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  1. Pump Players

    15 April 2010 - 04:25 PM


    off topic discussion in this thread plox
  2. SL-68 III

    15 April 2010 - 04:23 PM


    of topic descussion in this thread right here.
  3. SL-68 III?

    15 April 2010 - 04:22 PM

    does anyone know if tippmann is going to come up with an Sl-68 III? I figgure with the sl68II back out its only a matter of time before they make one with more modern features, (IE: a 98c style feedneck, a bottomline, buttstock mounting points, anything that would be nice in a milsim pump marker)

    also, what do you think should be on an SL-68 III and why? Someone should make a poll after this thread is up for a month or so.
  4. bfg

    30 January 2010 - 06:15 PM


    Edit: To summerize, it is a design depicting how to move a single barrel arround multiple firing chambers to get the effect of having a gatling gun without having more than one barrel, thus it being field legal.
  5. Pcs Usp Review and Questions

    16 September 2009 - 11:35 AM

    Quite some time ago i bought my pcs usp from a local paintball store. it cost me around $100 plus the springs i was buying for my 98c. i got it home, and as the only thing immediatley turning me off to the marker was the red ring arround the tip of the barrel, i immediatley (upon discovery) fitted the black one from the parts kit instead. also, as I found the magazine was no good as it wouldn't load from the back, I removed the spring and plunger from that so that i could unscrew the back and insert a 10 rnd tube. so now i had this "james bond" paintball pistol, i pulled it apart, put it together again, and let it sit for a while.

    after a while more (still nobody to paintball with) i got it down again and took a closer look at it. shot a couple rounds through it, and realized, my magazine modifications (more deletions than anything) actualy made my problems worse. now i had a marker that was a little bit easier to feed but took more time. horray. I reinstalled the parts, took the marker apart again, picked at how it worked, and put it back together again. (this time with the medium velocity spring)

    finally this year, (after 2 summers of no paintball) i took it down once more and began shooting off into the river. this time i got the idea to see how many shots i could get out of it. I got 31 shots including the final shot that ended in a loud vibration noise of the marker cycling back and forth, not far enough to catch the seer. this number, though unimpressive for most markers that run off of 12 grams, was par compared to the generic nelson pump that cockerpunk made and posted on youtube; impressive considering it was a semi auto.

    although cockerpunk defined a useful shot as any shot above 200fps, i have no way of confirming that my shots were all above 200fps. they did seem to all go the same distance though.

    the magazine, though annoying and clumsy to load, did the trick. I had 0 chops outside of the one time i decided to pull the hammer back and hit a lever, thus "full auto-ing" the marker. this full auto feature is nothing for fields to worry about as it is hard to pull off, and it chops every ball in the magazine.

    the marker still shot decent when i cleaned the paint out. (shot it out really, with another paintball or 5) the paint i was shooting was 2 year old pmi premium. which i got because i heard it worked well with a flatline barrel. (yet to be confirmed)

    the accuracy seemed enough to hit someone at maximum range if i really tried, i didn't though. i guess this is due to some underboring, as the barrel did get reasonably clean with paintballs shooting out of it.

    the field striping process can be undergone within 3 seconds, and back again in 10. you let the hammer forward (without air in the marker), press a pin and pull it out the other side, remove a back block, and slide out the internals. reasembly is the same in reverse save the small lever on the left of the grip frame moves the seer down to allow the hammer to slide into place. if this is not done before the back plate is put back on your marker it will not fire.

    overall the marker recieves a 7 out of 10. and this is being unbiased twords the crappy mag that could use improvement (thus being turned off to the whole marker) and without bias to the fixed barrel.

    This marker was originaly made by piranah and since then usp has split off into a different company, taking the marker with them. the grip frame is that of a piranah, and it mounts to the marker in somewhat of a mix between that of a piranah and a spyder.
    -has anyone tried a spyder grip frame on one of these?

    the internals, im told are the same as a piranah. i am wondering if i can get a new bolt and hammer for this.
    -does tech-t make one?
    -and is a new bolt availible?
    -are piranah and spyder internals interchangable?



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