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  1. In Topic: Good-bye

    29 November 2010 - 10:22 PM

    I got 300/300 on my PFT, 300/300 on my CFT (Combat Fitness Test)

    The PFT I took most recent was in like the beginning of October, and I barely scraped out an 18 minute 3 mile. So I think it's slower now. But I got 27 pull ups, 110 sit ups. CFT was pretty good, I can't remember the times, but I got a record for most ammo can lifts in two minutes- 121, woop!

    @Jarhead, really?! That's freakin' sweet!
  2. In Topic: Good-bye

    28 November 2010 - 03:36 PM

    Thank you, everyone, again.

    I knew someone would mention that incident. I'll be sure to leave dying off the to-do list.

    I forgot to mention but if I enlist again I plan on seeking out Drill Instructor School as well as becoming a Recruiter, they seem like they enjoy what they do with the Future Dogs at my station.

    All I know is that I want a freakin' NCO sword. On my uniform. Did you know they cut the birthday cake for the Corps with a sword? How awesome is that?
  3. In Topic: Good-bye

    27 November 2010 - 05:10 PM

    Thank you, all of you, I appreciate all the remarks.

    I signed up for an 8 year contract, I know. 5 will be active duty, the last 3 will be the IRR.

    Women, well, I'm single. I'm having fun. I know I'll be headed to California, most likely Florida too. There will be plenty of ladies to meet and plenty of fun to be had, I got no ties, and every ex I have I already told the reality of the situation- they're either friends or they're out of my life. Plain and simple, I am a fan of absolutes now.

    I had some DI's already give me a little attention at a recent USMC function for Poolees (in the Delayed entry program but haven't shipped to boot camp) and they do a lot of screaming, yelling, seem angry, but I know it's all an act. I know DI's love their job. I know DI's love their recruits. The one thing they cannot control is time, and it will be over eventually. I'm strong, mentally and physically, and they won't break me, I know that much. I invested too much into this now to give up on it. Lack of ambition isn't on my list of problems.

    Money will definitely be protected too, thanks for the heads-up. I plan on saving as much as possible. I'm not a big spender, I intend on getting myself a new acoustic guitar since I'm selling mine, but that's probably it. I'll possibly keep up with paintball but we'll see how that goes. From what I understand DLI is extremely intense and will require a lot of attention from me. I intend on putting 10000% of my effort into it for sure.

    Thank you for all the advice too.

    MOATI, thank you for the kind words, I'll be sure to visit from time to time. I'll be sure to keep my head down when appropriate, and use my brain every day. I'm excited and I'm hoping for the best.

    Eskimo, it's all love man. Alllllllllll love.
  4. In Topic: Oh, The Irony!

    25 September 2010 - 06:41 AM

    All I can see is the black white supremacist skit on the Dave Chappelle show. Redux. Make it a Jewish skit. hysterical.

    "He later divorced his wife, and when we asked why? Why, after so many years of marriage? He said it was because she... was a Jew-lover."

    No offense to anyone, just a really funny show/skit.
  5. In Topic: The Shooter's Thread!

    10 September 2010 - 09:22 AM

    Haha, Anti-Aircraft. They had a gold plated .30 cal, water-cooled too. Some interesting things like that, and the crazy neo-Nazi station where you can shop, buy, trade, sell, and refurbish all your Nazi equipment for the next Reich.



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  1. Photo


    06 Sep 2010 - 11:33
    That is one of the most insiring things ever. Thank you and i will assure you i will
  2. Photo


    06 Sep 2010 - 11:16
    Hey I wil share the barrel designs with you. You seem interested and hopefully you can test it when finished.
  3. Photo


    09 Aug 2008 - 19:55
    I think you are the only one of us misfits to get everyone rallied behind you.
  4. Photo


    06 Jul 2008 - 18:53
    wow, you go from 17 to 28 over night?!? and rise from the dead too?? your Now in my EPIC MEMBERS List!!
  5. Photo

    black hawk down 

    06 Jul 2008 - 16:48
  6. Photo


    03 Jul 2008 - 21:26
    Can it be that a mortal has risen from the dead?
  7. Photo


    02 Jul 2008 - 18:23
    hey, look who is back from the dead!
  8. Photo


    02 Jul 2008 - 14:39
    *raise from dead like JESUS!*
  9. Photo


    02 Jul 2008 - 10:22
    Welcome back. Don't ever make me tear up like that again, lol.
  10. Photo


    01 Jul 2008 - 22:37
    Glad you are not dead anymore.
  11. Photo


    01 Jul 2008 - 08:05
    dude, RIP.
  12. Photo


    01 Jul 2008 - 00:20
    Tree Fitty..... man.... you seemed like an awesome guy. I wish I could have talked to you more.. save me a spot on your team in heaven... i usually dont pray much, but i will pray for you and your family tonight.. see you later man.
    R.I.P. Matt
  13. Photo


    30 Jun 2008 - 20:51
    R.I.P. my friend, i know we never met but this is still hard for us.
    I hope you are in a better place and found peace somewere. God bless you.
  14. Photo

    the eggman 

    29 Jun 2008 - 06:55
    ace is right. i saw all the tree fitty stuff goin around, learned wat happend and just sat there in shock. may your soul be pwning noobs in heaven
  15. Photo


    27 Jun 2008 - 19:48
    Don't quite know what to say, I'm just speechless. Rest in peace, god bless you and your family. I'll meet you up there eventually, we're all gunna miss you even those who didn't know you.
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