lower the dwell but it had no effect and I checked first that it was set at the factory 28 when it originally shot. It was and taking that and the pressure down was no use since my air ran dry.

    Once pulled apart I noticed on the small round activation set screw on the trigger the metal on the top had peeled off. I checked all the trigger screw settings and they were all how they should be.
    This may be why it is letting the shot out for so long but it may not be so any help would be great.
    I will replace that trigger screw anyway even if it some other issue.
  2. 98 custom with a stuffed valve....need help

    09 January 2010 - 08:20 PM

    I'm trying to fix a work mates 98 custom pro and once pulled to bits the first thing I spotted was that just in where the valves pin goes in is a mangled white o-ring just sticking out.
    I'm not sure how to get the valve internals out to fix/replace the ring in there so does anyone know?


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