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  1. OCMI, Draxxus, Giant Paitball Big Game

    02 June 2008 - 07:49 PM

    OCMI, Draxxus, and Giant Paintball Parks have teamed up to present this big game at the grand opening of Giant Paintball in Lakeside/Romona. Cost will be $25 for air and admission. It is a field paint only event. Paint prices are as follows:

    $36 SC Green (ZAP)
    $46 Evil
    $56 DXS Premium

    Posted Image

    OCMI and Giant Paintball Present:
    Big Games Series: Black Hawk Down

    In January 1991, the dictator of Somalia was overthrown by a coalition of opposing clans. After a short period of peace, war broke out amongst the clans which resulted in the destruction of most of the agriculture in Somalia. Starvation followed and the international community sent food supplies to help. However the clan leaders hijacked the majority of the food supplies and traded them to neighboring countries for weapons. This resulted in more starvation and deaths of over 300,000 people.

    In July of 1992 a ceasefire was called between the opposing clans. The United Nations sent observers to watch the distribution of food. A month later the United States sent people and equipment to assist in the relief. When this proved to be inadequate the United States took over the relief operation and sent military forces to secure airports, seaports, and food distribution routes.
    With the humanitarian effort now underway the United Nations and the United States focused on the government of Somalia itself. There was no unified police, national army, or governmental body of any kind. This posed huge threats to relief effort. At a conference in March of 1993 all Somali Clans agreed to terms to set out and restore peace and democracy. Yet within a month General Mohammed Aididís faction was not cooperating with the implementation of the agreement and violence broke out between his forces and UN peacekeepers. Any hope of a peaceful end had vanished.

    On October 3, 1993, Task Force Ranger, which consisted of U.S. Army Rangers, Delta Special Forces, and Special Operations Helicopter units, raided a compound in an area of Mogadishu controlled by General Aidid. The missionís goal was to drop units in by rope from hovering Black Hawk helicopters capture members of General Aididís leadership and them load them onto a ground convoy of trucks to get out. However all parts of the Task Force came under heavy attack. As a result the ground convoy was late holding every other part of the mission up. This time delay resulted in two Black Hawk helicopters being shot down. Forces on the ground now had to go to each crash site, rescue any survivors, and collect any casualties. Upon arriving at both crash sites the ground forces became pinned down by heavy attacks. The battle between the U.S. forces and General Aididís militia raged through the night and into the next day.

    On October 4, 1993 a relief force of U.S. and U.N. troops finally evacuated the last of the trapped U.S. ground forces. In the end 19 U.S. soldiers had died as a result from the battle along with another 79 that were injured.

    General Idea:
    The general idea of the Big Game is to create a stepping stone between recreational paintball play and scenario paintball play. This type of game takes some aspects from a scenario game such as a larger field, a theme, props, and all day play but leaves out some of the more confusing and tedious aspects like characters, missions, and role-playing. This can get players both exited and used to a larger game format without feeling so overwhelmed by many of the other parts.

    Game Play:
    The regular park rules will be in effect with gun hits counting for elimination.
    Each side begins at its own starting outpost which is a flag station. They need to capture as many flag stations as possible, as well as recover/capture both General Aididís clan leadership at the compound and the injured U.S. pilots at the crash sites. There will also be food stores, weapons caches, and medical supplies spread throughout the field. Points will be awarded for flag station control as well as prop retrieval.
    Flag Stations--
    Flag stations will be spread throughout the field and marked on your player map. Each flag station will have your teamís flag and the other teamís flag on it. To gain control of the flag station, simply raise your teamís flag to the top. The game will be instant reinsert at the closest flag station that your team controls. There will be a circle drawn on the ground 10 feet out from the flag post. If you get shot inside that circle then you must go to another team controlled flag station to reinsert.
    Props will be distributed throughout the field at the beginning of the day and again after lunch. Teams will get points for recovered props. To recover a prop simply bring it back to your teams starting outpost to get credit. If you
    get shot or the prop gets shot while carrying it you are out. Drop the prop where it is and reinsert at the closest flag station.
    Medics will be in play for this game. They will be marked by a special medic arm band and will carry while ďmedic tapeĒ along with a towel. If you get shot anywhere but the head and wish to be healed by a simply drop to the ground. The medic has 2 minutes (120 seconds) to get to you. You may not move. If the medic does not get to you in time or you move in any direction (no matter how far) you are out. Go back and reinsert at the closest team controlled flag station. Medics can heal another medic but they can not heal themselves.
    Field approved launchers will be allowed in play. The ďkill radiusĒ is 10 feet in every direction from the spot where the rocket impacts in open terrain. A direct hit on a building eliminates everyone inside that building and everyone using that building for cover not matter how large that building is. If a rocket impacts just outside of a building (but does not hit the building) the 10 foot radius rule is used on all players outside of the building. However any players inside the building are still in play as the rocket did not strike the building.
    Paint grenades are allowed. If even a single droplet of splatter gets on any player from a paint grenade then they are out.
    Points will be totaled at the end of the morning session and at the end of the afternoon session. Scoring is as follows:
    100 points - Flag station controlled at end morning/afternoon play
    25 points - Captured/Recovered Pilot
    25 points - Captured/Recovered Clan Leadership
    10 points - Recovered Food Store
    10 points - Recovered Weapons Cache
    10 points - Recovered Medical Supplies
    The team with the most points at the end of the day wins.

    General Game Day Schedule:
    0700 Park Opens
    0830 Morning Rules
    0930 Game On
    1230 Lunch
    1330 Game On (Switch Sides)
    1600 Game Over
    1615 Final Score and Raffle

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